15 Tricks To Enhance Your Reach On LinkedIn

22 February, 2022lens9 min read

15 Tricks to Enhance Your Reach on LinkedIn

You are a reflection of your business, and for that very reason, it is really important for you to build your personal brand. Discover below 15 amazing tips to enhance your reach and to build your own business identity on LinkedIn. Digital marketers need to be really smart when it comes to marketing, and nobody other than a digital marketing company like Rannkly could assist you better in this field. And that's what we'll do today. We would help you build your identity with LinkedIn. 


Firstly we would like to highlight that nowadays it is really easy for businesses to spend ample of time on themselves, so much so that they don't even bother to invest their time on the growth of their personal brand and identity. Please understand that you represent your business, and for that very reason, it is really important for you to build your personal brand. One easy way to do so is to have a great LinkedIn business profile, and Rannkly, a digital marketing company would be delighted to be at your aid.


Following are 15 amazing tricks using which you can enhance your business reach on LinkedIn.

1. Make Sure To Optimize Your Profile For Search

LinkedIn plays a dual role of a search engine company and also a social media company as it is a platform that offers both of these features. So it is really important for you to choose your words carefully. Make sure to analyse the keywords that you want to be found with when potential clients or employers search over LinkedIn. Determine all such keywords and then carefully integrate them in your content headlines, title, summary and job description etc. Please always remember that selecting the right keywords makes all the difference between your business profile being found or it being invisible. 


2. Approach Your LinkedIn Just Like A Live Resume


Your LinkedIn business profile is not something that you could set and then forget. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile as often as possible. Be it your personal page, or your business page, you need to update it frequently. If you are making a career move, speaking at some conference, publishing a news article or taking up a new course, then make sure to specify that. Also if you have a business page, then please update it on a regular basis. If you launch a new product, hire employees, indulge in some other business activity, ensure to highlight it and consider your LinkedIn just like a live resume. 


3. Smartly Use Your LinkedIn Description To Sell Yourself 


Invest time in your business description as that should be appealing and it should be able to readily sell your business. Be very specific and include all the facts and figures. For example - you may state that you improved the site traffic by X% and this would be much more impactful as compared to simply addressing yourself as an SEO expert at some random company. Highlight all your accomplishments that would be essential for your clients to know as it might then compel them to atleast contact you. Also always make sure to avoid the jargons at all costs. Your personal or your business LinkedIn profile description functions just like a resume's cover letter, so always keep it concise and clear and don't ever hesitate from selling the greatness of your business with an attractive and an eye catching business.


4. Reconsider Or Change Your LinkedIn Profile Photo


People put all kinds of profile photos on theirLinkedIn, but please understand that LinkedIn is a lead generation company and you need to compulsorily put a proper LinkedIn profile photo. 

Here are few things that you should keep in mind if selecting your LinkedIn profile photo -

• It should always include your face and your shoulders. Please avoid using an extreme closeup of your face or a magnified full body shot. 
• Your photo must be clear and unpixelated. 
• Avoid posting photos with hats, sunglasses or any such other obscuring accessories. 
• Smile in your picture
• Have an excellent lighting• Avoid posting a selfie 
• Don't have anybody else in your profile picture. 
• Please dress professionally


And remember that all this can be easily accomplished without a professional photo shoot, but it only takes a bit of smart planning that you need to do.


5. Show Your Creativity With A Cover Photo


LinkedIn has a great feature of adding a cover photo to profiles. It's a wonderful way to stand out by adding an extra attractive element to your profile. You should probably consider incorporating your company's brand logo or an image that is closely associated with your profession. For example - A novelist or a writer should choose a typewriter with a pen and an accountant should put an image of a spreadsheet.  The image dimensions should be around 1884 × 396. 


6. Carefully Customize Your LinkedIn Profile’s URL


Take sufficient time to customize your LinkedIn profile's URL. Ideally, you should be able to change it along with your name. However in case your name is already taken by another user then consider using your middle name or adding your profession. Also please keep in mind that you can only make changes to your URL every once in 30 days. So you need to be 100% sure and committed to the URL that you are about to submit as you would be using it for atleast a month. 


7. Write Informative Articles For LinkedIn 


Consider writing and then directly publishing articles on your LinkedIn page, be it your personal profile or your business one. You might be confused that why should you even post an article on LinkedIn instead of writing on your own blog, and this is a very relevant question. You should however know that the biggest advantage of posting on LinkedIn is that whenever you publish a piece of content, all your connections automatically get notified as it would highlight on their LinkedIn feed. This is a phenomenal opportunity to magnify your chances of your LinkedIn followers reading it. You can also syndicate the content from your blog and then repost it over LinkedIn. Also you may create content that is absolutely exclusive to LinkedIn. 

