Amazing Tricks For Optimizing Social Media In 2022

02 May, 2022lens8 min read

Amazing Tricks For Optimizing Social Media In 2022

“Successful social media marketing is not built on impressions. It is built on relationships.”


Have you always spent tons of your hours exploring something new to enhance your social media? Or have you ever tried to optimize the options already available to you? Here the tool of optimization comes into play. This is referred to as one such process that can upgrade the level of work and different features used by the organization to upgrade the product and services. But before going into detail it is necessary to realize a few differences between OptimizationandSocial MediaOptimization.This is so because the former is a general term whereas the latter is very specific to digital marketing.


OPTIMIZATION:- This is a process where new ideas have first experimented and if they work, they are further refined and utilized more intensively. For example- If a vaccine is first tested on animals and it does not show any side effects then they are advanced to be used on humans.



This is a digital art of making sure that a particular website and social media accounts follow all the best practices so that the organization can reach a larger audience and grow its business.

With this understanding now, what do you think about optimizing your social media? What can be those different methods to optimize your social presence using the sources already presented to you? Let’s discuss those effective ideas to enhance your social media presence organically and without going for any extra tools or features:-



This form of report generation is highly advanced because it not only tracks the social media data but also measures its frequency and acts on it calculative. Power reports help to create customized reports for your various social media options like followers count, their presence, engagement, decrease in their count, percentage increase or decrease, etc.

Customized reports are also a great feature of Rannkly which is in use by around 300+ companies all over India. After doing tons of tasks to build engagement on social media, companies want to know their performance and they achieve this goal by opting for customized reports of Rannkly. This feature can create aggregate reports of multiple platforms and locations of the organization. By generating such reports, one can alsocomparetheir previous performances and strategize their future planning accordingly.

These reports can be formed for different hierarchical levels also like managerial level or ownership level. They can be created for different locations or purposes also. Such reports are very easy to understand because they include graphical presentations like graphs and pie charts that help in simple analysis and understanding of the concept with deep clarity.



Content not only refers to the blogs or articles on any website, but it also includes images created to do the branding, videos shared on multiple platforms, captions on social media posts, website content, and even simple hashtags and mentions.Amazing content can be created by using CANVA where the user will get different creative options like adding multiple effects in the images and videos. One can also add animated GIFs to the content to make it humorous and more attention-grabbing.


Content is the most organic form of customer building and enhancing engagement. So, we can say that this can be referred to as the best form of optimization of the sources which are already available to the user. He/she just has to be very creative and attentive about what's going on in the market!



Before working on what is required, the social media optimizer has to look at what he has done and what sort of planning he chose to implement any idea or strategy. Analyzing the existing achievements and failures will help to point out what he has to work on more and what newchangescan bring better results.

Existing situations of any organization can refer to the footfall on the website, the number of followers of different online platforms, engagement rate in different timelines, organic and inorganic customer count, etc. This can be enhanced by proper analysis and building a new roadmap for future goals.


Whatever the environment is, whether suitable for implementing the next strategy or not, if the person is well aware of his background and what challenges he may face, and also, prepare for them with the right planning then he can outperform his set targets. And this requires only a deep understanding of the current situation and the right planning for the goals he/she wishes to achieve. Optimizing social media is only this! Analyzing the background and then marking various points to hit the target without any extra cost or effort.



There is no set rule for the publishing of the content because it varies from audience to audience and platform to platform. And this is the job of a social media optimizer that determines what sort of content is most suitable for its organization that will work best. For this, the user has to keep trying until he finds the best form of content for his viewers and customers.


A simple way to try out different kinds of content can be A/B testing. This is a process where the user has to form at least two (can be more than two also) different versions that he finds to be best suitable for the organization’s social media image. These two versions can be for anything like content, features in the website, new upcoming features in the organization, etc. So, the user can go for A/B testing of separate versions of the content and find out which version was mostly liked by their customers and new viewers. The audience that goes for the research of the content of a particular niche would like to find the content in such a manner that best explains not only the content information but also the working of that particular organization.So whether the content is informative, humorous, assertive, detective, explanatory, etc. must adhere to the requirements of the customer.



Improvingis not just doing better than yesterday, it is about keeping up with the fast-moving world. If an organization is handling their digital marketing on social media then they must keep track of what news is coming up daily on the internet. And for that, they have to keep updating and renewing their social media accounts.


This is highly beneficial because it serves two purposes. First, by updating the version, new features and data come up and enable the user to use more advanced features to build its social media presence more effectively. And second, it keeps the software of the social media platform bugs and viruses free. Updating account information may seem a very simple task in terms ofoptimizing the content of the social media for better presencebut it plays a vital role in refining the software for its better functioning.


Updating can be done through simple steps on any desktop or laptop. It can include updating the version of software of the social media platforms, updating the windows version of the computer system, or clearing the bugs from the particular software. This is a healthy optimization of the online platforms that give better features to upgrade the brand and improves the functioning of the data software.



You may have heard of keyword research in the context of content writing or editing. But this word is way more than this. Keywords are some specified words that are targeted by the organization to make them top in the rank list because they are some or in the other way related to the organization's work or goals. Since content is majorly focused on the writing of blogs or articles, people don’t value this work and are not aware that this can be a good social media optimization tool for the organization.


Researching the keywords gives a very clear understanding of how the organization should focus on the concept of content. What is their niche of work or not? How the blogs and articles should be written to enhance the volume of specific keywords. This is how a content developer will know the methods to rank their organization organically and bring more brand awareness. They will also know what to focus on and on what not to, like specific hashtags, captions, and mentions on social media.


This makes the organization’s profile easily identifiable because it is nowmore keyword specific.People will only visit those sites that are easily approachable and available for the newcomers. If the website is refined with keyword research then there will be more audience on the website and other social media platforms of the company without spending any penny on their social media presence.





Rannkly works by focusing on the responses given by the customers through different means like either feedback, review, or ratings. So, it enhances the reach of the organization by giving highly advanced options for the management of these responses. The user can monitor, analyze, and respond to the customer views just like a piece of cake!

The company can see how many of their positive, negative, and neutral reviews are, what is highlighted in their opinions, and what is the major problem in their service; all through AI-driven software. They can respond to the reviews automatedly and by selecting the right template for an answer to the review.



This is one such function of Rannkly in which the user can optimize their social media presence by effectively creating their existing posts and by consuming very less time. Social media management offers various features to be able to invest time on more creative tasks rather than wasting time on repetitive things. For example- it has an option for scheduling the posts by which if the user creates the posts on any day, he/she will be able to publish them at desired time and date. So, no worries about creating and publishing the posts daily!


It provides various templates to design the posts with more creativity and visibility. One can select the template or pictures from the free stock library that has unlimited ideas for any kind of post. The best feature of this function is that it enables the user to do multi-channel publishing, i.e, a single post can be created and can be published on multiple platforms simultaneously. So, the user doesn't need to create separate posts for different platforms. This one-click process has not only reduced the time invested in creating different posts but also the spare time for other important activities.


So, what do you think aboutsocial media optimization tool? Isn’t it the better option for enhancing online engagement rather than going for completely new ideas to amplify social media presence? Comment down your opinions in the comment box and visit other informative ideas

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