Get More Likes On Instagram And Facebook: Easy Tips

How To Get More Likes On Instagram And Facebook!

04 October, 2023lens6 min read

How to Get More Likes on Instagram and Facebook!

"Every like on Instagram and Facebook is a nod of approval, and with each nod, your online presence grows stronger."

~ Unknown


As everything goes Digital nowadays Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook play a significant role in our lives. They're not just for connecting with friends and sharing updates, they're also powerful tools for promoting Businesses, showcasing talents, or simply expressing yourself.


One of the key metrics that indicate your content's success on these platforms is the number of likes your posts receive. If you're looking to increase your Instagram and Facebook post likes, you're in the right place. In this blog, we'll share some simple and effective tips to help you boost those likes based on algorithms andSocial Media Trendswhich you should know.


Why Instagram and Facebook likes are necessary and beneficial for businesses


why instagram and facebook likes are necessary and beneficial for businesses.


Likes on Instagram and Facebook are like claps for a Business about their products and services. When people like a post, it shows that they find it interesting. This makes the post more visible to others. And when more users see your post, it can bring in more new users in your post. Likes also help businesses know if they're doing a good job with their posts or not. So, getting likes is like getting a thumbs-up for your business online, and it can help your business to grow more Visibility.


Instagram & Facebook Algorithm and how it works


instagram & facebook algorithm


The Instagram and Facebook algorithms are complex and dynamic, but they both work on the same basic principle: to show users the content that they are most likely to be interested in or show their interest in it.


Here are some of the factors that the algorithms consider when ranking content:




The algorithm looks at the content that the user has last time interacted with, such as the posts that the user has liked, commented on, and saved. It also takes into account the accounts that users follow and the hashtags that users use or like before.




The algorithm rewards posts that get a lot of engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares. This means that if the posts are getting a lot of engagement, they are more likely to show their post to more users.




The algorithm takes into account how recently a post was published. More recent posts are more likely to be shown higher in the feed to the users who like the relevance of content or posts.




The algorithm also considers how popular a post is overall. This means that posts that have been seen by a lot of people are more likely to be shown to more people who like similar interests.




The algorithm treats different types of content differently. For example, YouTube shorts and Reels are typically shown higher in the feed than photos and author content. Creating trending and video content increases the chances of gaining more popularity and likes on social media.


Make Unique content


The algorithm also tries to show users content that is new and different. This means that if you post something unique or interesting, it is more likely to be shown to more people who have similar interests.


It is important to note that the Instagram and Facebook algorithms are constantly being updated, so it is difficult to say exactly how they perform. However, by understanding the factors that the algorithms consider, you can better optimize your content to get more views, likes, and engagement in your respective niches on your social media posts.


Tips to get more likes on Business Instagram and Facebook Profiles


tips to get more likes on business instagram and facebook profiles.


Share Engaging Content


Consider your audience as guests at a gathering, you'd clean up your place and make it look nice, right? Just like that businesses need to use high-quality real images and eye-catching visuals on business profiles to create a visually appealing and inviting online presence, attracting potential customers with an immediate positive impression which enhances yourOnline Reputation. This can lead to increased engagement, trust, and ultimately more conversions and more likes in posts.


Engage Actively with your User’s


engage actively with your user’s.


When someone initiates a conversation in a Post’s comment section or groups, it's a good chance to interact with users. Respond to comments, engage in direct messages (DMs), and repost your user's content when they mention your business in their stories or posts. It's similar to maintaining a lively conversation at a social gathering.


Stay Trendy


Staying trendy on Instagram and Facebook is vital for business success. To boost likes and engagements, ensure that the trends you follow are relevant to your business. Consistency in using trendy hashtags/ audios and encouraging user-generated content keeps your brand in touch with the current social media landscape, making it more appealing to your audience and helping to gain more likes in the posts.


Post at the Right Time


To get more likes, post when your audience is most active. The algorithm still prefers new content. It's a simple strategy but can be a bit challenging to discover the right posting times. It's a good chance to show your products and services to the customer who visits the shop to buy something. When you start a new profile on social media, try posting several posts and reels throughout the day for a week, but at different times. This will help you discover the best times for your content to reach a wider audience.


Collaborate with Influencers and Brands


Collaborating with influencers and brands can expand your reach and credibility in the business world. Influencers have engaged followings, boosting your visibility, while partnerships with other brands offer cross-promotion opportunities and shared audiences, potentially reducing marketing costs and increasing trust in your brand. Careful alignment with the right partners is key to success.


Promote Your Content and Social Links


Promoting your content and sharing links to your social profiles can help your business a lot. Also, if you put links to your social profiles in your emails on your business pages, and on your website, it's easier for customers to find you online. This makes it simpler for people to connect with your business and become loyal customers for your business.


Use humor or BTS Pages( Behind the Seen)


Using humor in your business's social media posts adds a relatable, personal touch. It can break the ice, foster a sense of community, and make your brand more memorable. People love to laugh, and when they do, they're more likely to like, share, and engage with your content. So, spice up your posts with humor to attract and connect with your audience, ultimately boosting likes and building stronger customer relationships Making BTS pages to show your user Business culture to make your post more interactive will impact business likes.


Tell a story


Storytelling in social media is an absolute game-changer!

Nowadays more people engage with the storytelling content in social media to know more deeply about the business. In business, telling stories helps connect with customers personally. Sharing your journey and values makes them trust in your business and stay loyal. So, storytelling is a powerful way to build strong customer relationships.


Use a Call to Action



To get more likes on your posts, use the "Call to Action" button for likes. Ask your audience to like your content. When more people like your posts, it shows your business is popular, which can bring in more customers and sales. So, use this button to get more likes and grow your business.


Run Live Video


run live video


Running live video sessions is a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience in real-time. It provides a unique platform to showcase products and services, allowing customers to ask questions and receive immediate responses. This real-time interaction builds trust and increases brand loyalty and sales. Plus, businesses can reuse the videos later for more marketing. So, go live and connect with your customers to gain more likes.




In the age of social media, likes on Instagram and Facebook posts are more than just numbers they represent engagements, credibilities, and visibilities. By understanding the algorithms of each platform, following best practices, and consistently producing engaging content, businesses can increase their likes boost their online presence, and reach their potential customers. 


By implementing these strategies, businesses can harness the power of Instagram and Facebook to drive engagement and grow their business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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