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5 Method For Productive Content Marketing Through #Influncers#

29 March, 2022 8 min read

5 Method For Productive Content Marketing Through #Influncers#

“Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.”

(Influencer marketing hub)

Rannkly is back here again with a detailed analysis of influential marketing through the experts of their niche. Yes, here we come up with 5 best techniques to improve your content marketing with the lever of influencers. These are the people with a good fan base and can create influence among the large masses. But before going on to the work of an influencer, we must understand this terminology first.



Nowadays, People with a good list of followers are marked as influencers. This is considered that a person with a long list of followers is the evidence that they can create an impact easily. But this is a wrong consideration. Influencers are in a big demand for different purposes on the online platforms like for products, services, content and even advice also. They act as a marketing member of the company who promote different sections with their expertise in that field.


So, an Influencer can be any person who is expert in his niche and can influence a large number of people towards a particular service or the product. They have the capability to build good connections among the service providers and service receivers. Influencers can be seen on different platforms promoting products through Youtube, Instagram or even Facebook. They not only increase the sales of the company but also generate leads for the holistic growth of the company.


There are 4 types of influencers:-

Micro influencers- These are the influencers that have a follower list of around 10-25k people. Though they have a limited number of spectators but they are the loyal ones. They have a very target specific audience that are only interested in a single domain.

Macro influencers- They have an expanded niche of audience that also have interest in that category. Their number can be upto 100k followers.

Celebrity influencers- These influencers are very expensive in terms of their payments. But they can create influence more than anybody else. Their fan base is more than 100k and hence create a huge impact through their performances.

Collaboration influencers- These are some of the websites that collaborate with other companies and promote the same kind of services. They collaborate for a mutual benefit where the website can also promote their products with good companies and companies in return, promote their brand with cost benefit ratio.

There are some specific platforms that are capable of promoting a particular kind of product like to promote beauty or health Instagram is a good platform but to promote content, Twitter will be a good choice. Content marketing is a long term process and provides a  beneficial field that can bring huge traffic to the website and promote a detailed structure of the services in a written context. Influencers contribute,comment and provide good content skills to promote the brand through their platforms. Blogs are, too, a diverse field of promoting the services of a company. They also need day to day creativity to bring the informative blogs to the forefront. So searching for the content marketers need a lot of browsing and reading.

Now let us move to those 5 important points that can help to drive influencers for the content marketing and increase the reach on the website through blogs:-


Before searching for the influencers, the deep KEYWORD research has to be done to understand what type of content has to be written. There are websites that can help in this activity but to do this work with utmost efficiency, use Ubersuggest.

UBERSUGGEST is a website platform that is free to use and very handy in nature. It will help in keyword research and enable the marketer to understand what niche they have to focus in writing good content. This is because writing any kind of content will give two disadvantages:

  • It will become very tough to find the right influencers to promote the content because every influencer (at least at the primary level) focuses on a specific domain and specialises to promote that service only.
  • Another demerit will be that it will not support the sphere of their performance. This is due to the public who usually reach to the particular website for a particular kind of content. If they find that a website is not subject centric in its content, then they usually don’t follow up again.



Here we come up with the job to form a list of the influencers that has to be made in a very specific manner. We cannot add anyone in the list but also, we don’t have to keep the list very small that cannot generate the right influencers for us!

This tedious task becomes easy with the help of BUZZSUMO. This is such a network that will provide you with all experts of their fields. But the user has to handle it very precisely and use different filters to segregate out the right data for its company. The user can:

  • Apply various filters to point out the domain of influencers who can promote that particular content
  • After searching the influencers, try to reach out to their social media platforms for a better understanding of their promotion techniques and level of engagement they can make through their posts and videos.
  • One Can also google them and find out if they have done any interview because they use this method to promote their content and make collaborations to grow in their niche.

So, Buzzsumo will be the right choice either in terms of perfect search for the influencers or in terms of its cost effective results. It gives the user a 7 day free trial and will charge only $99 per month.


