Brand Up: Four Social Media Trends

Brand Up With These Four Social Media Trends

21 March, 2022lens8 min read

Brand up with these four Social media Trends

“90% people buying products trust marketing rather than brands”


Marketing is a very dynamic process that needs regular engagement with current and digital issues. There has to be an interaction on a daily basis with what is thedemand and what is the status of supply. One can say that this is the key role of any Chief marketing officer (CMO) or a marketing manager to keep them up-to-date about what’s going on in the market and what is their tendency to fulfil those needs.

So Rannkly has come up with an escape from these tedious datas and help you to dive into different social media trends. These are not those trends that you see in top trends of youtube, facebook or instagram. These trends are the detailed and current analysis that will act as a mirror and confront you with the right strategy to build your brand on social media quickly.As it is boldly written in the heading, we will first give you those4 Social Media Trendsthat any CMO must know to understand the philosophy of marketing and can invest in a fruitful direction:-


1. Social Media Advertising
2. Live Streaming and Video Content
3. Marketing through Influencers
4. Building relationship with customers


A one-line explanation of these trends could be that they not only develop strong bonds with customers but they also increase the online sales. This is the reason that 93% of businesses are investing in social media advertising and there is a 4 times increase in the video content posted by the marketers. Influencer marketing has touched a gross worth of 15 billion dollars and there is an 8 times hike in the responses of customers and 10X increase in their mentions through social media handles.

We can experience this BOOM of online marketing because it is built on such grounds that one can identify the drawbacks of past, opportunities in present and prosperous possibilities of future. When this whole data is in front of your eyes, you can segregate out the requirements of your business and mould them to form the building blocks of your growth!   


“It’s not the deal of what you have, it's the evolution of your services that the customer achieves what he aspires for!”


Now, let us swim through the ocean of social media marketing and search out for the pearls that can enhance your marketing strategies and the trends that will definitely ladder up your brand.


The concept of advertisement on social media is like acherry on cake.This gives the owner the affirmity to reach out to a huge crowd of people who were in search of those services only. It creates campaigns on different social media networks and maximises your reach of potential customers.


Think of such hoardings and banners of your company in such an area where the probability of profitable return is quite low? How would you feel about your hard earned money? But advertising on social media will not make hole in your pocket and will reach out to the desired customers mainly. This will help to achieve your business goals and targets at low costs with a huge return on the investments. Advertising your brand on your own platforms creates a personalised content that ONLY focuses on your brand’s attributes and its functioning that can impact more deeply.


These ads deliver only the relevant content that will not drive through less important information and finally converge at the brand only. Since these ads are platform centric, that platform will build more possibilities for conversions through the right clients and customers.

But the most important question is which platform an organisation must go for?


This question can be answered with more other questions!!…..

  • An Which platform is mostly used by your audience and old customers?
  • What specific campaigning do you want to go for?
  • What are the results you desire for?
  • Do you have the required budget or can you optimise it for better results?

A marketer who is new to this social media marketing must deeply research for correct answers to these questions. Only then, he can opt for the right platforms and strategize the marketing with a better cost-benefit ratio.

There are many social media platforms that optimise your branding and present your ideas to the world in a refined way. Facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedIn and pinterest are names of those major platforms that give you a variety of opportunities to explore marketing skills and become a boss of your game! Let's discuss each one of them in brief:-

Facebook is the largest social media platform in terms of users, business opportunities and multiple marketing benefits. The advertisement over Facebook is solid and most reliable. This is because it builds a strong user base within a timeframe and multiplies the benefits through different sources. It consists of some specific features that make this network the most used one by the business owners. Along with various customisation options it also includes multiple options to target users of a particular platform, geography, frequency of usage and people who are searching for such platforms  starting from just at Rs. 75!

This social media platform is best at its presentation skills. This is one of the best visual platforms that encourages marketers who want to present their brand through high quality effects. Branding on instagram involves selling through classy pictures and videos that can be easily made by applying effects and templates already present on it. Video formation and manipulation according to your needs is easiest through Instagram. One can modify, add effects and transform them into a complete full package ad without a single penny spent on video editors.

