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BUSINESS TO BRAND- How Rannkly Builds Exceptional Online Reputation Of These 5 Organizations.

22 July, 2022 7 min read

BUSINESS TO BRAND- How Rannkly builds exceptional online reputation of these 5 organizations.

The success stroke behind every successful business is the continuous trust and belief of its customers. A person is able to spread out the franchises and outlets of their business only if his/her organization fulfills even the basic needs of the customers with dedication and an emotional mindset. 


But even after establishing the branches/outlets of the business at different locations, most of the BIG EAGLES face the deficiency of customers’ feedback, opinions, perspective, and genuine views about the organization and its services!!


This case study is focused on our 5 such clients who have been struggling with this issue. And even after spreading their business in and out of India, this challenge was disrupting their online presence and leaving no scope to validate their good service. 


Our clients and their challenges


RADISSON HOTELS:- One of the biggest luxurious hotel-chain with about 10 locations all over India though had a very engaging connection with its customers but had to pay a huge sum of money ( around 20000/-) for the software to manage its digital platforms. 


LITTLE ITALY:- Serving pioneered Italian cuisines all over the world for the last 3 decades with a count of 75 locations throughout the globe!! Their big number of customers were satisfied with their services and used to give their happy feedback on various review platforms. But Little Italy had an obstruction in their smooth work of flow as they were not able to respond to all of them as their organization receives thousands of reviews daily.


BTW:- Serve delectable Indian cuisines in different states of India in about 20+ locations. Though their food was highly appreciated by the customers, they were not able to collect positive responses. They had no system to manage the reviews already collected as well as to generate reviews from their genuine customers.


JAYPEE HOSPITAL:- Founded by Mr. Jai Prakash Gaur, established a great healthcare industry with 3 big locations. This hospital had a big team for their digital management but still faced complexities due to scattered accounts, multiple platforms, multiple location management, etc. 


SANFORD SCHOOL:- Spread all over the world with around 250 established schools at various locations. Being in the education sector, they were connected with the families of their students but had a naive system to collect the feedback of students as well as from their families. 


The RIGHT decision for a BRIGHT future


These organizations had no better choice than to learn on their own by keeping up their spirit high. What they could only do is create a big team that can manage different tasks and cooperates with each other to produce better efficiency in the work.


But is this a long-term solution for developing or developed organizations? They had many other questions in their mind:-


  • Even if they have a big team then will all the members provide their work with efficiency and personal accountability?
  • Is it worthwhile to pay thousands of dollars to buy a single software for digital management?
  • Can there be a single place to manage social media accounts as well as review platforms like Google, Zomato, Swiggy, Play store, Trip advisor, Make my Trip, Goibibo, etc.?
  • Can I ask my customers to give ratings and reviews on various platforms?
  • Can I save my time from doing repetitive tasks on social media platforms?




Dealing with all these obstructive factors, they get to know about the perfect solution for their problems. They heard about our product- Rannkly that was solving all of these issues along with the most advanced features. Since Rannkly was introduced in 2021 in the market, many big organizations have been using this tool to simplify their job with a better cost-benefit ratio


When our above-mentioned clients identified this tool as being used by many other top organizations, they decided to give it a try and contacted the sales team of our organization. 


Our sales team organized powerful Demo sessions for these organizations and explained each and every feature of Rannkly in detail. Though Rannkly is a compact capsule of advanced features, the organizations were mesmerized by some of the key details of the product:-


1. The idea of a single dashboard system (the user can manage their unlimited amount of social media as well as review platforms from ONE SINGLE place- a CENTRALIZED DASHBOARD).

2. Word-by-word analysis of reviews (get a detailed understanding of each review without actually reading it and find out the issues that concern the brand image on the public platforms). 


3. Sentiment analysis (get the meaning and feeling of the review through 2 AI tools- NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM and MACHINE LEARNING).


4. Smart replies (AI-driven content creation tool that can write the response to a review by reading the review on its own).


5. Automated response (automated response to the predefined STAR RATINGS).


6. AI suggestions for review response (Rannkly will provide some AI-generated suggestions for particular reviews that can perfectly answer the review).


7. Increase ratings and reviews (share the review links to genuine customers through email, SMS, or WhatsApp through predefined messaging templates).


8. Performance reports (Generate or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports to keep a track of social media campaign reach and engagement).


9. Multi-channel scheduling and publishing (schedule social media posts through a calendar or publish them all together on multiple platforms in one single click).