For example - there might be a topic that you wish to write about, say on entrepreneurial subject as this would also resonate a lot more with your LinkedIn connections as compared to you writing a blog on website.


8. Opt For Strategic Skills On LinkedIn

You need to strategically choose your skills that you can highlight over LinkedIn. Each profile can list up to a total of 50 skills. You must select relevant skills to fill all the 50 slots and in addition to this,  you must think strategically about the skills that you want to include. Fifty might seem quite a lot, but once you start adding skills then you'll find that it is actually not that many, especially considering skills that can include generic stuff such as "writing" and "editing". The 50 skills that you opt for should mandatorily align with the skills that your potential employers or clients would be looking out for. 


9. Make A Public Profile 


Make sure to have a public profile on LinkedIn, irrespective of what you use LinkedIn for. You would not like to isolate your future employers, colleagues and customers from seeing the amazing work that you do, isn't? So make sure to have a public profile in place. The only one reason that you would like to keep your profile private is in case you want to check out on other people's profiles without letting them know about it. And since this isn't that big a reason, so just don't hesitate any more and just go ahead and make your LinkedIn profile a public one so that both your employers and potential clients can see and read about you. 


10. Do Some Group Participation 


Please don't ever underestimate the potential of participating in the LinkedIn groups. Joining LinkedIn groups is a great way for searching other professionals who hold the same interests as that of yours. Also over time, such connections can lead to better opportunities and contracts. Make sure to look out for groups that are relevant to your particular industry and you should not only join such groups, but you must also participate. 

You must start making comments, get on some threads, pose questions, provide advice and try to be a useful and an active member of the group instead of just being a silent lurked in a group of many. 


11. Accept All Your Connection Requests


There’s literally no reason whatsoever to not accept a connection request, irrespective of whether or not you know that other person. As you have a professional and a public profile of yourself or of your brand, you must always welcome any and every connection requests that comes your way. Growing your connections would help you have a wider network and gain better opportunities. Also your profile would show up a lot more times. Each time when you accept a request, you would be a part of the connection's network and you would accordingly show up as a second degree work connection in their network.

But there is one exception to this rule and that is if somebody harasses you online, then you should definitely not accept their LinkedIn request. Other than this, it's really nice to accept requests and to expand your LinkedIn circle. Rannkly, a lead generation company can also assist you get great leads for increasing your professional LinkedIn circle. We provide excellent digital services for lead generation and can help your business. 


12. Please Engage Meaningfully


LinkedIn is not just a lead generation company or a random platform for your own posts. Please take out some time to go through your LinkedIn feed and look out for opportunities to share, like and comment on posts. This is the secret to building relationships over time. For example if there is somebody whom you would like to work with in the near future or a client that you would like to catch, then make sure that you engage with their content over LinkedIn. 

This way, in case you are in a position to partner with them or to pitch to them then they would already have a background with you and you won't just be another random connection for them but instead somebody that they would actually be able to interact with. 


13. Personalize Your Invitations To Connect 


Take out the time to write a personal note with an invitation to connect as this would enhance your chances of acceptance and also open the gateways for further communications down the line. Always write a brief message, a paragraph shall also do and mention how did you meet and why you want to connect with them or something that you truly admire about their work or business. 

14. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Recommendations


Don't keep waiting for recommendations to come up your way. You instead need to be active and go after them. Reach out to your LinkedIn connections with a request to get a recommendation. You can initially start with your own colleagues, be it past or present and other clients whom you can count on to share your good work. Always make sure to include a personal note, politely asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn. This helps to share why would you want the recommendation as well, that is if you are looking out to boost


you are looking out to enhance your online reputation management, or if you are applying for new jobs or just looking out for great references for clients etc. Once you get a recommendation, make sure to thank them and write a recommendation foe them as well, as a gesture of appreciation.


15. Make Sure To Have Positive And Helpful Content


Keep your content as positive and helpful as possible. LinkedIn is your professional calling card so don't ever comment or share or publish anything that you wouldn't otherwise say to some other client or to an employer. Always put positive, encouraging and thoughtful posts and comments and treat your LinkedIn like a professional workspace instead of just another social media profile. 


Rannkly aSocial marketing marketing company can help you improve your LinkedIn profile and it would in turn aid you increase your reach. Contact us today. 

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