Being more specific to official and general tasks, Twitter offers opportunities like conversations, leads, app installs etc. since this process is done through AI facilitated technologies, it reduces human labour as well as error from human interference.

linkedIn offers a platform that majorly focuses on corporate audience and optimises B2B connections. So this helps businesses to build connections with other companies that have similar goals and support each other in a cooperative environment.


Pinterest is one of the largest platforms with maximum female audience and marketers. That’s the reason you will find content like fashion, cooking, designing and many other artistic domains here.


Rannkly prefers you to focus on the content only. Rather than making it glittery and shiny it's important that your idea is easily conveyed to the viewers. When an employee goes to the office, understanding his job profile is not as important as understanding his office environment. Similarly, knowing the platform and its scope comes foremost.


What do you prefer more: a picture with all information or a video with complete details? No doubt, A Video. Presentation of your brand through videos or live streaming your company on different platforms not only engage the audience but also shows your working strategy that inculcates trust among the helps to achieve both professional and personal goals. Unlike pictures, it shows all the aspects of the brand by connecting them with each other. It focuses on the CONTENT NICHE and drags complete attention towards it.

Same as advertising , it maximises your reach because they are attractive and informative at the same time.


                             CAN VIDEOS ALSO ADD MONEY TO YOUR POCKET?

Definitely. After building a loyal fanbase and team of subscribers, the owner of the account can ask them for a paid membership. Members of your group who believe in your ideas and skills will surely support and cooperate with you. This just needs dedication and patience! 


                               HOW LIVE STREAMING IS HELPFUL FOR A BUSINESS?

Broadcasting your videos for business purposes gives you a platform to elaborate your ideas and brand by giving your own unfiltered explanation. This actually creates an impact on the listeners and viewers to develop the understanding of the brand and also build confidence in the broadcaster. One must have to involve their audience in different watts like keep communicating them and solving their issues through speaking or chatting, organising Q/A sessions in between the live stream, conducting interviews if applicable in your case, giving tutorials and demonstrations of the brand products or conducting webinars either to launch something or to interact with users to know about quality of service.



You may have heard of the Russian revolution, Industrial revolution. Similarly, today we are experiencing the Digital revolution not just because of advancement in technology but also due to influencers. Today we buy products on the basis of what we see on youtube, facebook, instagram.

Influencers are the people who constantly post different content in the form of pictures, videos, text etc on social media. And when they promote any product then it becomes more approachable to the people because they get easily connected with the personality, not the product. They base their decisions on what the influencers say whether it is required by the listener or not. This is why influencers have built their market of worth 10 billion dollars.

So,it is good if marketing is done with many micro influencers  who will promote the product with utmost clarity and affordable rates. This team will create a major impact on the viewers because they will deliver engagement in their performance with a cost effective method. They can easily drive social buzz because they connect with their fans at their comfort level and know their method of understanding. 




Once the CMO or marketing manager is able to identify the platform and its capabilities then it becomes a piece of cake to utilise it for different purposes. This is because each platform gives enormous opportunities to develop better understanding with customers. One can easily identify the activities of the old and potential customers and can form their new plans accordingly.

Marketing is improved if you know what your customer wants and how you can satisfy them. Sharing relevant video content grabs the attention of the customers and they can connect to the services more easily. Responding to your customers or viewers is as important as providing them better facilities either through replying to their comments or answering them during the live stream.

                                                  RESPOND, DON’T REACT

Asking them relevant opinions about service makes the company more accountable and reliable. Feedback is more worthwhile than just keeping on planning and implementing the ideas because this forms the real picture about your brand in the eyes of customers. The services of the company are valuable only if they are USEFUL for the customers otherwise it's like an appendix in the body! 


SoRannklygives you an advice to keep up with these trends and apply them in yourSocial Media marketing  toolsto leverage you brand services because,

The winner is the one who knows when and how to change!

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