Facebook Insights:- A Door To Successful Brand

Facebook Insights:- A Door To Successful Brand

27 March, 2022lens7 min read

Facebook  Insights:- A door To Successful Brand

“One will never repeat their mistakes if he rechecks what he has done in his exam..”

Managing Facebook is such a task that becomes fruitful only if the analysis is done thereafter. This becomes a crucial step to go through the data that is driven out of the analytical tools provided by facebook. The online presence of any organisation is a very important factor that is to be maintained and improvised regularly. So for this task, Facebook Business Suite Insights was introduced on sept 2020 that brought a revolutionary change in the business-cum-technologicval field. Though there was already a Facebook Business Manager to manage the brand building of the organisation on social media but later, Facebook business insights came up with more advanced and lucrative features to functionalise for more growth of business.


“Business is not just about ideas, but how they are executed” 


Producing and popularising a brand comes up with demand of the people who are using it. They know what is unique about the product and what it needs to be checked again. So, for that very purpose, Facebook gives you a strong analytical tool to scrutinise the reach on the content posted by different facebook handles. It gives ample opportunities to dive into the performance of different content on social media platforms either be it  photos, videos, blogs or any other form of engagement.

Since Facebook is the largest and well equipped platform ( in terms of features), Business Suite becomes the USP of it either used by a full fledged company or a small growing startup. Business Suite comes up with numerous features to create, schedule, publish and analyse the content with suitable timelines. Let us discuss those unique and effective features that gives a thorough analysis to examine the growth rate and pointers that need some special attention:-




As it is suggested by its name, Creator studio helps to create the content for platforms like Facebook and instagram. It enables the opportunity for the user to post the content on both the platforms together that not only saves time but also the efforts. It is a single option with inbuilt features like content planner, scheduler and analytics of the different actions taken by the user.

Since it is a part of Facebook insights, it provides a deep analysis of the content posted from it. And not just the textual analysis, it is capable of showing the inference through graphical presentation. Such an in depth analysis is only possible when the data is collected from a long history and without an error.

Data collection and ordering is the prior step to build an in depth analysis. This also results in a comparative analysis that can be checked by the user according to the desired day, time or period. This is a full length analytical work that gives you the detailed study of what has been done and also what duration was the best, what actions brought the maximum engagement and how those steps can be reimplemented to achieve more than the expected results.



Facebook insights is the wholesome feature of Facebook as it completely and wholly works on the concept of analysis and examination. Its detailed review on the performance of content published enables the user to focus both on successes and failures. This feature can be used both on the desktop and mobile phone with just different and simple steps. So, it brings up its one major utility that you don’t have to open your laptops all the time to check your growth. You can check and scrutinise your improvement either eating, going or even playing too!When you click on the Facebook Insights option, you will come up to many other useful options like:-



This is an overview of the cumulative reach of the organisation either through the content posted, live videos, campaigns or Ads. Since it's a comprehensive study, it briefs about the previous and current status both on a single page. The user just has to select for a particular time period that can be either now, 7 days , month or a year.



This gives the daily report of the increase in reach of the posted material and the organisation. This helps in monitoring the day to day performance and reason of particular number of views on the content. This is also a statistical data that comes up with all the ups and downs in the whole process.



Content like pictures, videos and blogs are posted on the platforms to build engagement among the viewers. So this option explores and represents the posted content in terms of its reach, likes, comments and shares. What if you keep on posting a particular kind of data that you found to be useful but that doesn't expand your reach? So for that very reason, this option is in the Suite Insights to keep a record of all kinds of content and their growth on social media.



One can not just look into the reactions of the old and saved audience but can also look into the interests and opinions of the potential audience. Audiences can be targeted through a specified gender, age, language, interests and location majorly. This will help to create the audience and then it can be saved later. 



This is quite similar to the AUDIENCE option in the Insights but the only difference is that it gives the analysis also. The activity of the created audience can be checked by filtering the data according to the age, gender, day or time of activity at its peak.



Videos are one the most important forms of engagement whether you are a business owner  or a small influencer. So its Insight also has that much importance. While looking into the Video Insights, you can view the:-

  • Total number of minutes viewed by the viewers in total.
  • 1 minute video views either on that sport or later.
  • The origin of the views and sources.
  • Can also check if the views are due to the followers, recommendation or share.

This gives an overview of the form of presentation and what level of engagement the organisation needs to make.




Not just the posts, Facebook Insights also enable the user to post stories in their platforms and build more reach. This is because it has been seen that stories are much more viewed by the followers or viewers than other posts. One can check the growth of stories through the story performance section but only for a limited period of time, i.e, 28 days.



It particularly focuses on the Facebook Page performance and not the overall performance. It is inbuilt with features like:- creator studio, followers, Ads, likes and people reports. Let's discuss them in detail;-



This performs all the same functions as performed by the Creator Studio of Insights but it just keeps the target to analyse the performance of Facebook only. This is used to create and publish the content on facebook pages and enhances the reach of the organisation. This helps to build the brand on the largest social networking platform that enhances the growth on all other platforms like Instagram.



The number increase in the followers can be examined here and also the reason for such fluctuation in the numbers. This help to influence more followers through different mediums like campaigns, Ads, live streaming etc.

3. ADS

Facebook provides the service of Ad targeting to target the potential audience by adding different filters like location, interests and their activity on that page. Ads can later be examined about their influence in a particular domain and how much they brought the reach to the business handles.


Insight on the likes section gives the view on how the content looks attractive but this may not be the exact situation in some cases. Likes affect the further views and likes on the content that can be improved with help of influencers.


This is a report that is generated to represent the actions done on the page. It can be in the form of PAGE VIEWS, PAGE LIKES and PAGE ACTIONS. And also, this report can be generated by a customised timeline that may vary from 1 day to a year.


This is a very statistical data that gives the exact number or the percentage of direction clicks, website clicks, action buttons clicks, phone number clicks in a very structured and graphical format. There are also the options of different views on a particular section of the website page like views on HOME, POST, ABOUT, PHOTOS, REVIEWS etc.


It also represents the gain and loss of likes on the particular platform or the whole website page. These likes can be organic in nature as well paid. One can induce the system of paid influence on their page to attract more crowds on the platform.



This is the actual place that shows the real engagement of the followers on all the platforms and affects the future strategies to influence more  viewers on the pages. It analyses all the factors like who are the constant followers and who want to engage in that particular platform. Businesses grow with the support of promoters but engagement is done with  footfall also.


There are many of the customers who make their decisions on the basis of number of likes and reviews. And there is nothing wrong in this because this is the actual reason to create influence. Products and services are promoted in this way only. Digital marketing has opened a wide range of services with competitive rates and improved services. Quality services are in demand due to high awareness among the customers. This is the consequence of online marketing only.


Rannkly promotes the awareness not only among the customers but also other business startups, so that they can reach a good stable position with the help of advanced features that are available either free or at very nominal rates. These features can boost up the position of a brand and provide such a growth that may not be possible without digital platforms and their features.Want  to learn more about other suchSocial Media toolservices to make your brand vulnerable to excel? Do visit our other blogs that will satisfy you with adequate answers.

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