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How To Increase Delivery Orders At Your Restaurant?

13 April, 2021 3 min read

How to Increase Delivery Orders at Your Restaurant?

Nowadays, ordering food becomes so easy with the advent of a multitude of food-ordering apps like Swiggy and Zomato. And, in these times of COVID, people hardly step out of their houses to the nearby restaurants to have their favorite meal. Thus, Online ordering is the great and the safest option to go with. 

Being a restaurant owner, if you’re wondering how to rapidly increase the sales of your restaurant, find quick ways to make customers choose your restaurant instead of your competitors.

Quick Tips to attract customers and make them order from your restaurant

1. Use Online Ordering Form

Your customers require a convenient way to place orders. If you’re adding delivery to your restaurant, update your website with an online order form. Making orders through phone calls is inconvenient, that’s why people use your online food delivery system to order your food.

2. Make the online ordering button visible 

Your hungry customers must be able to see the online ordering button at a glance. If they’ll not find it, your potential customers will sooner leave your website. Hence, it is prudent to make your online ordering button visible.

3.    Include Free Delivery Promos

This is the most important way to bring more customers. When you offer your clients free delivery for minimum order values will help you increase their cart value.

4.  Create an App that makes Ordering Easy

Your most frequent customers want an easier method to order food from your restaurant. A smartphone app makes things easier for them and the app provides a swift and convenient way to order food.

5.  Use Social Media to increase your delivery sales

Use social media platforms to tempt your customers with your mouth-watering dishes. You can attract more customers through appealing social media posts that display your fascinating offers.

Through Rannkly, you can ask your customers to leave good reviews about you on social media portals. 

Rannkly is an online reputation management tool that helps you to shape, redefine and improve your brand’s reputation through appealing features. It connects various review websites to one dashboard through which you can easily monitor, reply & analyse your customers’ reviews. It generates new reviews and engages potential customers to take your business to the next level. Create new posts through amazing filters, schedule them, and get them published on social media channels.

Increasing the frequency of online ordering is beneficial for both customers and restaurants. Customers want convenience and safety, especially in this pandemic, and restaurants also get multiple benefits from online ordering.

Gather customer contact information: When customers order online, they provide their email address or phone number. This creates an amazing opportunity to add them to your database.

Get to know about customer habits and preferences: Online ordering provides data about what customers like and dislike. You will get to know about order frequency and preferences, which help you know the best times to promote your restaurant.

Increase the lifetime value of your customers: When you’re connected with your customers through email or phone and know about their ordering habits and history, you can create automated marketing campaigns that bring more sales and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Decrease stress on in-store staff: When customers place orders online, they don’t have to wait in a long queue in the store. And, the staff at the restaurant will experience less pressure of serving a long line of waiting customers. 

Provide fast and reliable food delivery 

Along with preparing delicious food and making the online food delivery process as effective as possible, it is essential to provide people what they want consistently. Customers want their food delivered fast and also arrive just as they expected. As a restaurant owner, when you target to increase the delivery orders, your topmost priority should be providing the best possible service to both new and existing customers

Traditional food ordering through phone calls is time-consuming, that’s why online food ordering apps are preferred to ensure timely delivery. 

To increase online orders at your restaurant, you need to strategize and implement the best plans, which can also help you to keep abreast of the competition in the market. Through this blog, you must’ve got an elaborative illustration of how you can boost sales of your restaurant. To know more, you can write to us at sales@rannkly.com, we assure you to make things easier for you

Mujeeb Alam

Mujeeb Alam

Operations & Support Lead at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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