2022's Best Google Review Trends

Best Google Review Trends For 2022

28 September, 2022lens5 min read

Best Google Review Trends for 2022

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room”

- Jeff Bezos

When was the last time you searched for a nice cafe to hang out with your friends? We’re very sure that the next thing you did was jump right into the customer reviews to evaluate if that cafe is a good fit. Every consumer tends to rely on online reviews while making purchasing decisions. And hence, it has become imperative to make note of evolving online reputation dynamics for businesses to grow! Dive into the blog further to understand the best Google review trends for 2022.

In the sales landscape, online reviews are considered one of the most valuable tools. Businesses can toil day and night to make their product or service the best in the industry but it is only the customer reviews that drive the potential customers to buy or reject the offerings. There’s no doubt that Google certainly rules when it comes to online reviews. Since Google, as a search engine, is the most used platform, Google review trends are certainly higher than any other platform. Below, there are a few of the most noteworthy Google review trends:


Google is the Home for the Majority of All Reviews

If you wish to outgrow your success and growth projections, make sure that you have reviews on Google. Consumers use Google as a go-to platform whenever they are about to make a heavy purchase or even buy ice cream. For instance, if a consumer wishes to have a Pizza and is looking for a Pizza station or a cafe to order from, he, even before going to the food ordering platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc., will go directly to Google and search for the places. It is most likely he will order from the place with the best reviews. This is the power that Google owns. 

As per reports, more than 84% of consumers trust online reviews by existing customers as much as they trust the recommendations from their friends and family. One interesting fact about online reviews is that in addition to providing credibility to your entity and business, it helps you outrank your competitors in Google search results. Above that, it improves your ranking in local listings also so that your business is easier to find with Google Maps. It not only helps in strengthening your relationship with your current customers but also increases your customer base.

Talking in jargon, an establishment with multiple positive google reviews are most likely to be clicked by the customers and thus improving the click-through rate (CTR). The more the clicks, the more the chances of converting customers doing the sales. 

Given the importance of Google Reviews, it is equally important for businesses to manage their online presence. There are many platforms that let you usereputation management tools freeof cost and some work with subscription models. Although the freereview management toolprovides very less features, you can always opt for the paid ones after doing a proper ROI analysis.

Google is Gaining More and More Reviews
review management tool

The fact that Google is gaining popularity with each passing day is backed by multiple reasons. The search engine provides the most wished convenience of viewing details about a certain entity like its location, working hours, contact details, and ‘reviews’ all at one place which makes it the most reliable platform for customer feedback.

Google serves as a yardstick for companies to check if their product/service is doing fine in the market and the areas where you can improve from those not-so-positive reviews! It can not be ignored that not every review is actually put there by a consumer. Competitors use these black-hat techniques to drive their business better. But. in recent times, Google has updated its working terms and is adamant about curbing those fake reviews. 

Google is gaining more and more reviews because businesses are enlightened about the power these reviews have and they don’t shy away anymore to ask their customers from dropping a review of their experiences with their services. Users can now just get a link via SMS, E-mails, and even Whatsapp where they can drop a review without much hassle. Reviews from real customers earned fair and square work magic for businesses! As per reports, Google reviews have increased by 23% from 2020 to 2021 which has inclined local businesses to focus on maintaining and improving their online reputation!

There are customer review tools in the market that help you generate and monitor online reviews for your business. Rannkly is one of them and can help you with improving your ratings!

Industry Wise Average Star Ratings on Google

Amongst the diversified industries, some get more reviews than others significantly. Industries that are the most influenced by Google reviews include beauty and wellness, automotive, financial services, hospitality, legal, property, healthcare, and retail industries.

Rannkly, ourreview management toolhas helped multiple businesses improve their ratings including M/S RDS Hospitality Private Limited, a Noida-based hospitality service provider that availed Rannkly services and was able to attain ratings of 4.3 which is still maintained.

Algorithm of Authentic Reviews

It is understandable that it is hard to change online sentiment. But to fraudulently control the sentiment regarding a product or service is plain wrong. It can not be ignored that fake reviews and listings are widely used by market players to drag down their competitors.

But Google as a search engine has automated detection systems in place as a defense mechanism against fake reviews. In February 2021, the company mentioned in one of itsblogposts that they’re focusing on detecting content coming from click farms where fake reviews, ratings, and listings are made live. This ultimately means that it makes it harder for a click farm to sell reviews and make money.

Though fake reviews can not be completely ignored but generating more authentic reviews can overcome the issues. 

How Can Rannkly Help Customers to Gain More Reviews?
customer review tool

Before asking for a review from the customers, it is essential to provide excellent customer service. Once that's taken care of, the next step is to ask them personally to drop a review in any format including text messages, e-mails, Whatsapp messages, and alike. Here’s where Rannkly comes in handy.

There’s a built-in feature in the dashboard where you can send personalized Emails to your customers asking for a review. Just fill in the details like the name of the customer and their email address, and Rannkly will do the rest for you. Select the mail template, and it will automatically paste the review platform link in the mail.

Thiscustomer review toolalso allows you to generate reviews through text messages. Fill in the phone numbers of the customers who have used the service and they will get the review link in the text itself.

It keeps track of the nature of reviews, whether positive or negative, and lets you show the average star ratings too!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can businesses manage reviews on all platforms?

Rannkly, an AI-drivenreview management toolcan help businesses to maintain their online reputation across multiple platforms from one single dashboard. Smart and automated replies make Rannkly an effective and efficient tool you are looking for!

2. Is managing online reviews expensive?

While there are multiple options available for managing your online reputation, Rannkly is a very cost-effectiveonline review toolgiven the different subscription models it offers. You can choose amongst them depending upon your business level and needs.

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