Case Study: Nagpal Jewellers

Case Study On Nagpal Jewellers

23 March, 2021lens1 min read

Case Study on Nagpal Jewellers

In these contemporary times, your presence over the internet plays a prominent role in the growth of your business. Negative reviews can create havoc for you, if you are ignorant about your online reputation. Moreover, people see customer’s recommendations online before making a purchase as the words of mouth scatter fast. So, you need to become vigilant about what people are saying about you on the internet. Rannkly is an Online Reputation and Social Media Management tool that brings you more closer to your customers online reviews and makes you understand how they feel about. 

In this Case Study, we will talk about how Nagpal Jewellers has managed its online reputation through Rannkly.

Nagpal Jewellers is a reputed brand of jewellery that has an impressive client base. But, there was a time when they didn’t care about their online reviews and what people are circulating over the internet. Once a customer posted an unsatisfactory experience online with Nagpal Jewellers; which spread quickly. As a result, they witnessed a serious decline in the sale of their jewellery. After investigating a bit, they found the reason and understood the impact of online reviews. Then, they contacted us and through Rannkly have managed their online presence. Personally, they responded to the unsatisfied customers and tried to resolve their issues. Consequently, they got a hold over their online presence.


Prior toRannkly, they didn't know their average rating, rating trends, rating stars, number of reviews, etc. for respective months. In February 2021, they became Rannkly’s team member and started noticing closely the impact of reviews across all platforms on their business. 

The average rating of Nagpal Jewellers is 4.6 based on the 76 reviews; in February 2021 it was 4.8 and in March 2021 it comes out to be 5. The review sentiment score shows 89.5% positive, 2.6% neutral and 6.6% negative. The positive reviews get published on the platform while unsatisfactory reviews are not put out publicly but they are meant for internal feedback. 

You need to be more vigilant about your brand’s online reputation and take some steps to improve it or keep a track of it.


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