Build Good Relationship With Your Customers Through Social Listening

14 March, 2022lens9 min read

Build good relationship with your customers through social listening

“When you don’t know what should be your next step, listen to your customers!!”Do  you know engaging with your customers in their conversations is a method to understand your own business position and scope of improvements? Let's discuss it here. This is a process in which you track the responses of your customers through reviews and ratings by focusing on specific keywords they are using, mentions and majorly by the conversations they are doing on platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. This process  is called Social Listening.This term is many times confused with Social media monitoring and Social intelligence. So it becomes crucial to differentiate between these terms:-




This is a process where the centre of attention are the previous projects and their achievements that can be analysed to track down the progress. It basically focuses on monitoring ROI that gives the idea of which strategies worked better with respect to their budget, campaigning, audience and many other factors.Social media monitoring also works on A/B testing campaigns to understand which option is effective in encouraging clicks and views on their content. One can also change the variables like ads, audience to examine which campaign can bring maximum output.




This develops an ability to analyse the reviews on the grounds of human sentiments and respond to them accordingly. But the turning point is that it won't require any human interference and completely work through artificial intelligence(AI).So, with this understanding, now we can pave our way to know what exactly Social listening is? And how does it improve the scale of any business?SOCIAL LISTENING not only emphasises on the projects done and successfully achieved in the past but also look forward to knowing the needs of their customers and create their ways to gain maximum growth. Such crucial information can be extracted through the opinions of the customers in their reviews and conversations.Here a  question pops up that what a business owner should listen to through various social listening tools?

It's as simple as breathing. They have to focus on 3 points:-

  • Hashtags of particular industry
  • Particular brand name, handles and its keywords
  • Name of competitor, its main keywords and handles.




It's important to keep updating about the conversations that are going on among the users and non-users of the brand. This will help the business to recognise where they are TRENDING and where they are LAGGING before. Such methods will also analyse their previous projects and how much they created an impressive impact on the followers and what should be the next projects to enhance their market performance.

Social listening will assist you in drawing out important keywords that are majorly used by the reviewers and then the organisation can determine their performance accordingly. They can work on projects that are in demand by their responders and establish their brand strongly.




“You cannot excel only if you perform well, but also you perform better than others.”

Along with tracking your execution, you can also find out about the performance and growth of your competitors. You can identify their popular products and experience of customers. It will provide you an overview of where you stand and how far you have to go!

This is because being in the same industry you cannot compromise on your services that can  shift a huge crowd of your customers to other platforms. You can keep an eye on their latest product inclination and previous projects from the reviews on their or other platforms. One can also look out to their handles and hashtags to realise their growth rate.Customers are like a true mirror  of any organisation, so their feedback either through internal medium or through reviews play an essential role to see the extent of their reach. That’s why we say-

                                                                      “Atithi devo bhava” (customer/guest are equal to god).



Reviews represent the scale and reach of the industry and can also determine its future. The role of a customer sets a benchmark not only for the organisation but for the whole industry and therefore the analysis of their opinion can actually escalate their feat. So the hashtags used for a particular industry in any of the reviews or conversation regulates the present and future growth tendency.


Social listening also emphasises on the ‘keywords’ that are related to the particular organisation and used in the reviews. By tracking this, one can find out the reason for such a demand and satisfy their customers with optimum solutions. Let us discuss some of the examples of those companies that utilised the concept of social listening and added their features in the trending list:-



Netflix has a brilliant understanding of its audience and hence they easily identify their day to day problems they face while using netflix. Maximum percentage of its 192 million subscribers are night owls, so, keeping this in mind they introduced a feature called NETFLIX SOCKS.

This feature came up on the demand of their users and Netflix resolved this issue with a very intelligent answer. Netflix socks is an electronic device that will automatically pause when the viewer goes to sleep so that when he/she wakes up , they don't feel confused whatever the scene pops up in front of them. This is a wearable electronic product with an inbuilt structure to detect when you are asleep while watching your show. So, it not only keeps you warm but also helps you to resume your show where you left off!



 Along with a better version than IOS and android, Fitbit also follows up with their loyal customers and dive into their conversations to understand  where they lack. Not just their conversations it also looks up to their personal handles(legitimately) and answers them satisfactorily.

