How Hotels And Restaurants Can Ask Guests For Their Feedback?

27 January, 2024lens10 min read

How Hotels and Restaurants can ask Guests for their feedback?

“If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.”

— J.W. Marriott, American entrepreneur


If you're a Hotel or Restaurant aiming for rapid growth and to stand out from competitors, focusing on continuous improvements is key. Satisfying customers with exceptional services boosts word-of-mouth marketing and contributes to instant growth.


Guest feedbackis a valuable medium for improving and delivering outstanding customer service. Happy customers tend to leave positive reviews on your channels or share their experiences through word of mouth, propelling your business forward.


Understanding the pivotal role customer reviews play in shaping a brand's reputation, it becomes crucial for businesses to actively seek feedback. In this blog, we'll share tips and tricks on how businesses can encourage guests for feedback, enhancing their overall customer experience.


How can Hotels and Restaurants use Guest Feedback?

Guest feedback is super important for Hotels and Restaurants because it helps in two big ways:


1. Improving Operations:It's like a tool that shows how guests feel about their stay. It points out what's going well and where things can be better to make guests happier and more loyal.


2. Boosting Marketing:Feedback is not just for fixing things; it's also a powerful tool to attract more guests. Good reviews can be used in emails, on booking websites, and on your site to convince travelers that your place is the right choice.


Why does this matter? Well, in a survey, 81% ofTripadvisorusers said they always or often read reviews before booking a place to stay. And 79% said they're more likely to pick a hotel or Restaurants with a higher rating when comparing two similar options.


Positive Guest Feedback:

  • Give credit to your team when they do a great job.

  • Encourage your staff to keep getting better for an even better guest experience.

  • Highlight the things you're awesome at in your marketing.

Negative Guest Feedback:

  • Figure out what your staff needs more training on.

  • Improve the way you do things based on what guests don't like.

  • Decide what parts of the hotel or Restaurants need upgrading.


For smaller hotels and restaurants, being quick to respond to feedback gives you an edge over big brands. You can adapt faster to what guests want, earn better reviews, and make travelers feel confident about picking your place over a well-known brand!

When to ask for reviews?


ask guestsfor review at the right time.


To get more 5-star reviews, it's important to ask guests at the right time. Don't ask too soon, like right after they book, because they haven't experienced anything yet. But don't wait too long either, like weeks after the booking, as they may forget important details.


For the best results, ask for reviews either one to two hours after their experience ends to capture their excitement while it's fresh, or one to two days after to give them time to think about it. With Checkfront, you can use automated emails tied to booking statuses to easily customize when you ask for reviews.


Feel free to try both times to see what works best for your Hotel Or Restaurants. And don't hesitate to send a follow-up message two weeks to a month later if needed. Asking for reviews at the right moments can make a big difference!


The Best ways to ask for reviews!


how to ask for reiew.


1. Through Email Requests :

In this process, businesses ask customers to share their opinions on their websites through emails. After customers make a purchase or have any interaction, the business sends a short and straightforward email.


The email includes a direct link that takes the customer to the business's website, feedback form, or review page.

2. In person:

In this approach, businesses train their staff to ask customers for reviews after providing the product or service. This personal touch aims to inspire and encourage customers to freely share their thoughts and opinions.


  • Demonstrate care and attentiveness to guests.
  • Identify improvement areas using their feedback.
  • Active listening reduces the likelihood of a 1-star public review.
  • Addressing concerns with guests in advance helps avoid negative reviews.

3. On social media:


Since almost everyone is on social media, it's a great way to connect with many people through your content. Staying current with the latest social media updates is essential.

Social media polls are another valuable tool for gathering reviews from customers. They provide an interactive way to collect opinions. Engage your audience by creating social media polls related to your products and services.


4. On your website:

The business should utilize the review tools that are available on the website so that the customer can leave their comments and thoughts while browsing your website. 


These tools are handy and beneficial for the business as it helps to get more opinions and suggestions that the customer provides to create strategies to stay competitive in the market.

