7 Best Marketing Strategies For Your Brand

05 April, 2022lens8 min read

7 Best Marketing Strategies For Your Brand

“Make your marketing so useful that people will pay for it.”

                                                                                                                                                   (Jay Baer)

Rannkly is a platform that manages the social media presence of a brand and manages its online reputation also. Both these processes need a strong marketing team that is enabled to execute such ideas that can put creative things in an effortless way. This whole process needs strategising the roadmap of marketing and then implementing it very precisely. Marketing is a method of promotion of the products and the brand in such a way that it not only influences the customers but it completely fits the demand of the customers.


But going on an adequate method of marketing the organisation must be aware of its three conditions at that moment:-

  • TARGET AUDIENCE-The marketer must know its target audience needs. If they are fulfilled then they will definitely be converted into their loyal and genuine customers. They must be targeted either through online or offline marketing. But doing this job through online platforms is a bit convenient and approachable.
  • BUDGET-The organisation has to manage its budget accordingly so that the investments in marketing won’t burn a hole in their pocket. They could spend the money in reliable sources of marketing and get maximum output from them. So, the strategies must not only support the ideas of the business but also the monetary expenses done on them regularly.
  • PLAN OF ACTION-The plans that are to be implemented must be definite in nature from the end of the team. This will develop accountability from the side of the team as well as they can define their tasks in a much more responsible way. All the steps must be prepared beforehand so that there is no chaos or delay in their enforcement.

Marketing strategy is a long term plan which is defined in such a way that helps to achieve those goals that are set by the organisation. Since it's a long duration process, it demands some consistency and creativity for a very long time and on a regular basis. There has to be creativity in content, designing posts, campaigns, advertising, pitching other companies and influencing the customers towards their product. Hence, due to the different domains of promotion of brand, the marketing too, is divided into different categories. Let's have a look on different types of marketing that gives a brief idea about how they affect the business of the company:

1. Content Marketing

This is a method of explaining the brand of the company through text, majorly. The text can be in the form of blogs, post captions, content of the website or pages and can also be through email or SMS text.


2. Social Media Marketing

When the ideas or brand of the organisation is promoted on social media platforms through marketing strategies it is referred to as social media marketing. The audience can also be targeted and the leads can also be generated through it.


3. Email Marketing

When the brand is promoted through emails either by giving the customers about new products or features, or by messaging them for responses and reviews, then it is referred to as email marketing.


4. Referral Marketing

The brand can also be promoted and advertised through the people you may know! They can be your friends or relatives. If they refer your products to them then it can double up your sales and bring tremendous profits. It is noted in a survey that if a brand is referred to 5 people then it is equivalent to 250 loyal customers.


5. Event Sponsoring

This method can be adopted in both online or offline marketing. The events can be organised to display the products or features of your organisation. This will attract good traffic on your platform pages and incline up your sales also. Online webinars can be organised to make your brand awareness among the potential customers and offline event management can bring more authenticity to the company’s services.


6. Influencer Marketing

The products and services can also be promoted through the experts of the niche in which your company is performing. They can create a good impact on the customers who need the services that you are offering. They may not reach them in millions or billions of population but will definitely influence them on their social levels.


7. Promotions

Marketing not just promotes it on social networks but it can also be promoted on mass media communication levels too. One can use TV, newspaper, hoardings and banners also for the promotion.


8. Customer Loyalty Programs

Once a good volume of audience is created, the company can remarket their products among those customers. This will develop a loyal fan base who will also promote the brand and products willingly. One can also check it by running certain programs like live streaming, campaigns among their followers, polling etc and know the level of interest among its customers.


In order to develop the best marketing strategies, a marketer has to ponder over some key points to present the brand to the customers so that they could build faith in it. There are a number of products available in the market, with better quality and features, but to make loyal customers, the  company must represent some values and vision. This is because people don’t trust what your product is, they believe in your ideas and goals that you represent to them. Lets first underline those broad ideas that not only strategise your marketing but also build a strong foundation of your company:



All these key points can be understood through some remarkable examples who followed one of these features and now they have established a strong customer base.



Purpose is an aim of any organisation that it prioritises in the very beginning. It is a broad idea that comprises a greater good to the environment and community. It should emphasise on the well being of the human kind with a sustainable approach and innovative ideas.


Example: TESLA

This company was started in 2003 with an aim to build such a technology that can conserve the environment without any compromise on the advanced technology. Their objective was to develop electric cars that not only conserve the environment from the pollution and destruction caused by burning fossil fuels but also give a better alternative to drive smoke-less vehicles.


So, the purpose should not only focus on the sales criteria but to build a healthy place for the human beings to live. This will connect more with the audience as the organisation is not focusing on profit factor but on the social well being of living creatures.



Vision is the future plan of any organisation which also refers to the aim and mission that they desire to achieve as a whole team. If the vision is clear, it helps in building better future goals and develops a crystal clear understanding of what they aim to achieve.



It is already mentioned in their tagline that they have a vision to make the best coffee in the world. This not only inspires their customers but also the staff that has to dedicate their precious hours in fulfilling the vision. This builds a factor of faith in the mind of the audience and they also collaborate in order to achieve that vision.



Values are the essential domains that every organisation must focus on. It drives a positive energy and enthusiasm to work not only toearnbut also to live alife of dignity.



Steve Jobs (Apple founder) always emphasised on brand value rather than just marketing the product for the sake of becoming billionaires! They prioritised their values and this later developed into a good example of marketing!


Well defined values of a company form the core ideas and establish a culture that promotes their ethics. This influences their tribe and creates a positive impact on their potential customers.



This term defines how your corporation is different from others. This creates a separate position of your brand that defines you unique from others based on either the brand creativity or working ethics.



Rannkly not only give those services that are achievable by other companies but it builds a roadmap of their business model in such a way that satisfies the future needs also of any organisation. Today, it serves online reputation management and social media tools at a single dashboard but it aims to provide more comprehensive services like a single dashboard for social chat window and live streaming at all channels at the same time.



Personality enables the organisation to drive a specific audience that can connect to the model of the business. This develops a relationship in the ideologies of the customer and the brand.



This is an automobile company but the way it represents its products is very quirky in nature. It represents ruggedness, macho personality, freedom seeking identity and a freebird personality.


Personality is not just about the product but the prospect of mind. If that can be enhanced then it will automatically be in the favour of your business.



How your brand sounds to your customers and potential audience will be answered by the brand voice of your organisation. Sometimes the product may not be upto the mark but still people enjoy buying it because itsounds familiarto the buyers. They connect their values to the values and essence of the brand and cannot stop themselves from buying it.



Even though it is a very expensive diamond jewellery company, it is able to attract the customers due to its witty and smart marketing strategies. It represents elegance, dignity and classic attributes that people connect it with their personality and self esteem.



This is such a statement that summarises the brand in limited and concise words. So, it must present the ideas, vision, aim, objectives of the organisation in a few words that are easy to understand and freakish to use.



Its tagline presents a broad structure of its utility and is very innovative for the youth. It shows enthusiasm and excitement as its key nature. So it widely connects with exploring people as well as those who wish to explore their life (everyone actually!) to the fullest. Its tagline is “Just do it.”


Following these 7 strategies will ensure your better presence in the world and build a strong blueprint of your success! And not only these, there can be other ideas also that will upgrade your status and mark you as an established empire. This could bepartnership with other brands, effective research on the content that will be posted, using more infographics to present the features of the brand.Do you wish to build aSocial media toolonline presence with effective marketing techniques? Visit other articles in theblog section.   

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