Enhance Your Brand Voice With These 5 Effective Ideas

26 April, 2022lens4 min read

Enhance Your Brand Voice With These 5 Effective Ideas

“Having a strong voice is all about being a person that people can feel on the other side of the words.”

(Whitney Ryan)

Does your audience have a clear understanding of what your brand is? What are its values and what it could offer? If you are unable to answer these questions then you surely lack in your BRAND VOICE. Rannkly will share some of the brilliant ideas that will not only establish your brand voice but also effectively promote your brand. So, let’s first get a clear understanding of what a Brand Voice is and what are the most effective methods that can amplify the brand voice of any organization.

Before going into the point-by-point methods to create the Brand Voice, first, understand the importance of the BRAND VOICE CHART. This is a chart that is prepared before implementing the ideas suggested for the brand voice of the company. So, noting down all the ideas in an organized manner will not only help to segregate the less effective ideas from the strategic plans but also define the most appropriate roadmap to achieve the plans structurally.



It is the voice of the brand that makes your organization visible to normal people in a way they cancomprehend. Brand voice can also be called the Brand Tone of the organization which is based on the target audience and designed in such a way that it looks familiar to the audience. It builds a humane interface structure for the customers rather than being very corporate in terms of explaining the product or the service.


Today, we are living in a very advanced and dog-eat-dog world were to sustain the brand, the organization must stay consistent in its services and marketing. And most importantly, they must deliver unique services to their audience.The organization has to build familiarity with the requirements of the customers because they buy the product based on two factors: EMOTION and EXPERIENCE.


With the advancement of technology and uplifting the awareness criteria of the people, the brands are getting saturated with specific ideas and the public is getting more aware of a variety of products with better quality. So, it becomes the core to be clear about the ideas and consistent in the services otherwise people do have many other and better options to choose from. Competitiveness has improved the quality of the product but it has left very less space for transparency and accuracy. So, now let us focus on those 5 key pointers that will enhance your brand voice and effectively shape the brand presence.



Always try to voice out your views in front of those who are interested in your product or service because speaking in front of everyone will not convert leads or do the right branding. Target your audience who is searching for the services you offer and mark your presence in front of the right audience. Audiences can be targeted with some special tools like Facebook Ads targeting, which can collect the specific audience who will be interested in your services or products.



This can be understood with Rannkly’s example. Rannkly is an online reputation management and social media handling platform that provides advanced features and tools to simplify all social media-based jobs. So, while branding the voice for Rannkly, the USP (unique selling proposition) will always be highlighted in all the marketing areas like Ads, campaigns, website, social media posts, etc. The USP of Rannkly is its Universal QR Code feature and its Review Analytical tool through AI. So, these tools and features will always be highlighted to raise the right Brand Voice. It will create a crystal clear picture in the eyes of the viewer and the customer of what this organization/ company wants to offer to society.



Branding is not just about promoting your product or ideas, it should also mention those features that the customer wishes for. It is very important to remember as a company that even if the product is perfect in terms of the producer but if it does not fit the needs of the customer then it is of no use!

So, making a customer-friendly product requires a lot of research to understand theneedsof the customer. And after understanding the need, one must have the right strategy to implement to create the product that best suits the customer. Then there will be adequate planning, marketing, and branding of the product to the audience of the same niche. At last, it will be considered the best product for the customer. This whole process starts with the right Brand Voice Chart.




A mission statement is a crisp and concise statement of the organization that delivers the three main information of the company, mainly:

  • What is the product/company?
  • Why is this product formed?
  • How will this idea/product be executed?


This statement gives the intention behind the formation of such a product or the company itself. This statement can be complemented with a short BRAND STORY. A brand story also includes three important points:


The status quo is the current status of the product and the company. It will include the challenge which was present there while creating that product. Then comes the discovery of the most appropriate product for the user.A brand story hence gives an authentic and genuine view of the company as well as the product. It not only specifies the history of the product but also the future goals and missions.



The brand voice also has an important impact on the company in that it builds the real personality of the product in the eyes of the viewers. It creates such a persona of the product that it becomes easy for the customers to visualize the product and understand its service simply.

It will also set a perfect picture in the brains of the customers of what this product is and how it's going to work. One can also use someSocial media optimization toolspecific phrases to introduce the product and mark a specific identity of the product.


Want to know more about branding and marketing skills? Do visit other informative blogs onrannkly.com  for more understanding and comment down your thoughts below. 

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