5. Ask for a Google Review:

Ask your customers to share their experiences onGoogle. You can do this by politely asking them in person or through messages. Make it easy for them by giving clear instructions and direct links to your business profiles on Google. Say thank you and choose good times, like after a positive interaction, to ask for reviews. You can also include review requests in marketing materials, such as email signatures, and use social media to engage customers.


  • Always maintain a polite and thankful tone.
  • While you can't delete Google reviews, ensure a strong presence on the platform.
  • Respond to both positive and negative reviews to demonstrate care and build trust.


6. Via SMS service:

A great way to ask for a review is through SMS. Even though it might seem a bit old-fashioned, many bookings still require an email address or a cell phone number. It's a simple way to connect with guests, thanking them for staying and providing links to your review platforms.


An interesting SMS option is to include a numbering system. You can ask them to reply with a number from 1 to 5, indicating the level of service they experienced.


7. Through QR Code: 


This tool is incredibly simple for both businesses and customers. Customers just have to scan a QR Code, which directs them to a webpage where they can either leave reviews or complete feedback forms.


It's user-friendly and versatile, especially since businesses can effortlessly display these reviews on their websites.


8. Upon check-out: 


The final stage of the stay is when they check out. It's a great time to request a review while their experience is fresh in their mind. You can place an iPad near the reception, allowing guests to comfortably share their thoughts through a questionnaire about their stay. This can also include an invitation to leave a review.

9.Utilize the Prepared Template for the Review:

When guests are too busy to write a full review, a handy trick is to give them a template. They just need to fill in the blanks and add their name. Easy peasy!


For example:

  • "I liked my stay because I...(they fill in the blank)
  • "The restaurant was...(they fill in the blank)
  • Rate the hotel room: "The room was good / not good" (just circle your choice).

Guest feedback strategies

Here are some easy tips to manage what guests think and make them happy:


1. Ask for Feedback:Don't wait for guests to share their thoughts—ask them! Send a request after their stay for an online review. People read reviews before booking, so having recent positive feedback can help your property.


2. Use Different Platforms:Don't just focus on one site. Manage reviews on booking platforms like and Expedia, but also check Google and Tripadvisor. Aim for fresh reviews and a five-star rating everywhere people might find and book your property.


3. Get Real-time Feedback:Don't wait for reviews to find out if guests are happy. Check-in during their stay with surveys, text messages, or in-person questions. Train your staff to spot issues and solve them fast to exceed expectations.


4. Be Positive: Welcome all kinds of feedback with kindness. Never complain about guests or dwell on negative reviews. Show that all feedback matters, listen, learn, and move forward.


5. Act Quickly:Don't let problems linger. Resolve issues promptly, big or small. Timely solutions can prevent bigger problems later.


6. Personalized Responses:Respond to reviews and surveys with thoughtful comments. Thank guests, apologize for any issues, and explain how you're fixing things. In a survey, most people said a good response to a bad review improved their view of a business.


7. Contact Guests:If feedback is tricky, call the guest to sort things out directly. Then, post a response to show you've taken action.


8. Celebrate Good Reviews:Share positive reviews in staff meetings and Social Media. Celebrate your achievements when you hit goals, like top ranking.

These easy steps can help you keep guests happy and improve your property's reputation!

For more ideas, check out - How To Generate Customer Reviews: 10 Simple Methods



Rannkly: Your One-Stop Feedback Solution!


rannkly review generation tool for business.

Rannklyis a useful tool for managing what people say about your business online. It helps you get reviews from customers and even replies to them using pre-made messages and AI.


The cool thing is, that Rannkly can also help you get more reviews by using different methods:


1. Email Templates:With Rannkly, businesses can create customEmail Templates. They can add text, pictures, and more to make them unique. These templates help businesses communicate with customers and even include links to the review page.


2. WhatsApp Templates:Rannkly makes it easy for businesses to get reviews through WhatsApp. They can choose a template, add details like the customer's name, and send a personalized message. Businesses can also create theirTemplates for WhatsApp.