Other tools that will help to build the list of required influencers are:

  • FANPAGE KARMA- it will provide the competitor Facebook page lists that the user can check and compare their online performances.
  • FOLLOWER WONK- it will find out the members of prominent bloggers pages and other news outlets to direct you to the right people who can promote you easily.




After searching them through different sites and their social media handles, they can also be checked on TWITONOMY. As it was mentioned above, Twitter is the optimum platform for the content creators as well promoters. So to hunt out good influencers, a business owner should also check the twitter accounts and dive into their work and regular performances. Twitonomy gives a strong report of the performance of content influencers and that too, free.



The important points to mention in the list are:

  • Primary accounts of the influencers that they handle directly.
  • Their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can be checked. Their engagement will also be monitored from there only.
  • Their collaboration(if any) can also be mentioned if done with good brands
  • Any special notes that you think are important to mention.

This list can be made on google spreadsheet and handled effectively without any extra efforts.

NOTE:- Keep the list of influencers at least upto 1000. Then you can highlight 20-50 influencers that are to be targeted initially.



Everyone has the capability to create an impact and influence others but what is unique with influencers is that they have the targeted audience to display the product and right platforms to post on. This brings them in the spotlight and builds their demand in the market.

After finding out the right content influencers through dedicated research, now you have to make your ask in such a way that can build a good relationship and a healthy network between the influencer and organisation. This can be started by commenting and messaging them on their social media handles. This will make them aware of your presence and your special attention to the content they share.



Try to be personable with the people who you wish to work with on a long term basis. This can be done by presenting some attributes of your personality in front of them and sharing some personal details of your life to become friendly. It is very important to establish a strong foundation of a relationship before inculcating a professional relationship because it will only last long if built on a healthy base.


Influencers can be contacted through email about the demand to work for the organisation and promote it on their platforms. It is important to note that the emails must be customised according to the content they promote so that they feel important about the tasks they do and realise their demand in the organisation. This is a normal human behaviour to perform better if they feel important and the centre of focus. One can also ask for their insights to know their reach on a daily and monthly basis. This will give an idea of how much a business company can create reach for their brands and products.


Later on, the marketer can go on with either paid or collaboration based connection with the influencer. You can brainstorm with them about their marketing ideas and try to implement them with better versions of your services. You can connect your ideas also and produce them in such a manner that they  accentuate the demand of product in the market. A business owner can also generate ideas from the public through surveys and fill up forms. It is always good to have more ideas that will be executed more in the market with effective implementation.


When the collaboration is done with the influencers, the organisation should remarket their brand in another but connected way. A platform called FINTEZA can be used for this purpose. This will remarket the content of the organisation through CTA (call to action) by which the owner can ask the audience about their service and drag out important points to focus on during remarketing the brand with influencers.


The marketer can also revisit the influencers for roundups and any obstacle if they are facing while promoting. This will also help to generate leads for the company. That is so because when people become aware of any brand and have some similar interests then they also try to pitch such brands. Finteza is a very cost effective platform as it cost only $4 for about 100000 impressions. So if more impressions, more scale up!



  1. NINJALYTICS- This is an analytical platform that serves you with the authenticity of the profiles that you have listed. You can check their engagement rate also with the amount of content they have posted in a definite timeline.
  2. SHOUTCART- Here the marketer can search for specific keywords and get a list of influencers from all dimensions like Instagram, facebook and Twitter. It will show the number of followers, their score and price for promoting the product.
  3. INFLUENCER MARKETING HUB- It also delivers the list of influencers in particular niche and their engagement rate of all of their platforms.
  4. PHALANX- This also shows the engagement of the influencer in the form of percentage. Generally, an engagement of 2 to 5 %  is worth promotion through that platform.

Want to develop more understanding on social media tools and reputation management? Do visit other blogs at Rannkl for crystal clear information.

Sangita Singh

Sangita Singh

Sales Lead at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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