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8 Simple Methods To Get Customers To Write Sales-boosting Reviews For Your Brand

08 June, 2020 3 min read

8 Simple Methods to Get Customers to write sales-boosting reviews for your Brand

There are innumerable factors that a user considers before opting for purchase or services from your company. One of the main factors is Online reviews. It has been found that 90% of customers get influenced by reviews and ratings before making their purchases, 68% of them trust those reviews and 88% of them trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So it’s pretty obvious that a small review can impact your sales hugely. The sooner a business owner realizes it, the sooner he can sketch out the plans for managing his brand’s reputation online. Reviews can validate your business and improve the very bottom line. But the thing is that you don't have complete control of how customers react to your products or what social perception they have regarding your company.

You must be probably wondering how to generate authentic online reviews. Here are some simple yet effective methods that can make your customer write positive and sails- boosting reviews for your business.

1)Create different platforms to leave reviews

Don't limit your customers to a few Social media platforms. You can't expect your customers to be present on every Website and Social media that too everyday. Your website shouldn't be the only option they have to share their reviews. Expand your options so that they can leave their remarks on the platform they are much active on. Apart from that, make your brand's presence on all those platforms which people browse daily.

2)Reward your customers with incentives

Build your website and its services in such a manner that after a customer writes a review, he gets rewarded with some points or credits, which can be later used as discount offers while purchasing from the same website. It's not about paying them or bribing them for reviews but offering points in your customer loyalty program, which can be availed by them later. It has been found that, when customers are rewarded with these basic offers, they tend to get motivated to give reviews and promote them too!

3)Send a follow-up email or SMS at the right time

Get an automated email or SMS generator service such that when your customer buys a product, has received a product or searches for products from a similar category, and they will be immediately texted or emailed to write authentic reviews in a convincing and professional tone and the right time. Don’t expect a review when you send the email at 2 am-midnight! Try asking for reviews not during office hours as well.  A study states that 25% of reviews are generated easily by this simple method.

4)Ask for suggestions

Whenever you mail your clients regarding any newsletters or information, add a "Help with Question" or "Any Suggestions " sections to get your clients to respond to the most popular shopping-related questions. Once answered, highlight them on your webpage under the reviews and FAQs of your Product. But remember- DON’T SPAM their emails otherwise most likely you’ ll tend to get blocked!

5)Make your site responsive and Mobile-friendly

Do you think that any person would like to give a review if the webpage takes too much time to load or the webpage directs them to provide reports via laptop?  The app should be well optimized; websites should be very responsive and mobile-friendly so that it becomes easy for your clients to give reviews. Giving review is just a matter of a few seconds, but if the technicalities aren't taken care of, and those annoying bugs aren’t fixed, trust me, no one would bother to consider retrying or reloading your webpage. You need to make things easier for your customers in order to get their precious reviews.

6)Use surveys to get customer responses

It's quite apparent that your customer might be too lazy to open his browser, search for your site, search for the product he purchased and then leave the review! Or some of them might not be great at typing. But there are other more natural ways to engage with these categories of customers as well. Ask them to fill out surveys. Craft out creative studies such that they find it interesting while filling. Reviews are a great way to learn your exceptional strengths and which part of your business needs to be fixed.

7)Greet them

Whenever clients leave behind their valuable feedback, just greet them with a simple "Thank you." These two words can go a long way and can immensely contribute to the growth of your business in the future.

8)Include relevant keywords in your response to the feedbacks

Apart from that including keywords while responding back or greeting them can also improve SEO rankings. "Thank you Mr X for your feedback on "product name" from "Business name". We believe to be the best " XYZ" company for our Dear customers. In this manner, your company's search engine rankings will elevate, thus making it more visible in Search engines.

By now you must have got a bountiful idea on how to encourage your loyal customers to give them the review that you need. Reviews are everything that a company needs to establish its reputation. The more are the reviews, the more is the trust of customers. The more is the positive reviews, the more is the sales.

Mujeeb Alam

Mujeeb Alam

Operations & Support Lead at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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Ina Singhal 3 years ago

Methods To Get Customers To Write Sales-boosting Reviews For Your Brand

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Ina Singhal 3 years ago


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Ina Singhal 3 years ago

Great blog to know meethods to get customers to write Sales-boosting reviews for your brand

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