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Mastering Online Reputation: How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google, Zomato, And More!

20 September, 2023 7 min read

Mastering Online Reputation: How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google, Zomato, and More!

"I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better."

 ~ Elon Musk


Many of us grab our phones for a fast Google Search to discover great local spots for Food, Fun, Travel, and Accommodation. We come across businesses and their customer reviews for accurate information about the product and business. However, not all Reviews that can be relied upon are genuine because of multiple reasons like promotional, irrelevant information, and many more. That's why Business owners want to know how to Remove Negative Reviews from platforms like Google, Zomato, and other Online Travel and Dining Websites.


Customer Reviews are like the lifeblood of modern businesses as they act as a window that shows us how customers feel about a business. These reviews can affect customer buying decisions and what they think for a business. Good Reviews make people more interested in a business or product, while Negative Reviews can provide information to a business for further improvements. So, you can say that customer reviews are like the building blocks of a Business's Success.


Positive Reviews act as powerful endorsements, attracting new customers and building trust. Negative Reviews, when handled effectively, provide valuable opportunities for improvement and showcase a Business's commitment to Customer Satisfaction.


In a Digital age where information is abundant, Reviews serve as a critical point of differentiation, impacting a business's success and longevity. Thus, nurturing and managing Reviews is an essential aspect of thriving in today's marketplace.


So now let us talk about some important Review Platforms whose Reviews play a very important role in business, just as Google, Zomato, and other Online Travel and Dining websites.





How to remove negative reviews from google


So What is a Google Review, exactly? Google Reviews provides an opportunity for Reputable Businesses to demonstrate their quality to potential customers. Individuals can share their opinions and experiences with the company online.


The good thing with Google Reviews is that Businesses can boost our credibility without spending much of our time so that we can improve our Ranking on Google and also boost our Online Reputation.


Online Food Delivery Channels

(Zomato, Swiggy, Dineout)


How to remove negative reviews from online food delivery channels


In Today's digital food landscape world, the Five-star rating system is being used extensively and very well in Food Delivery Platforms like Zomato Swiggy and DineOut which is a good thing. Imagine how easy it is for you to choose where to order food from.


Food Delivery Channels where a Five-star rating system is available It will be easier for the customer to know how the services and food are there. Without wasting much time reading the long reviews. A Low Rating can make customers opt for the alternatives whereas a high rating can make them more inclined towards the business.


Online Travel Agency Platforms (OTAs)


How to remove negative reviews from OTA platforms


Online Travel Agency is such a convenient platform where a traveler gets all kinds of facilities related to their travel like transportation, accommodation, and other travel-related activities all in one place.


The Role of an Online Travel Agency, or OTA has become increasingly crucial within the hotel industry, because they provide a convenient way for customers to compare hotels and book them over the Internet whichever the customer thinks is best suited for them. Some of the famous OTA platforms are Tripadvisor, Goibibo, Agoda, and Yatra.


These third-party websites can affect the growth of the business as the reviews that come on these sites can make a huge impact on the customer's decision process.


When should Restaurant Proprietors consider removing Negative Reviews?


Let's start by understanding when it's a good idea to remove a review. It's important to acknowledge that it's difficult to satisfy every single customer, and no business can achieve a flawless 100% rating.


Remove spam and fake reviews from review platforms


Here are the situations in which it might be suitable to consider removing a negative review:


1. If any review is found that violates the terms and conditions of the website, then it is mandatory to take appropriate action on that review.


2. If any review comes on our business that has been written by our competitor, then it is important for us to take action on that also.


3. If we come across a promotional review that promotes another business instead of providing general feedback and insights about our business, we should also remove such reviews.


4. If a review contains elements such as Hate speech, Harassment, or the sharing of Personal Information, it goes against our commitment to maintaining a civil and respectful discourse within our community, and we will address it as spam.


In instances where a user posts content that is regulated by laws, poses danger to others or is illegal, or if they provide information that is demonstrably false, misleading, or invalid, Business should take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with our platform's content guidelines and legal standards.


How to Remove Negative Reviews


Let's get to the Real Point! Can you Delete a Negative review? And if so, how?