Certainly! Here are three WhatsApp templates:


Template 1 - Feedback Request:


"Hello [Customer's Name]! We hope your recent experience with us was fantastic. Your feedback matters a lot. Please take a moment to share your thoughts by responding with a number from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest. Thank you for being a valued customer!"


Template 2 - Exclusive Offer Announcement:


"Hi [Customer's Name]! Exciting news just for you. As a token of our appreciation, we're offering an exclusive 15% discount on your next purchase. Simply use code SPECIAL15 at checkout. We hope you enjoy this special treat!"


Template 3 - Thank You for Your Loyalty:


"Dear [Customer's Name], we want to express our gratitude for your continued support. Your loyalty means the world to us. As a thank you, here's a special offer: a complimentary item with your next purchase. Reply 'YES' to redeem. Thank you for being a part of our journey!"


Feel free to customize these templates according to your specific business needs!


3. QR Codes:Rannkly uses special barcodes called QR codes. Customers scan these codes with their phones, and it takes them to a page where they can leave a review or fill out a form.


4. SMS Templates:Rannkly allows businesses to send text messages to customers asking for reviews. Customers can choose from different message templates. It's an easy way for businesses to get feedback from customers through text messages.

Certainly! Here are some rewritten SMS templates:

Sample 1 Feedback Request:


"Hi [Guest's Name]! We hope you enjoyed your recent stay with us. Your feedback matters. Reply with a number from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, to share your experience. Thank you!"

Sample 2 Thank You for Choosing Us:


"Hello [Guest's Name]! Thank you for choosing [Your Hotel/Restaurant]. We hope you had a great time. Reply with your thoughts or feedback, and help us make your next visit even better!"


Sample 3 Special Offer Follow-Up:


"Hey [Guest's Name]! We're thrilled you enjoyed our special offer. Share your thoughts in a quick reply, and as a thank you, enjoy a 10% discount on your next booking with code THANKYOU10."


Remember to personalize the templates with specific details related to your business, and always ensure they align with your brand's tone and style.


5.Feedback Forms:Rannkly lets you collect feedback through forms. These forms have different types of questions, like multiple-choice or short answers. Businesses can customize these forms to fit their needs, and customers can easily share their opinions.


In simple terms, Rannkly is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses get and manage reviews by using QR codes, forms, emails, text messages, and WhatsApp. It's a straightforward way for businesses to know what their customers think!


For hotels and restaurants to thrive, they should always seek feedback from guests. This feedback is like a guide – it shows what guests liked and where things can improve. Positive feedback not only helps improve the experience but also attracts more guests. Guest opinions matter a lot, and businesses should actively ask for them.

A good time to do this is right after the guest's stay. Managing reviews on various platforms is essential, and both positive and negative feedback should be acknowledged. Acting fast on issues and celebrating good reviews helps in creating a positive image. Tools like Rannkly, with features like QR codes and templates for emails, SMS, and WhatsApp, make this feedback process easy and effective. This approach helps businesses stay competitive and gain the trust of their guests.


1: Why is guest feedback important for hotels and restaurants?

Guest feedback is crucial as it helps businesses understand what guests like and where improvements are needed. It contributes to continuous improvement, word-of-mouth marketing, and attracting more customers.


2: How can hotels and restaurants ask for feedback from guests?

Businesses can ask for feedback through various methods such as in-person requests, emails, SMS, social media, and on their websites. Utilizing tools like Rannkly with QR codes and templates also simplifies the process.


3: When is the best time to request guest reviews?

The ideal time is shortly after the guest's experience, either one to two hours after it ends to capture freshness or one to two days later to allow reflection. Checkfront's automated emails tied to booking statuses facilitate timely review requests.


4: How can businesses respond to negative reviews?

Responding promptly and positively to negative reviews is crucial. Acknowledge the issue, apologize, and explain the steps taken to address it. This shows proactive customer service.


5: How does Rannkly help with guest feedback?

Rannkly is a versatile tool that facilitates feedback through QR codes, email templates, SMS templates, and WhatsApp templates. It streamlines the process, making it easy for businesses to collect and manage reviews.

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