How Rannkly Enhances Technology To Improve Your Social Media?

08 April, 2022lens8 min read

How Rannkly Enhances Technology To Improve Your Social Media?

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

 (Tim O’Reilly)


Can you manage social media with limited resources or features? Or do you believe in handling your social media with the same pattern for many years? If you are following any of these practices then you should stop for a few minutes and go through this article.With a detailed research of 6 months, Rannkly has constructed a hierarchy of what has to be focused and how it should be focused in the domain of social media. What and how a business should input in its marketing strategies to bring out the favourable results for its growth.


While optimising the social media, the user has to keep a close eye on the type of network he/she is using. This is because all other tasks, from content to marketing works according to the audience and features available on that platform. Every network requires different genres of content and so the preparation of that content will also be different.But all the social media platforms are managed on three foundational pillars that enhance your technical reach. Let's understand them through the pyramid of their hierarchy:So, what do these three points mean?

COMMUNICATION:-This is a form of conveying the message of your organisation in the form of content that can reach the people with complete understanding and visibility of your services. So, the content has to be elevated in terms of its quality as well as quantity.

STATUS:-This highlights the position of your product, brand or service on various platforms in terms of their engagement, traffic on the website and conversions. So it basically shows what you are and what yoursocial media presenceis.


TALENT:-This is calculated by how much one can entertain other people and fulfil their needs with less but effective content. Till this level, the quantity doesn’t matter at the first instance because efficiency plays the lead role."

 In this article, we will be discussing these three factors in detail and how Rannkly enhances them to improve your social media presence. We will understand each one of them with an example of how Rannkly provides you a better platform to augment your foundation of digital marketing.


1. COMMUNICATION- Review management and creating content through Rannkly


Good communications lead to good relationships”


Content is a way of communication that can be in different forms like blogs, articles, captions for the posts, descriptions in the Ads, hashtags, graphics content, comments etc. Every form of content has a separate word limit and way of expressing the ideas. So, every form is not just about words but how they communicate with the readers about the products and services.


This communication must be so effective and simple that it can grab the attention of the viewer and give all the important details. But along with this, communication also gives the insights of the company’s growth and drawbacks. Rannkly is a product that monitors, manages and generates the reviews on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Reviews are a part of conversation between the customer and the organisation. If this conversation is on the healthy path then this not only builds loyalty but also the potential customers.


Let us show you some numbers:

Platforms         Facebook       Instagram       Twitter       LinkedIn


Posts per         350 m             450 m             500 m        2 m



So, one can infer from this data that more than 1000 million posts are published daily on different platforms. And among them, you have to create 1 such post that is visible and that too, to your audience.



Content fulfils the 6 criteria that make it so important and beneficial for the organisation. Whatever method is chosen for marketing, the content will always be the queen of your promotion strategy and will play the lead role to build your brand. Let us see what are those merits of producing a strong content:


1.Audience engagement:

If the content is creative then it makes a good interaction between the customer and organisation owners either through comments, reviews or live streaming. The owner can read those comments and respond to them very quickly and properly.

2. Brand recognition:

There are many people who have setup a good business but there are very few who were able to build a BRAND. And the only difference between them is their IDEAS and MARKETING SKILLS. Brand is established when even a minute aspect is communicated to the consumer of the product but with high creativity.

3. Lead generation:

When the content is complete and informative then it can influence not only customers but also other business partners, investors and clients who want such services. So, good communication ends with a high number of leads.

4. Customer relationships:

Communication is the only way to connect with the customers because they can only develop trust in your brand if they feel WELL-INFORMED and NOT MISLEAD. The organisation has to first build engagement with people and keep the consistency in the production of content.

5. Customer feedback:

“Customer is the loyal employee of any organisation” because they can give the real feedback of the service or any product. And since it's a communication, it must be a two-way process where the customer has the right to speak about the services.

6. Enhance reach:

Social media gives a voice even to those businesses who were initially restricted to their local area only. It enhances the reach of the corporation so that they can drag out the customers from every corner of the world.


2. STATUS- Build your online presence with Rannkly

With the bigbang of Social Media, no person, group or business is bound to a few kilometres! The networking platforms have opened the world for the explorers who can either build their own identity or flourish their business.If we talk from a business perspective then it is nothing new to say that if businesses are establishing in every inch of this world then customers are also popping in every section of this world. That means, the number of service receivers could be more than the service providers. We can understand this from the lockdown situations that since no one is spending their time outside the home and learning something new, everyone is busy on their mobile phones either to learn something or to pass their time. The utility of phones have increased after 2020 and people wish to manage their daily chores with their phones only. And this can be inferred that your customer must be searching for you online and here the business lacks if they could not recognise their potential customers and their needs.


Rannklyis a solution to all your problems because they offer clients a tool of insights to gather all the information and analyse their growth. One can identify the growth rate of their previous campaigns and know the drawbacks of less footfall in their campaigns. One can also prepare better strategies for future posts and campaigns by learning from their own growth. The comments and customer insights give the overview ofpositive, negative and neutral comments; the daily, weekly, monthly or customised timeline growth; the keywords which most of the comments include like food, price etc.; reading sentiments of the comments through natural language processing and cumulative reports of overall performance.


The average time to make an impression is reported as 3-12 seconds. This means that if your idea can surpass 12 seconds of view of the customer then it can create an impact. It can affect the decision making power due to the strong impact of online branding.

We can understand brand awareness from an example of a popular company- Netflix. When people were spending Rs.250-500 to watch one movie in a cinema hall in a month, this company gave the access to watch unlimited movies in a month under this price only! And not only this, more than one person can login into the same account of Netflix and watch any movie at any time. So, this gives us the idea of how a strong solution supplemented with customer compatibility can create a better online presence.


The other important factor in establishing the brand is consistency. Before engaging the customers on social media platforms, it is necessary to engage yourself first. Post the content on a daily basis to inform your genuine customers about your next plans and form the content properly that delivers all the crucial details.



Show the authenticity of your work and performance through various documents that define your credibility and calibre to perform more. Develop your full authority over your work and accountability of what you have done in growing the scale of the company or organisation. One can show the number of clients, number of years invested in the corporation and other important documents like CIN no, GST and account details.



The customers are of three forms: Cold, Warm, Hot. Cold audience is the one that is not interested in the services and does not want to opt for any of those products. The Warm audience is the one that fluctuates in the decision of either taking or not taking the service. And the Hot audience is the one which is your loyal audience and receives most of your services. So, the organisation has to build the online presence in such a way that the prospects can be converted from cold to warm and then warm to hot.


3. TALENT- Effective automation tools by Rannkly

Social media can be optimised by using the right skill and tool to work on it. Rannkly comes with amazingSocial media automation toolsthat enables you to schedule your future posts, create the posts with beautiful templates, analyse your campaigns and form reports of your functioning on social media.With right planning and strategies, anyone can develop the skill to handle these platforms with more creativity and less manual effort. So, one must optimise their tasks and reserve some extra time to develop more skills and ideas to scale the business.


If you liked this blog and want to read about these three features of the pyramid separately? Visit theblogsection as such articles are waiting for you!       


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