Case Study On M/S RDS Hospitality Pvt. Ltd

23 March, 2021lens1 min read

Case Study on M/S RDS Hospitality Pvt. Ltd

We take care of the online reputation and social media management of various corporations from different industries and geographies. If you’re not paying attention to your company’s online reviews, you’re putting yourself at risk. 

What people say about you on social media creates a huge impact on your business reputation, so your efforts must be directed to improve it. We at Rannkly put our countless efforts round the clock to help you manage your online reviews through one dashboard. 

Below is a case study of the health care sector that shows how our software has helped them to improve their overall rating.

Noida-based Hospitality service provider, M/S RDS Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. was not aware of its online reputation. When people stopped coming to them after seeing their online reviews, they realised something was wrong and needed an improvement in their online presence. Last year in December 2020, they joined Rannkly and understood what was lacking on their part. Through one dashboard, now they are managing online reviews, sending quick replies and automated to customers, based on sentiment analysis. Personally, they are connecting with their unsatisfied customers and trying to solve their issues with the best of their expertise

Their average rating is 4.3, based on the total 1014 reviews. Its Review Sentiment score reflects 81.7% positive response, 0.8% neutral and 10.9% negative. The negative ones were kept for internal feed while the positive ones were showcased on the platforms.

M/S RDS says after becoming a team member of Rannkly, they witnessed a tremendous shift in the growth of their business and got a positive response from their customers.

Rannklyinvites you to come and explore its exciting features like QR code stand, website widget, automated response and quick replies. To make your brand stand out, you need to become vigilant and take care of its online presence. Connect with us to experience better!

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