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7 Methods To Get More Online Reviews For Your Restaurant

08 June, 2020 3 min read

7 Methods to get more Online reviews for your Restaurant

Online reviews are an inevitable part of business today. But when compared to other industries, restaurants top the list when it comes to customers getting influenced by Online reviews. A study suggests that,

" A half-star improvement in Average Star ratings makes it 49% more likely that a restaurant will get all its seats filled by evening." 

Want to know more? 65% of them recommended a restaurant using Social Media sites. 60% read online reviews for restaurants, and 47% claimed that a reputation is a primary concern for a restaurant to get more customers!

Your restaurant's reputation is much more than the printed sheets of its menu card. As a restaurant owner, you need to sketch out strategic methods to touch the 5-star online review process. Still, scratching your head on how to make it possible? Keep reading.

1) Build your profile on Review Websites and Social Media platforms

Make sure to fill up all details regarding your restaurant on such websites that people use daily. Develop an engaging social presence by regularly posting offers, exclusive discounts, some online challenges and, mouth-watering snaps of some of your best dishes. This content will lure the users to visit your place, and if their expectations are met, then you can expect positive feedback from their side.

2) Simply asking for reviews courteously.

The majority of the satisfied customers are keen to leave a tip, but very few of them leave a review. However, at the end of their meals, you can politely request them to leave their feedback regarding the services of the restaurant.

3) Remind them wherever possible

Everyone lives chaotic and busy in their life. The last thing they would do is to take out extra time to give reviews. So apart from that simply asking, you can set reminders like banners within your store, near the cash counter, register, or even the exit door when they are about to leave. Print a request regarding giving reviews on their bill and ask them to share their email or Phone number. Send them automated generated follow up emails and SMS comprising surveys and remind them once again to fill the form and give the reviews.

4) Maintaining the Food Quality

A restaurant is known by its chef, they say! If the quality, quantity, and taste of the delicacies meet the customer's expectation, expect them to be a frequent visitor to your restaurant. They won't be visiting your place for the sake of ambience or your service. Of course, it doesn't mean that these factors shouldn't be considered, But the prime reason for visiting several times is owing to the taste and quality of the food. If the taste and quality of food are poor irrespective of ambience, service then most likely, diners will give poor online reviews.

5) Respond to Online Reviews

Whether the review might comprise positive words or critical allegations, respond to all in a positive tone. It will make the guests feel that you genuinely value and consider their point of view. Always Greet them with kind words if they give a positive or negative remark. You can choose to reply publicly or privately to negative comments in an apologetic tone. This will encourage guests to write more about their suggestions and grievances regarding your business.

6) Take a note on the Cleanliness

Remember, during your days, your teacher would assign individual marks for neatness and handwriting? That's where presentation matters! Unkempt Dirty tables, unsanitized bathrooms, peculiar smells can be red flags for your customers. Keep your dining place spotless and hygienic.

7) Customer service

Often poor customer service is the primary reason why people don't return to a business. The same thing applies to restaurants as well. Exceed their expectations with your prompt service and responses whenever you can. Remember that your Online reviews are not only essential for maintaining your restaurant's reputation, but they directly affect the bottom line. A study shows that an increase of just one-star rating could result in a 9% revenue increment for restaurants. Once you can convert your hungry customer into happy customers, they will show the eagerness to help you in the best yet easiest possible way they can.



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