How To Create WhatsApp Marketing Templates With Rannkly!

02 December, 2023lens5 min read

How to Create WhatsApp Marketing Templates with Rannkly!

In the realm of digital communication, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerhouse for businesses seeking efficient and personalized customer engagement. The introduction of WhatsApp templates by Meta (formerly Facebook) has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. TheseWhatsApp marketing templatesserve as structured formats for messages, enabling businesses to streamline and enhance their communication strategies.


Why opt for WhatsApp?


WhatsApp achieves an outstanding open rate of98%, outperforming email(21.33%)and SMS(23%)as messaging platforms. This exceptional level of engagement can be attributed to several critical factors:


Vast User Base: WhatsApp has a massive user base of over2.2 billionpeople globally, making it a top pick for communication.


Easy-to-Use Interface:WhatsApp's simple and user-friendly design means people of all tech levels can easily navigate it.


Instant Message Delivery:WhatsApp ensures speedy message delivery, even if the person you're sending to is offline, making communication efficient and prompt.


Convenient Features: WhatsApp offers a variety of features that enhance communication, including end-to-end encryption for security, group chats for collaborative interactions, and seamless media sharing.


Businesses can harness the power of WhatsApp's high open rate to connect with customers and prospects effectively. For instance, WhatsApp is a valuable platform for sending promotional messages, customer support alerts, and order updates.


It's worth noting that WhatsApp's open rate can fluctuate based on the type of message and the target audience. Promotional messages may have a lower open rate compared to customer support alerts, but in general, WhatsApp stands out as a highly efficient channel for engaging with customers and prospects.


Utilizing WhatsApp Templates for Promoting, Supporting, and Managing Order




1.Tell about new products/services or special deals.

2.Let customers know about restocking or important updates.

3.Advertise ongoing sales and special offers. For example,Netflixtells its users about new shows and deals on WhatsApp.


2. Update


1. Account changes like updating information.

2.Order updates such as status or progress.

3.Appointment or reservation updates, reminding customers, or telling about incomplete bookings.

4.Payment updates like confirming transactions or balances.

5.Shipping updates for tracking.


3. Respond


1.Automatic replies to answer common questions.

2.Quick solutions to help customers fast. For instance,PayPaluses WhatsApp to help with payments and questions, making communication safe and easy.


Types of WhatsAppmessageTemplatefor business


Rannkly whatsaap template


Marketing Templates:


Awareness:These templates aim to introduce customers to your brand, products, or services.


Sales:Used to promote specific offers, discounts, or sales events to encourage purchases.


Retargeting:Trying to get the attention of people who have already shown interest in your brand to make them interested again.


App Promotion:Templates designed to promote and encourage app downloads or usage.


Build Customer Relationships:WhatsApp is a vital tool for businesses, big or small, to connect with customers. It provides a direct way to offer support, connect personally, and share marketing content.


Utility Templates:


Utility templates respond to user actions or requests, offering specific details about transactions, accounts, subscriptions, or interactions. For instance, an order confirmation template must include essential details like the order number.


Authentication Templates:


These templates enable businesses to authenticate users using One-Time Passcodes (OTP), often during various steps of the login process (e.g., account verification, recovery, security challenges). WhatsApp's authentication templates have specific requirements:


Use preset templates with optional security disclaimers and expiry warnings.

Implement a one-time password button (copy-code or one-tap).

Adhere to content restrictions: No URLs, media, or emojis are allowed in authentication template content or parameters, with additional length limits of15 charactersfor parameters.


Rannkly:WhatsApp Marketing Templates 


types of whatsaap template


Utilizing WhatsApp Campaigns facilitates direct interaction with your customer base, leveraging the widely used WhatsApp messaging app. With its extensive user base, WhatsApp offers businesses a unique platform to establish meaningful connections and nurture lasting relationships with their audience.


Rannkly'sWhatsApp Automationfeatureempowers businesses to deliver tailored messages, images, exclusive offers, and diverse content types, informing customers about new services, products, or promotional events. These campaigns can vary from one-time broadcasts to triggered or recurring messages allowing precise targeting based on customer interests, location, or other relevant criteria.


The primary objectives of WhatsApp campaigns are to enhance brand visibility, foster increased customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales, establishing a more connected and responsive customer-business relationship.


How to create a template in Rannkly


Step 1:Go to the Campaigns Section of yourRannklyaccount.


Step 2:Select “Message-Template”.


Step 3:Select “Create WhatsApp template”.


Step 4:Provide your template's Business Account, Category, and Name.


Step 5:Customize your template by adding a header, composing your message, and adding buttons for customer interaction.

The preview is reflected on the right side of the dashboard.


Step 6:click on the “submit” button.


WhatsApp Template Messages typically undergo a review process lasting and it takes1 minute to 24 hoursfor approval. However, there are instances where a template might face rejection. Several reasons contribute to the rejection of WhatsApp templates:


However, they can be rejected for a few reasons:


1.Missing Important Information:Templates lacking crucial details may face rejection during the approval process.


2.Violation of WhatsApp Guidelines:Templates that contravene any of WhatsApp's guidelines are likely to be rejected.


3.Errors or Inappropriate Content:Templates containing errors or inappropriate content may face rejection.


4.Violation of WhatsApp Business Reader Policy:Templates not compliant with WhatsApp Business Reader Policy might be rejected.


5.Unauthorized Links: Including links in the content that don't belong to your business can lead to template rejection.


6.Duplicate Content:Templates with content similar to previously existing WhatsApp templates might face rejection.


7.Incorrect Formatting:Templates with incorrect formatting may be rejected during the approval process.


create a template in Rannkly



How to use the Rannkly WhatsApp template


To utilize pre-approved WhatsApp templates, please follow these steps:


Step 1:Access the Rannkly “Dashboard” and navigate to the message templates section.


Step 2:Select “Create new Campaigns”.


 Step 3:Select “WhatsApp campaign”.


Step 4:Set up your CampaignChoose the desired pre-approved WhatsApp template from the available options.


Incorporate variables as necessary to personalize the message. For example, include the recipient's name, location, or any relevant personalized information within the template.


Step 5:Add customer contacts like name and contact.


(Note: You can also add contacts manually or import them from your contact list )


Step 6:Send a WhatsApp template.


Wrap up!!


In the ever-evolving digital communication landscape, WhatsApp stands tall as a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their customers directly. The advent of WhatsApp templates and campaign features has amplified the efficiency and reach of these interactions, allowing companies to personalize their messages, streamline operations, and foster stronger connections with their audience.


Rannkly's WhatsApp Campaign feature has become a pivotal resource for businesses seeking to leverage this platform effectively. With the ability to craft tailored messages, share diverse content, and target specific customer groups, Rannkly empowers businesses to maximize their impact and achieve their marketing objectives.


Creating WhatsApp templates within Rannkly is a straightforward process, enabling businesses to customize their campaigns seamlessly. The step-by-step guide simplifies template creation, from selecting the campaign type to choosing pre-approved templates and adding personalized variables. This streamlined process ensures efficient and targeted communication tailored to specific customer needs and preferences.


Through WhatsApp templates and campaigns, businesses can enhance their brand visibility and foster increased customer engagement. By leveraging the extensive user base of WhatsApp, these campaigns aim to create meaningful connections, nurture customer relationships, and ultimately drive sales, creating a more responsive and connected customer-business relationship.

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