Find Out The Reputation Of Your Brand At Rannkly

16 June, 2022lens6 min read

Find Out The Reputation Of Your Brand At Rannkly

“If you are in a competitive industry, great online reviews are not just nice to have, they are a requirement.”


(Tom Kenmore)


Every organization plays different games to stand out in their industry and grow higher. They take special measures to get recognized by their customers and competitors online. But is there any tool that can measure the performance orreputationof any business or brand? If there is so, what are the parameters to measure the volume or online presence of a brand? 

Today in this blog, Rannkly will introduce a new feature in front of its customers as well as new visitors that is not only a brand new feature in India but also a highly utilitarian tool that can calculate the online reputation of your business and highlight those factors that need more endeavor from the company’s side. This new feature has been launched by the nameReputation Calculator”.A user can have5 MAJOR BENEFITSof using this free tool like-


So now let us examine this latest feature of Rannkly and understand how it's going to help different businesses.



Reputation Calculator (originally namedReputation Score Calculatoron the website) has been introduced as a new as well as a free tool for the website visitors of Rannkly. This has been introduced in the Beta version after being testified by different developers of Rannkly and now it is available for the general public who are using the services of Rannkly or want to avail of the one.


Reputation Calculatoris an analytical software feature available in the beta version on the website where any business can check its score of online presence in terms of ratings and reviews given by the customers on various review platforms. Since Rannkly is the online reputation management platform, it introduced this feature to make the users understand the analytical grounds of working and how Rannkly simplify the job of managing online reviews at a single dashboard.    


This feature has been made available for the public to demonstrate how Rannkly function and what are its parameter to analyze the reputation of the business. The result drawn out by this feature is typically based on online parameters (review and ratings) that are easily visible online but it is quite difficult to analyze the growth or decline from that data. Doing a business is not just restricted to investing and earning profit. A true business owner will also fight for building a good reputation in their market for long-term stability and continuous conversions in their business. 

But since we are living in an online visible world, any organization or product is tagged as ‘authentic’ if it is visible to a larger audience and opinionated by them. Here the method of giving opinions can be reviews and ratings, feedback, comments on social media, and so on. Customers, as well as businesses, usually prefer to communicate on review platforms where customers give their responses on these websites, and organizations reply to them with satisfactory answers. The growth rate of the product is directly influenced by the reviews given by the people on platforms because most of the population tends to reach these review platforms to get genuine information about the product. 

Reputation Calculator works as an analytical report that delivers a comprehensive result depicting the online visibility of the organization. This information is extracted from different review platforms where people write their reviews about the product or services of different organizations. So, based on such reviews and ratings, the Reputation calculator of Rannkly concludes over the reputation build-up by the organization online. This is also a representation of a company's relationship with its customers who not just write the review for the product but also the experience they got from the organization. 



This brand new feature is now available on the home screen of the website of Rannkly. To avail of the benefit of this tool, the user just needs to go to theFree Toolsoption available on the top of the screen. The user will reach the screen present below-


This is an interface for the organization that wants to check its reputation score with Rannkly. As this is very clearly present on the screen, the organization has to write the name of their organization in the box. This is a crucial point to ponder that this tool can only check the score of the business which is registered at GoogleMyBusiness. If it is so then the user can easily move further on this tool. If the business is registered, the software will automatically pop up the name of the business in the search bar and the user can click on it.

Once the name of the business is written, the tool will redirect the user to the whole analytical report structure where the business on different review websites is available along with the number of reviews and ratings given on each platform. This is the numerical data that present three basic information about the platform where the business is registered:-

  • Platform name and symbol
  • Review and rating count
  • Overall score of that platform


The overall score of each platform has been derived from the total reviews (positive, negative, and neutral) and ratings given by the reviewers on that space and after analyzing the reviews deeply it generates its score. Along with the particular platform score, the tool will also give an overall score (out of 10) and represent the state of the reputation of that business. 

Along with reputation score, this tool can track the latest reviews given by the customers on Google. This will give a recent update of the customers' opinions on Google which is one of the biggest review platforms. And if the user wishes to manage those reviews and respond to each one of them efficiently then he/she can go for highly advanced features of Rannkly that will help to do social media management and online reputation management.


Since it is a completely free tool for website visitors, businesses can get many benefits by using this single tool to calculate the score. So, let us get the full-fledged information on the advantages of the Reputation Calculator:- 


To access the reputation score, the user doesn't need to fill in any kind of technical details except the name of the registered business. By just writing the name of the business, the user can easily access the full analytical report of its business’s online presence and ratings of the business on different review platforms. 




The information stated as the score can be checked by the user. This feature has been made so that there is no confusion for the user regarding the misuse of data or driving the result from unauthentic data. The user can check the real reviews and ratings of each platform by just clicking on the clickable link present in the top right corner of each review platform. So, the user is now able to rely on the data used by the software to cumulate the overall score of the business through its different platforms. This not only presents the right information to the business owners but also lets them build trust in the software they use.



The biggest benefit of the Reputation calculator is that it provides crisp information on the opinions given by the customers on different public platforms. Such opinions can act as reviews as well as feedback from loyal customers. Hence, the user can take that feedback in a very positive way and work on it to accelerate the growth of the business.




Since the details required in this process are very less hence the whole process is very simple and quick. The user just needs to enter the business name and the whole data will open in front of him/her. Even if the user does not have even 2-3 seconds to check the score then this can also be done. Once the user has entered the business name in the search box and wants to check the score after some time, then he/she can enter their details to get the information in the form of a PDF on their platforms.



The whole data that is presented by the tool is analytical that can easily be studied and interpreted by a normal human being also. It does not require any technical person to understand or facilitate this process, any person with a registered business name can check the score by visiting this website.

So, what are your opinions on the new feature of Rannkly? How much can it benefit other businesses? Comment down your views below and share with us your experience also. 

Do you want to know how we can reply to the reviews without even reading or writing? Check out this latest blog for your answer:- 

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