Through the idea of social listening, Fitbit was able to measure out the barriers in their services and realised what is good for their customers and what could be appropriate for their future customers because:-


             “Betterment in your present will reduce your future efforts to half”


Reminder to move feature of Fitbit notify the wearer about his long stationary position and tell him to make a move for good regulation of body health. This feature was introduced after good social listening and improving the product in a much better way.




Taco bells introduced this NETBASE campaign in 2012 in order to make social listening more diverse and make the company listen to  their customers through their fingers!!

They launched the Doritos Locos Tacos campaign so that they could stay close to their fans and develop a good understanding of their functionality.they were able to identify the issues of their customers  regarding the services in the east coast and provide them with better solutions timely. Thye used this information to progress in many sectors of their company like customer care, brand standard, operations of the company and innovations in different products. This helped them  to grow tremendously and build a deep trust in customers.



Before understanding this strategy of Pepsi we must understand that what is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method to test out different versions of the layout (specially) of a particular company in order to recognise what version could improve their standards as well as what could be more preferable by the consumers.

Pepsi tries to reach a large audience by social media marketing and collect the important notes on their overall performance. With two-way communication online, they derive crucial feedback from customers and respond to them with adequate solutions. Pepsi used the method of A/B testing to engage their customers and get a better understanding of the field to be improved. By the feedback and reviews they were able to identify the issues with their website layout and developed its versions to test which is more feasible for the viewers. This is the way Pepsi enhanced its performance and drew huge crowds on its different platforms.

These examples are pretty good to explain the crucial role of Social Listening and how it works in a two way process: improve the brand name of the company and make their services more accessible to the customers.But why should  a company invest so much effort just for a few advantages? And can social listening bring an overall improvement in the status of the company?No worries. Rannkly is there for you to explain everything to you!!

Social Listening can be easily done through simple tools like Adview, Talkwalker, Synthesio, Mentionlytics, Netbase, Digimind and many more to track keywords, conversations, mentions and handles. They will assist you in a very effortless way and develop a good knowledge of your current and future customers.

So let us entail to highlight other major advantages of Social Listening in detail:-



Improving the quality of your services is also a boon for your industry because it develops a good reach to the community and  serves them with efficient products. This calculates a company in the goodbooks of the industry and builds better connections for the wholesome growth. If the customers talk about a specific company on social sites or any social media handle then it encourages the efforts of the company and brand of the industry.

“Consistent growth comes with improving together!”

This maintains a healthy competition in the industry and paves ways for good business collaborations. Rannkly optimises your brand image without any negative efforts to defame others. It completely focuses on your brand image by supervising the reviews of the customers regularly. It manages reviews and ratings on all the social media handles and gives different responding methods to the organisations. A good response make better understanding between the owners and the consumer, so Rannkly assist in this process with AI driven technology and 24X7 support. If any organisation performs well according to their customers then it also motivates others who wish to build their platform in the same industry.



Customers are the true friends of any organisation and they know better about  the strength and shortcomings of it. So, listening to them through their mentions, hashtags and reviews give you a better picture of where you stand in the row!

Supplying them with better solutions and responses gives them an overview about the operation of the organisation. And collaborating with your WELLWISHERS is nothing less than a blessing. It serves two purposes. First, it provides the  company with ambassadors who have a better understanding of the company and not work just to fill up their pockets. Second, customers can advertise the organisation with their real experiences of how XYZ companies keep a check on their goods and services.

Rannkly always tries to connect the customers to the core of the organisation so that they could also contribute in their as well as prosperity of the organisation.


 There are many organisations that started very well but later, they declined in their performance because they couldn’t cope up with regular changes. This is a note for many startups understand the current scenario is as important as the air to breathe. Developing this mindset makes the organisation adaptable for the new changes and work according to the needs not the justifiability. And this comes when you hear from the people you provide your services, their reactions and sentiments for the products help you to analyse your decisions and become more future ready.

ThereforeRannkly keeps updating its services according to theSocial media Optimization toolrequirements and makes them more approachable.Rannkly provides you the comments insights to comprehend the growth and requirements. Such insight is presented through graphical presentation for a precise compass. Its authenticity can also be checked by just a single click!So reach us today and let us be your ladder to great heights.

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