Grow Your Google Reviews With Best Online Review Management Platform- Rannkly

06 May, 2022lens8 min read

Grow Your Google Reviews With Best Online Review Management Platform- Rannkly

“Until you understand your customers deeply and genuinely, you cannot truly serve them.”


We all know that even if the business produces the best quality product or service, in the end, every customer believes in the experience of another person who has used that particular product or service. People do believe more in human experience rather than in the branding of any organization.Reviews and ratings are one such factor that built trust among the new visitors on any website or platform of the service-providing company. And where do they find such reviews that are authentic and reliable? The biggest browsing platform- is GOOGLE.


“88% of the consumers trust online reviews as they trust any other personal recommendation.”


Today, in the heat of online marketing, every business is putting all their hard-earned money into anonline review management strategy to grow their online platforms among their potential customers. All people who are running in the rat race to rank their website on Google know that 72% of the positive reviews make the people trust any business. But very few know the right direction to work in to build their online presence through the means of online review management.So, today Rannkly will discuss with you how the Google reviews affect the business presence on online platforms, how one can increase the Google and other platform reviews, and how Rannkly is going to help you to sail through this boat easily!






Here, we are going to discuss those businesses which are on their growing stage and have very few amounts of reviews and ratings on their review platforms. So, Rannkly gives the three-pointers that they should work on whichever (obviously legal) brings them the best: MORE VISIBILITY, MORE TRAFFIC, and MORE CUSTOMERS. First of all, we must understand why reviews are now being considered so important by the businesses and why are they so keen to improve their performance in terms of extracting more review counts?



With the onset of digital and online marketing, the majority of the population is aware that Google gives a particular star rating onlyafter atleast 5 reviews. This means very few reviews can also form the judgment of how a business is performing online. The quantity of the review matters in this case as the more the count of reviews more will be the trust foundation of the organization.



Any individual who is visiting any new platform has the only base to trust that organization either by knowing it from his close ones or by reading out the reviews of that platform. But think of a situation where a new visitor goes through the reviews and finds out very less and that too, negative reviews? How will it affect the reputation of the business? This is the reason why reviews have become the core to calculating the reputation factor on any business which is listed online.



Google has fixed its algorithm in such a way that when any business online gets the maximum reviews and ratings with positive assertion then it gets automatically listed on the higher rank on Google. Businesses work very hard to achieve a better ranking stage like doing SEO in their content, tying up with third parties, growing on social media, etc. But while doing all these tasks, they get the best results from generating more reviews on Google and other review platforms. They get a better ranking on Google and also better leads for their sales.



Review is just another form of feedback that a business receives in the form of sentimental responses from their customers. If any organization genuinely wants to improve their customer experience then they must focus on these reviews and try to not repeat mistakes if mentioned by any customer as a negative review. Feedback is a kind of free advice (but sentimental of course!) to the organization from the customer side and working on those issues not only satisfies the customers but also helps the business to grow in a positive direction.



Google is the largest review platform for any business and many big companies have improved their business presence by asking for reviews on Google. So, what steps a small business must take to get a better review count on Google? Let’s see them one by one:-




Before asking for reviews from your customers, first, create a good Google my business profile. Follow these steps to create one:-

  • Go to
  • Click create account
  • You will see a drop-down with two options. Choose “To manage my business”.
  • Supply the necessary information.
  • Select “Add a missing place” and a screen will appear in front of you.
  • Provide the necessary information in it.


Now login into your standard business accounts for your business.

  • Go to
  • Select “Manage Now”.
  • Now provide the basic information about your business.



Once the Google my business account is created, you can ask your customers to rate or give a review of your product or service. Sometimes, business owners find it wrong to bother their customers by giving reviews. But this is not correct. Asking for a review of your product or service politely and gently creates a positive impact on the customers. And if the customer is satisfied and happy, then he will not hesitate to give a positive review! It just takes a polite sentence to improve your marketing because reviews have become the ground of good online performance.

Note:-while starting to ask for giving reviews, start with the loyal and regular customers first. Doing this task randomly on anyone may create a bad impact on people who have been your customers first, then reviewers.



Every business owner has to make an easy platform for the customers so that they can easily give their opinions about the service or product. While asking the customers to give reviews, one can create a link that could be sent to them and they can easily reach the review platform by clicking that link.

Rannkly has an in-built system to generate the link for any platform where the customer can easily reach and give its review.



Rannkly is a single dashboard platform where it can manage all review platforms together, from responding to reviews through templates, and automating responses to generating reviews through email or SMS. Any organization which uses the Rannkly dashboard is capable of sending requesting emails or SMS to ask for generating reviews. Such messages must be very personalized and the customer should feel connectivity while reading that message.

There are different message templates available that could be used to send to the customers to increase the review count on Google.



Definitely yes. About a year ago, in May 2021, Google launched a new system in its review platform where a reviewer can directly write the review by just clicking a few attributes that are related to the service that the organization provides and the star rating the reviewer chose. This system helps both the parties- Customer as well as Organisation.


For example- if a person gives a 5-star rating, then good attributes like time, efficient, dedicated, compassionate, etc. will appear in front of him while writing the review. But if anyone chooses a 1-star rating, then negative attributes like poor, unresponsive, arriving late, etc. will come in front of him  


These simple attributes help the customer to give reviews quickly and help the company to generate more reviews in less time.



These are some of the reviews (1 or 2 ) of any organization that will display on the main link of the review option. These reviews are one of all the reviews given by the customer on the Google review platform. So, it gives a brief idea of what is the overall performance of that organization based on reviews given by the people.



When a review platform is opened, while writing the review, Google shows specific words that were highly used by the reviewers and it also shows the number of times people used that keyword. This informs the reviewer or any visitor on the review page about what people are talking about the service or product.



Google also displays the option to see the review based on frequency like newest, highest, lowest, most relevant reviews, etc. this makes it easier for the visitor to go through the reviews of any organization according to their priority.



Can a review become good content for your website or other platforms? Yes, friends. This is a very creative way of creating content that serves two purposes:-

  • Create real-time content for the website that displays the opinions of the customer. It helps the other new visitors to get a brief idea about the organization.
  • This content acts as a testimonial that presents the services of the company in the form of people who have used it and find it fantastic!

There have been many websites that are using this feature to display reviews on their website and bring brand awareness through their services. Rannkly is also providing this feature to display reviews in the form of WIDGETS. So, if any organization wants to display their reviews they just have to use the Rannkly’s dashboard and go under the widgets option. There they can create a widget for reviews by pasting the HTML code in their website’s code. After completing all the necessary steps, the reviews will display on the website.




This is the power of reviews. When people’s opinions are posted on such a big platform as Google, then it surely creates an authentic and reliable image of the business. People tend to trust more and choose the services.So, reviews are a great source to generate leads and improve the brand presence among the people who are searching for those services. Keep updating the data of review and rating count as when it increases, it also increases the growth rate of the organization.


Rannkly has been helping around 250+ brands in India to generate more and more reviews not only at Google but on other platforms also like Facebook, Zomato, Tripadvisor, etc. It is one of the finestonline Social media management platformsthat manage other activities also like responding to reviews with pre-defined templates, automating responses, and replying to the reviewer with AI-based suggestions.

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