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Case Study : Online Reputation Management In Healthcare Sector

09 March, 2021 2 min read

Case study : Online reputation management in healthcare sector



In these competitive times, when businesses are thriving to carve a niche in their genres, they want to overshadow their competitors by publishing negative reviews or talking bad about them online. The other case is when businesses don't pay attention to their online presence; what complaints or negative reviews customers are posting, they are completely withdrawn from it. Because of a tarnished online image, businesses suffer. 


We Rannkly as an Online Reputation and Social Media Management company acts as a beacon and put countless efforts to recreate your brand’s lost reputation. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we are committed to our work and build an unshakeable reputation for your brand. We have a list of Online Reputation Management Case Studies that showcase real-life examples of how we helped our clients in reputation damage control and repair services.


Case Study: Online Reputation Management In Healthcare Sector



A Noida-based acclaimed hospital approached us to restore its online reputation. The hospital has witnessed a steep drop in new patients’ sign-up rates and hence, a comparatively less number of patients were visiting the hospital. The Management neglected online reviews for its doctors and did not care about patients’ online complaints. The hospital has many accolades under its name and best known for experienced and skilled doctors. Still, its online reputation was saying something else.


The hospital has not thought a bit about its internet reputation. They came to know about it when a new patient canceled her appointment via call. When the receptionist asked the reason for the cancellation, the patient replied, “ Your negative online reviews.” 



After a thorough analysis of their online reputation, we found out that the staff at the hospital was not behaving nicely to patients. Most of the negative reviews were about the staff members behaving rudely with the patients and not listening to their needs. We implemented our online reputation management strategy that includes two parts. The first one was focussed on making the staff members understand why it is important to be more compassionate with patients. We advised the management of the hospital to conduct training on ‘be empathetic.’


The second part was about letting satisfied customers leave more positive reviews about them without trying to influence them. After that, we created positive online content to make the hospital as a leading one in the city with the best healthcare services and facilities. 

The strategy worked and the hospital And, the positive reviews about the hospital started ranking higher on social media portals. More happy patients initiated the process of posting positive online comments.


Within a few weeks, more patients were seen visiting the hospital and people started trusting it again.  


Vishnu Sharma

Vishnu Sharma

CEO at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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