High Traffic But No Sales? Ideas For Conversion

High Traffic But No Sales? Opt For These Ideas For Better Conversion.

03 May, 2022lens8 min read

High Traffic But No Sales? Opt For These Ideas For Better Conversion.

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”

                                                                                                                                                       (Jeffery Gitomer)


Are you tired of putting all your energy into converting your website traffic into sales? Are you able to find maximum leads from the traffic you receive? Maybe not enough. Rannkly will guide you with appropriate methods to convert your visitors into customers through simple and quick ideas. You just need to assure that you have a good footfall on your website and the visitors have a clear understanding of your product and services.


If an organization is facing this issue then it must identify the root cause of why people aren’t buying the product even if they are visiting social media pages and websites so often? Identifying the issue may take a while but will surely direct the user to improve the sales rate by opting for the right strategies.


There is also a myth regarding the relationship between traffic and the conversion quotient on a website. Most of the digital audience believe that if the rate of traffic is more on the website then it will also have more conversion rate. But in reality, it is quite different from what people believe. High traffic on the website could be due to many reasons and not just because people are interested in buying the services or product.


People may visit the website while just scrolling on google while searching for products that look similar to any other product or just for the sake of brief information. But they may not be interested in buying the product of that company. So how can a marketer present the content and information on the website and various social media pages to generate customers from the traffic?Let’s have a good discussion on different methods and understand their feasibility for any marketer:-



Social media plays a big game in the optimization of company services and goals. If social media has good connectivity with the website’s products in terms of people reaching the website page through social media links and referrals then it can bring huge profit to the sales of the organization.


But do you have that much of an audience on social media? And are they aware of your product? If not, then it will be called the unqualified traffic of social media. Now the important question is how can we eliminate this traffic and induce the required traffic on our website?


Primarily, this can be done by targeting the audience and sharing information about the product with them in bulk. If they are satisfied with the services then they will surely refer the product to their family and friends. Gradually, it will generate more customers who have a factor of faith in the product as it was referred to by their close ones. Establishing this loyal customer base will automatically generate qualified traffic which is aware of the product and wishes to opt for that service.



Traffic on your website can come from different sources. One major source is social media and others can be third-party websites, referrals, etc. Delving into the route of traffic helps to identify where the viewers are present in abundance and where one should invest more to attract customers.


Target different platforms with strategies that are suitable for them and reach the maximum number of customers in the right direction. The platform also defines the kind of content preferred by the audience like people on Instagram love to watch reels and video content whereas people on LinkedIn like to see more professional content.


This research will lead the user to identify the psychology of the viewers and what kind of content they want. This will also help the user to infer what new products should a company launch to bring more advancement to the services.




Every visitor on the website is not the same, every viewer has a different intention to visit that website. So, it becomes a key role in identifying which visitor has come intending to buy the product. Let’s understand the difference between the PROSPECTS, LEADS, AND CUSTOMERS.


PROSPECTS:- they are the people who visit the website initially without an intention to buy the product but later when they like the product, they visit the website quite often.

LEADS:- when a visitor starts buying a product from a company then it is called Lead. Conversion from prospect to a lead is very important as this is a representation of building loyal and real customers.

“Loyal customers are 10 times more effective than generating more and more customers daily.”

CUSTOMERS:- when a lead starts buying the service or the product from the same company again and again then it turns into a strong customer. This ultimately improves the sales of the company and brings a loyalty card to the mindset of the customer.



Email marketing is the process that comes after making a good number of customers. This can also be referred to as Remarketing.When a company is successful in satisfying the customer with desired services then it tries to make the customer into a loyal one, i.e, it will do various tasks, make the customer aware of their services all the time, and serve them with some special offers. And all these services are done by sending the customers emails and messages. This not only helps in building a long-term relationship but also increases sales by marketing their services among the people who are already aware of their brand.


This task can be done by sending emails to the visited customers about free shipping on the next orders, different offers, and giveaways for purchasing any new product. Other than these formal emails, organizations should also send an email on special occasions like birthdays, women's day, Earth day, etc.


This is a way to maintain a follow-up with the customers who liked your services and nurture a relationship for long-term services. Maintaining a regular connection also has two other benefits:

  • Make the customers up to date about new or upcoming services.
  • It works as feedback from the customers' side because if they respond to the emails either through message or using that service then it surely represents that the customer is satisfied with the service.


Automating the follow-up emails has shown a great impact on the sales of the company. It has shown a decent increase in the open rates and clicks rates of the content or features of the website.



Other than websites, social media activities create the biggest impact on the sales growth rate. The biggest reason behind this is that nowadays, people don’t receive information from television or newspapers. They are always on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the latest update on what is happening in the world.


So if the organization can manage its social platforms with utmost creativity then it will surely be able to target the right audience and generate a good amount of sales the organization. But first, the organization has to identify the interest of the viewers and then work dedicatedly to connect their services with that interest of the people. Try to be a little quirky because nobody likes to read boring and repetitive stuff. Be creative as much as possible and share informal stuff too with your audience.


If anybody wishes to generate good sales then it should work on sharing multiple forms of content that may or may not connect with the product. One can share the personal daily activities or routine also because personal stuff brings more engagement than anything else.


“Making more connectivity with the audience is equal to more trust factors and better results.”


Staying active on social media and experimenting with different things on various platforms not only provide good ideas for the growth of the company but also build followers on social media handles. And we all know, more followers on social media pages make other people believe in the good services of the company. It also drags more people to the social media pages and ultimately adds them to the follower list. Social media has the power to bring tremendous connectivity and encourage sales productivity.



Last but not the least, a website is the biggest magnet to attract the online audience only if people can understand the product through its website. Think of a situation where a person went to the website and found it difficult to operate or to explore the product?


Though there could be many reasons behind this like the improper location of the icons on the website, incomplete information, fewer pictures, boring data, and so on. Here the user will understand the importance of USER EXPERIENCE. The website must be very user-friendly, creative, and unique otherwise the visitor will not come again to the website to explore more.


And not just the visuals but also the content should be very easy and creative to grab the attention of a child or an elder too. It must include the essence of the product in every section of the website but in an efficient way every time. There are a few points that every website should include and can modify according to their creativity. These points are:

  • About us (that explains the service in brief)
  • Origination of the organization
  • Contact us page (in case of any query)
  • Blogs and articles section that explains recent news in detail
  • Testimonials of the organization
  • The vision and goal of the organization
  • Feedback section (if any visitor wishes to give his/her opinion)
  • Separate section for the features (where they are explained in detail)
  • Some sections with videos that explain the features in a visual mode, etc.

If any organization goes with these ideas, they will surely make great success in turning their traffic into sales and that too, without any financial expense!Rannkly is a social media optimization platform that works in different sectors of social media to enhance its performance and increase its reach. It also offers online reputation management tools that uplift the quality of the product with better reviews and ratings online. So, we hope for a better understanding of our readers and how they can convert their genuine traffic into sales and spread the brand all over their zone. Adopt all these methods and enhance your reach among the people who are searching for the services you offer. Target your audience with differentSocial media optimization toolsand reach them with better products and results!


Do you also have ideas for improving the sales of the company? Do share with us in the comment box and visit other blogs on rannkly.com


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