Karigari Restaurant's Digital Transformation: A Rannkly Case Study

A Case Study In Culinary Success: How Rannkly Elevated Karigari's Online Reputation

28 June, 2024lens2 min read

A Case Study in Culinary Success: How Rannkly Elevated Karigari's Online Reputation

Imagine scrolling through your phone and stumbling upon a picture of a beautifully plated dish fromKarigari– the vibrant colors, the delicate presentation, and the promise of rich, handcrafted flavors make your mouth water instantly. This irresistible allure is no accident. It’s the result of a carefully crafted online marketing strategy that has transformed Karigari’s presence and reputation in the digital world.


In this Case Study, we will talk about howKarigarihas managed its online reputation through Rannkly.


In the heart of India's culinary scene,Karigari Restaurantstands out as a beacon of innovation. Led by the masterful Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and owned by the Futomic Group, Karigari offers a unique fusion experience, reinterpreting classic Indian dishes with a modern twist. Established in 2022, Karigari has quickly garnered a loyal following for its exquisite flavors and vibrant atmosphere.


The Challenge: Managing a Growing Reputation


As Karigari expanded to encompass ten outlets across India managed by Rannkly, maintaining a consistent and positive online reputation became increasingly crucial. Prior to partnering with Rannkly in August 2023, Karigari relied on a patchwork of tools to manage reviews across various platforms. This fragmented approach made it difficult to track customer sentiment, respond to feedback effectively, and proactively cultivate a strong online presence.


The Rannkly Solution: A Symphony of Reputation Management


Recognizing the need for a unified solution, Karigari turned to Rannkly's comprehensive online reputation management platform. Rannkly's suite of features, including:


Review Management and Response:Streamlined review aggregation from various platforms, allowing Karigari to address customer feedback efficiently and demonstrate their commitment to guest satisfaction.


WhatsApp Chatbot Integration:Enhanced customer communication through an interactive WhatsApp chatbot, allowing for real-time inquiries and fostering a more personalized dining experience.


Reviews Rating Campaigns:Proactive tools to encourage positive reviews and incentivize guests to share their experiences online, leading to a significant increase in reviews.


The Results: A Feast for the Senses and Online Presence


Since partnering with Rannkly, Karigari has witnessed a remarkable increase in its online reputation. Their review count has skyrocketed from 3,543 to an impressive 16,332, showcasing the power of Rannkly's platform in amplifying customer voices. Additionally, Karigari's marketing team has benefited from Rannkly's dedicated support, receiving valuable training to maximize the platform's features and effectively manage its online presence.

Improved Reputation


Review Sentiment Score:Karigari's review sentiment score increased by 634.75%, reaching 0.7341. This reflects a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

Review Sentiment Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS):Karigari's NPS increased by 27.66% over the last year, reaching a score of 60. Promoters now make up 75% of the respondents, while detractors have decreased to 15%, and passives are at 11%.

Net Promoter Score

The Takeaway: A Recipe for Success

review trend

Karigari's journey withRannklyexemplifies how a robust online reputation management strategy can fuel a restaurant's success. By leveraging Rannkly's comprehensive tools and expert support, Karigari has not only enhanced customer engagement but also cultivated a thriving online presence that reflects their culinary excellence. This case study provides a glimpse into the powerful synergy between culinary artistry and cutting-edge technology, proving that a focus on both taste and online reputation can be the key ingredients for a truly successful restaurant brand

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