10. Free tools on the website (the user can use a Review analyzer tool to analyze a particular review if he/she is not using Rannkly on a subscription. He/She can also use a Reputation score calculator to calculate the online reputation of their competitors and stay one step ahead in the competition).


11. WhatsApp chatbot for support (customers can solve their queries by raising their questions on WhatsApp).


12. Universal QR code (single QR code that is integrated with digital menus of organization, feedback or survey forms, review, and social media links, coupons and gift cards, payment UPI Ids, WhatsApp customer support, and other customizable features).




Price of the software (a SaaS-based product with starting prices- Rs. 700/-).   







BEFORE- This organization was paying thousands of rupees on their digital management software along with deploying a team of 10 members to manage the work. They had an average rating of 3.9 stars based on 1000+ reviews. Their social media follower count was around 1157 with a daily engagement rate of 2.3%.   


AFTER- Joined Rannkly on 3 February 2022 and within a few months, their ratings had touched the number 4.2 with 6343 reviews. It has a daily engagement rate of 4.3% with 8377 followers collectively on all social media platforms. They were able to achieve it all at a 10 times lesser price, i.e, 1600/- only.





BEFORE- This organization had no proper system to manage its reviews and was receiving a 3.5-star rating on the basis of 489 reviews. Since they were not able to respond to the reviews, their count of reviews was decreasing gradually. Their social media followers were 12K with a daily page visit rate of 19%.


AFTER- Rannkly gave them a single dashboard management system with a review analysis feature when they joined on 18 February 2022. Now, they can easily go through all the reviews and respond to all of them with automated responses and smart replies. The ratings have reached  4.3 with 1533 reviews. Their follower count is 22K now with a daily page visit rate of 26%.




BEFORE- They were unable to get reviews from their customers because they had no system to do so. They had a 2.8-star rating on the basis of 101K reviews. Though they used to send review links on the email Ids of their customers but could not do it consistently as they have put a lot of manual effort into doing this job.


AFTER- By subscribing to Rannkly in February 2022, they have generated a huge amount of reviews on different review platforms. They have touched a 3.8-star rating on the basis of 239K reviews. Now, they can generate reviews by sending text templates via email and SMS that includes the review link also.




BEFORE- With an average of 3.0-star rating and 1500 reviews, they were also struggling with a management system that can simplify their social media posting work. Due to this mismanagement, they had only 2K followers in total. Their weekly impression count was only 757 and their daily engagement rate was 3.7%.


AFTER- They started using Rannkly on 8 February 2022 and now their star rating has reached 3.9 with 3779 reviews. They can now do multi-channel publishing as well as scheduling with the dashboard of Rannkly. They are able to manage their social media accounts and review platforms together on Rannkly. 




BEFORE- Even though they had so many happy customers (students and parents), they were unable to collect their feedback and present those genuine opinions on public platforms. Due to this, they had only a 3.2-star rating with only 173 reviews. Their social media engagement was also very low due to the mode of customer interaction and engagement.


AFTER- Sanford school joined Rannkly on 8 February 2022 and got the perfect software to fulfill their needs. They were able to generate 335 genuine reviews and a 4.5-star rating. They are also using the QR code of Rannkly to get feedback and show details of new policies and winners of the competition in the school. 


Why only Rannkly?? (not its competitors)


There are 4 such BIG FACTORS that make Rannkly a better choice for every organization for its online reputation and social media management:-


1. Single dashboard for two domains (online reputation and social media)- Most organizations provide either review management features or tools to manage social media. But Rannkly can manage both the segments perfectly.


2. Multiple platforms and multiple location management- Rannkly is the only software on which the user can handle all its business locations and their corresponding review as well as social media platforms


3. AI tools to respond to reviews and content creation- Reviews can be responded to by automating responses, AI suggested templates, and through smart replies. A personalized response will be automatically generated by the AI technology for any kind of review. 


4. Minimum price in the world- Where other companies are charging 250-300 dollars for its services, Rannkly is offering the same services for just 20 dollars!!


If you are still here then surely you also have found your answer!! 


Your organization can also achieve commendable heights with the right decision to choose Rannkly. Connect with us for a detailed Demo or connect with us on call. You can explore Rannkly on your own on its website or Youtube. Get the daily update about Rannkly’s features on its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Shobhit Singh

Shobhit Singh

CTO at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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