Can We Publish Bulk Content Together On Social Media?

04 April, 2022lens8 min read

Can We Publish Bulk Content Together On Social Media?

CAN WE PUBLISH BULK CONTENT TOGETHER ON SOCIAL MEDIA?“Speed is the new currency of business, that is printed by social media”


Have you ever thought of bulk creating and posting the content together on social media? Or have you ever thought that even this is possible? No worries. If you are a beginner in social media marketing, Rannkly is by your side and today it will share with you one of the best ideas to save your time and work smartly. You will get to know how to bulk post the content at one time and save your efforts for other creative tasks. This is only possible with such a dashboard that connects all your platforms at a single place and provides advanced features to work on it. Rannkly is one such dashboard.



Before going into the process of bulk scheduling, let's find out the exact meaning of it. It is very much clear from its words only that Bulk Scheduling of posts is a practice where many posts can be published at the same time. By this one can organise their posts ahead of time and schedule them according to their suitable timetable. Other than its definition, the benefits it offers to the user are remarkable and worthy of its appreciation.

Posts more than one can be scheduled together by following simple steps and reduces the burden of daily creating and then posting them. What if someone is free one day and not free the other day? Managing such days can be tough but this can be easy if done through automation tools. Let's highlight some strong points of bulk scheduling individually and see how it is superior to scheduling posts discretely;-

  • Save time-Planning the time and content of posts is a very long process and needs creativity continuously. But scheduling them together will not only save time but also bring out more creativity as the user will full fledgedly invest in it.
  • Plan social media campaigns-It is correctly said that planning keeps the person ahead of its competitors because after organising his tasks, he can use hisbonus timeto bring out more objectives and purposes. So, one can streamline their social media posts, Ads, campaigns and stories beforehand. Once planned, it can be executed efficiently and without any chaos at the last moment.
  • Audience favorability-Even if the marketing manager is not available at the time when the audience of their niche is most active then also he does not have to worry because if the posts are already scheduled then they will automatically be published without any manual command. This reduces the last minute rush of the creator and saves some minutes to participate in other activities.

Rannkly has been helping its users to bulk schedule their posts from a very long time through its all-in-one dashboard. Our users have been able to manage their posts and plan them according to a suitable calendar.Let's go through the steps that will enable the user to schedule a full volume of posts together at the definite time and spare the remaining time to handle other tasks of your business:-



To be enabled to use the dashboard of Rannkly, the business owner has to login into this platform and add his login details to start the process of bulk posting:

  • Go to the login page
  • Add your login Id and password from which the user made the payments
  • Click on the login option if the details are correct
  • The user will reach the dashboard where he can connect the platforms, create or schedule the posts.



Before scheduling, the user has to create the post with required content and effects that can present their ideas. There are two procedures to create posts. Let's discuss them one by one. In the first process, the designer just has to:

  • Go to the SOCIAL MEDIA option available in the top line of the dashboard
  • Click on the COMPOSE NEW button to create the post
  • Different platforms will appear in front of you. The user can select the platforms from there.
  • Now the post has to be created by selecting the desired image and effects.
  • Images can be selected from your desktop or through browsing.
  • The user then has to mention the important tags and hashtags in the caption of the posts to enhance its reach. NOTE:- the post must be engaging and informative about your ideas.



Here comes the most crucial task of publishing the content. After creating the post, it has to be scheduled either on the spot or at a specific time which has to be mentioned.

  • After designing the post, the user has to specify the time and date of scheduling.
  • Mention the date in the DATE column. It will show a calendar in a drop down menu to select a particular date.
  • Mention time in the TIME column.
  • Then click on the SAVE AND CONTINUE option.
  • User can also click on the PUBLISH NOW option if he/she wants to publish the content straight away.


Second option to create and schedule the post is through a CALENDAR. All the steps will remain the same except the first one.



  • Go to the CALENDAR option present on the right corner of the dashboard.
  • The calendar will appear in front of you.
  • Select the date on which you want your post to be published.
  • Other steps of creating the posts will be the same
  • Now, the user doesn't have to mention the DATE at the end. He will only mention the time of posting.

These are the simple steps that mentioned how the posts can be created and published. Similarly, if the user wishes to schedule more than one post at the same time, he just has to create those different posts and line them up for scheduling. This will make the user capable to bulk schedule posts at the same time even if he has to schedule the posts for a week also.Along with the benefits of planning the posts at a huge volume together, the marketing manager has to take care of some practices while using this option to avoid repetitive posts or content. All these practices are discussed in detail below:-


While bulk posting the content, it has to be taken care of that it isn't visible as monotonous to the viewers. Even if the same link is shared again and again, the user must maintain its uniqueness according to the different platforms. Otherwise it will appear as spam to the customers and it decline their level of excitement while visiting your page.

Each and every post must be different in nature either it has to be shared on different platforms or at different times. This gives the user a chance to deliver more content and viewers more information about the brand.



Each platform is unique in nature and has its basic type of audience on it. So, the marketer must be aware of its audience and try to fulfil their demands. If the customer is satisfied, then the marketing is successful. So for that, the customers must be listened to about how they feel about the product and brand, what they find which is not up to the mark, what they usually discuss about the brand etc.
Every customer has its specific need, so the information of your product which is presented by the posts shared on your pages must be moulded in such a form that is accessible to your customers. This target can be achieved if the business owner is conscious about the words spoken by his customers.


Bulk posting  does save time but still there is a need to keep a check on the character count limit set on the different platforms. The character limit on Twitter is 280 whereas the character limit on Instagram is 2200. This character limit on Facebook is the maximum with a limit 63206.

One cannot exceed these limits, so while posting the content of your organisation and writing down its captions, the marketer must know such differences while bulk scheduling the posts. He does need to make necessary changes in the description of the content so that the post could be published without a barrier.


Scheduling the content is a very critical task because the user must be aware of the active time of its customers for visiting the page and along with this, the content must build the engagement on that platform. So this job needs a critical analysis as well as a social knowledge of public presence.

Social media is a platform that can generate a huge amount of customers because it helps the user to target and spread the information to specific audiences. It gives the opportunity to the user to build good profit out of it by promoting the content and generating the leads. So scheduling is one such aspect of building a good brand presence. It is not the ONLY factor but one of the important factors to widespread business reach.


This is not just a task of 1 or 2 days, posting of your content needs consistency not because it is the demand of viewers but because the viewers will stay consistent only if the publisher gives them content about their brand daily. Social media is a very dynamic platform that keeps changing minute after minute. If the marketer is not consistent on these networks, he will not only lack behind on what is going on in the market but also will not be able to connect to its customers. Connection is the foremost stage to build long term relations either in business partnership or with the consumers of your product. And the best way to establish this relationship is to stay consistent in your efforts, even if the content is less in quantity. Either the marketer publishes one post or ten posts daily, but this activity must go on a regular basis.


Bulk posting makes the chore of the marketing manager easy but still it needs a vigilance while scheduling them either about the character count, consistency, post count or the best time of posting the content. Even if it is a beneficiary factor while working onsocial media tool, it still needs a manual touch to execute it efficiently. But if the platform isRannkly, it tries to reduce human surveillance on the scheduling of the posts. Being an AI driven platform it manages the work with human intelligence but with minimum human command.


Want to know more about this platform? Visit the website homepage and schedule a demo to know about it in a breeze!

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