3 Viral Hacks: Instagram For Small Businesses 2022

Boost Your Biz: 3 Instagram Hacks (2022)

27 July, 2022lens7 min read

Boost Your Biz: 3 Instagram Hacks (2022)

After the pandemic, people are turning more and more aware of self-dependency and sources that can generate permanent income for their families. Many people have shifted their career goals from regular jobs to risk-taking business owners. They are setting up new local businesses and creating brand awareness on different social media channels. But most of them are aware of neither the social media platforms nor effective social media tools to engage their target audience. 


One such outbreaking social platform in 2022 is Instagram. With a footfall of 1.4 billion monthly active users, Instagram has bagged the 4th position as the most visited social media platform. According to one of the studies on Instagram, 54% of people buy products after finding them on their platform. And about 78% of marketers are regularly using Instagram to promote their brands and products.


Since marketers are aware of the potential of Instagram, they are utilizing its capabilities to promote their brand, engage with interested users, increase brand awareness, provide value to the customers and deliver awesome services to them. They also go for various social media management tools that can simplify their daily repetitive job.  


According to one of the popular stats, an Instagram user spends an average of 29 minutes in a day. Scrolling Instagram feeds, posts and reels have become a daily habit of every social media user. They not only use it for entertainment but for the promotion of their brands also. 


Identifying this opportunity, marketers and organizations are stuffing more of their product details on Instagram with creativity that appeals to the users. In order to extract more likes, comments, and follow backs, they have to use a better social media management strategy. But before going behind any tactic to scale the brand on Instagram, the organization must be aware of whether its target audience is available on this platform or not.  


Are your customers using Instagram?


Before preparing a fabuloussocial media management strategy, find out whether your target audience is active on Instagram or not. 



It’s very simple to directly ask them. Createsurvey forms and ask a series of questions from your genuine customers about their presence rate on Insta, response rate, platforms they usually engage with, etc. now, you can create your customized surveys through Rannkly and ask questions through different formats.



This is also an important part ofsocial media management. Keeping your work high in quality is not sufficient today. Businesses that stay on top for a longer period of time are the ones who never compromise on checking their competitors' activities regularly. There is nothing negative in this task as this also helps the businesses to build betterB2-B interactions once the two companies are aware of what they can mutually offer to each other. 


Now, let us ponder over some of the essential factors that led small businesses to use Instagram for building brand reputation. 


Why should small businesses use Instagram?


Let us uncover the benefits of Instagram through 5 main points:-




Users don’t appreciate fake promises nowadays, they search for brands with which they can connect. They interact and respond to only such posts that deliver emotional connectivity with them. Brands that use Instagram only for the purpose of sales usually lack behind as people engage with organizations that trigger them to TAKE SOME ACTION. 


Creating brand awareness is a very diplomatic task as people do not connect with great brands, they will love to connect with organizations that fulfill their needs or serve their purpose in an innovative way. They want to engage with the human side of the company and not just the technical one. 


So customer engagement is all about targeting the pain points of the customers and satisfying them with an adequate solution for their issues. Only such brands can grow continuously who promote their brand with the motive of solving deficiencies in the lives of customers. 




How is this point connected with Instagram? There are different social media optimization tools that enhance the performance of various accounts of the organization. They keep updating the accounts so that the customer can communicate with the organization with ease. For example- Robert left his comment in one of the posts of XYZ company- 


The color of my t-shirt is different from what I have ordered. I request a refund.” 


The XYZ company replied, “Sorry for the inconvenience. We will surely adhere to your request and refund your amount paid for the T-shirt.”


The company was able to respond to this user as their Instagram platform was already optimized through a social media management tool. 




By automating the tasks on Instagram and using advanced AI tools for responding and creating Instagram posts, users will surely visit the website to gather more information about its products and services. So, Instagram will turn out a way to engage or redirect the traffic on the website of the company. 


Simple ways to bring traffic to the website Instagram are:-


  • Use high-quality content on Instagram constantly
  • Using visually appealing pictures to attract the attention of the new users
  • Using the right hashtags that can bring the target audience to the website 
  • Responding to the customers with quick and correct responses.




It simply means to inform Instagram about your brand or products! But it is not as easy as it sounds. Instagram provides various options to present your content in an effective way. All these methods are supplemented with various filter options and effects to be applied. Some of the popular ways are:-


  • Behind-the-scenes content (uncut creative images and videos of your organization
  • User-generated content (posting the pictures already posted by your customers using your product)
  • Polls (asking your users to vote and select between any of the two options given)
  • Giveaways (give free items to the users once they complete the given task or encourage them to participate in competitions and earn the prize)
  • Product demo (live demo to your audience about how your product works)
  • Educational content (teach or aware your users about your organization or products by giving them tutorials or lessons)
  • Emotional content (show the human side of the company in which the users can connect on the emotional level instead of focusing completely on the sales part)
  • Customer stories (post about the satisfactory stories of your customers to build trust among your new audience)
  • Product launches (share the details of your new product launching to a set of audience by marking them special as they are part of the organization also)
  • Travel and food (these are specific to some industries that are into travel or hospitality business)
  • Motivation or mental health (share some motivational content with your audience that can be considered an emotional part only)




A social media management tool orsocial media optimization tool can only improvise your social media functionality. But to create a demarcating impact on the audience, the organization has to show their unique idea and what special they can offer to the users. Instagram can be the best platform to do so. Other than the services or products, the organization must provide a special benefit to its viewers either in the terms of product or any creative idea. 


The special factor in an organization can be:-

  • Environmental impact
  • Social cause they are creating
  • Connecting their services with some other secondary services
  • Displaying the content in a humorous manner


3 amazing hacks of Instagram for small businesses


 Use all these 3 hacks on your Instagram platform as they will not only help in social media management but also help you to make the best use of social media for your brand awareness. 




Video is one of the best ways to deliver any form of information to the audience but if the organization chooses the feature of Instagram Live for explaining the product to its viewers then it will impact in a much better way. This is because there are approximately 1 million user visits on Instagram and people are always active to attend live sessions and streaming to get the authentic information.  


Live streams are more reliable because they authenticate the organization and its members. People are able to trust more on the organization more as they can listen to the features of a real human. 




Give free items to your viewers for completing some tasks or participating in the competitions. These items can be some products of the organization or any free service for a period of time. 


Such giveaways will help your business in growing 70% faster. Through a recent survey conducted, it was observed that when an organization offers a free item to its viewers then there is an increase of 91% in the post reach and 1000+ comments. 


There is also an increase of likes in the giveaway posts by 3.5X and comments increased by 64 times. So try out this method to increase the engagement on your Instagram in very simple steps. 




Reels are the videos in the vertical format for about 30 seconds. People are using this option in a very high quantity and increasing their reach. This is because it is very easy, quick, and fun to create Instagram reels. People also like reels more than any other thing on Instagram. So it becomes very easy to engage the audience through reels by following just these simple tricks:-


  • Use trendy sounds with trending hashtags in the reels.
  • Write a creative caption that is easy to read and eye catchy.
  • Use various filters to amplify the visual of the reel.
  • Use slow motion effects to make your reel more impactful.
  • Try to be creative as much as possible.


So, would you like to use Instagram for the growth of your business with these 3 easy hacks? Comment down your views in the box below and visitRannkly for more informative blogs.  

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