Reputation management holds a key role in any business's success. The impact of reviews can be so profound that they can determine whether a business thrives or faces challenges. Removing a bad review isn't easy, but it's possible. Major review websites like Google, Zomato, Swiggy, Goibibo, Agoda, and Yatra all have their own rules for removing reviews. Learning these rules is essential to Protect a Business's Online Image.


There are some examples of Removing Reviews.




Google Review helps you to highlight your business in front of customers, what customers have a perception about your business, and what they want from your business so that you can make any further advancements and improvements if required, to make your business better.


Google Reviews uses a star rating system where customers can rate a business on a scale of 1 to 5. If the customer gives a 5-star rating, this means they are very happy and satisfied with your business. But if a customer gives you a one-star rating, it means that he had some negative experiences with your business.


How to Delete


Google does not give businesses the authority to delete any review from its Business Profile. This work can be done only by the person who wrote that review or else we can request Google to flag the review as inappropriate.


Below are some tips on how you can report your review.


1. Open Google Maps and locate your business. Find a review on the Google map which you want to report.


2. Select option ‘Report Review’.


3. Select the suitable the Option from options given by Google.


4. After that your review will be reported.


Remove negative reviews from google


After a few days of reporting your review, Google will automatically remove that review if Google finds it inappropriate.


Google itself takes some precautions regarding the reviews so that Google itself deletes the reviews that it finds to be fake and spam.


Online Food Delivery Channel




Similar to Google Business, Zomato also has a policy in place that restricts businesses from directly removing customer reviews. However, there is a structured process that businesses can follow to address negative reviews:


1. Contact the Customer 

In the first step, businesses should attempt to reach out to the customer who left a negative review. By engaging with the customer, you can aim to resolve any issues they may have had. Politely request them to consider revising or deleting their review if their concerns have been addressed satisfactorily.


2. Review Removal Request

If the customer doesn't respond or is unwilling to change their review, businesses can then proceed to request the removal of the review through the platform. This should be done if the review breaches any of Zomato's community guidelines or Terms of Service, which typically include.


3. Irrelevant or Inappropriate Content

If the review contains irrelevant or inappropriate content that doesn't pertain to the dining experience or violates community standards.


4. Harmful or Abusive Content 

If the review contains harmful or abusive language, personal attacks, or offensive remarks.


5. Promotional Content

If the review appears to be promotional in, such as spam or attempts to market a business or product unrelated to the business.


By following this structured approach, businesses can maintain a positive online presence on Zomato while adhering to the platform's guidelines and policies.


Online Travel Agency Platforms (OTAs)




On Tripadvisor, if a bad review breaks their rules, they'll take it down. They can also assist in removing negative reviews if you've genuinely improved your property and can prove it. If you suspect a review is fake or inappropriate, you can report it for possible removal.


For Business Owners on Tripadvisor looking to remove irrelevant or spam reviews here are some steps:


1. Log into the Management Center.

2. Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab in the top navigation bar.

3. Choose ‘Report a Review’

4. Select the most suitable reason for reporting.

5. Pick the review you want to report.

6. Leave a comment explaining your concern.

7. Click "Submit."


Report negative reviews in tripadvisor


Tripadvisor's moderation team will review your report and respond via email within 3-5 business days. They remove reviews that violate their guidelines, seem suspicious, or are posted in the wrong location.


The above options are only applicable to a few platforms as each platform has different terms and conditions.


Final Conclusion


In today's digital age, online reviews play a crucial role in customers' decisions, whether they are choosing accommodation, restaurants, or travel destinations. These reviews offer valuable perspectives on the excellence of products and services. If a product or service has only positive reviews, customers might be distrustful and assume that they are fake or manipulated. In contrast, a mix of positive and negative reviews can give customers a more balanced and realistic view of what to expect.


Both positive and negative feedback can impact a business's growth in different ways. Positive reviews can attract new customers and build trust, while negative reviews can highlight areas for improvement and demonstrate transparency. Therefore, it's essential to embrace both types of feedback and use them to enhance your business.


However, it's essential to be vigilant and identify fake reviews or reviews that violate the rules of review platforms. Reporting such reviews is a good practice to maintain the fairness and accuracy of your online reputation.


Vishnu Sharma

Vishnu Sharma

CEO at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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