Make Your Online Management Smooth With The Top 15 Platforms Integrated With Rannkly

02 June, 2022lens7 min read

Make Your Online Management Smooth With The Top 15 Platforms Integrated With Rannkly

“Great things are not done by one person. They are done by a team of POWERFUL ONLINE PLATFORMS.”

(Yashu Raghav)

Have you ever imagined what could be the position of your business or brand if the top online platforms where you regularly engage with customers are incorporated and managed in a single place? Today in this blog, we will discuss those top 15 platforms that are already integrated with Rannkly and the customers who connect with us can benefit from them from the very first day! So let us start now with the primary and crucial services offered by Rannkly to its customers.


Rannkly has been working on two important domains from the very beginning of this organization in 2021. And by regularly interacting with its customers, it incorporated new functions so that Rannkly users can benefit more without any hindrance to their reputation management. The two important categories where Rannkly has put all of its efforts to serve excellently are:-




ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is a big web that manages all the segments which are responsible for building the online presence of the organization at all those places where the strength of customers is in surplus.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT deals with handling the basic format of every social media platform but in a much more technologically advanced and efficient way. The primary function of every social media platform is to keep presenting innovative ideas and products to the users so that they stay connected and refer the services to other people also. The factor of visibility and consistency is very essential in social media.

Now let us share with you the top 15 platforms integrated with Rannkly and how they function to promote the business from a single dashboard of Rannkly. Below is the list of the platforms assimilated with the features:-






This is one of the largest platforms used by people for browsing different websites and their online presence in terms of customers’ opinions and experiences. Google reviews are highly prioritized by the people before actually going on to the website for buying the product. This is why management of reviews on a large and crowded platform becomes essential so that the business can present the genuine opinion of the genuine customers timely.

Since review management is the biggest part of reputation management on Rannkly, the user can manage their reviews by responding to them without a delay, generating reviews by sending requests via SMS or email, and analyzing each review in depth without even reading them! Do you know how? Scroll it more to get the answer.


Though it is the biggest social media platform, it does not lag in leveraging the reputation of the organizations by displaying the genuine responses of the customers on its platform. Rannkly connects its dashboard with Facebook and lets the user (or client) manage the reviews of Facebook on its dashboard only.

Users can not only respond to the reviews with the help of AI suggestions or pre-defined response templates but can alsoautomate the responsesby which the user can set a response template for a particular rating like 5-star, 4-star, etc. Facebook is a multi-domain platform that builds the online presence of the business, including posting the ideas of the organization like pictures and videos, running Ad campaigns, etc.


Rannkly helps in connecting all the Zomato-linked locations of any restaurant or hotel. Then the user can manage reviews of all the locations separately and analyze them without even giving a read to them. This platform is used by the customers to order food from different places that can be completely unknown to them. So, they can get a brief idea of the location as well as its dishes through its publicized reviews.

Any organization with Zomato linked in Rannkly’s dashboard can easily respond to the reviews of customers and get positive, negative, and neutral rates of reviews.



This is another platform that provides similar services to Zomato. Hence, it is also used by the customers to review the product and service of Swiggy. Rannkly allows its users to connect the Swiggy account with Rannkly and manage the reviews on its dashboard only.

Such reviews can be analyzed throughreview insightsand the rate of productivity can be determined easily because review insights give a clear picture of what are the demands of customers and what they prefer more in the services. A customer’s feedback is no less than the next future strategy which has to be accomplished with better ideas and goals.


Dineout is also another app to discover a plethora of restaurants and buffet services around the user. This also asks for the feedback of customers in the form of reviews and displays them publicly. Reviews of the Dineout platform can also be managed by Rannkly and its reviews can be responded to with smart replies suggested by the AI system.

The relevant information is fetched from the reviews and presented in the form of graphical representations. Such data is then analyzed and depicts the calculated growth of the organization. The user can connect Dineout with Rannkly and can generate reviews also by sending request messages via email or SMS. The link of the review option gets automatically pasted in the message so that the customer can directly go to the reviewing screen of Dineout.


The platform is usually reviewed by the travelers who are on their trip or planning to go on one. This app is hence viewed by many new travelers who wish to get an idea of new places, popular places to visit, and so on.

The reviews on Tripadvisor can be efficiently managed on Rannkly by responding to them consistently with smart replies and proper analysis.


This is an app downloading platform where the users review different apps based on their experience. This platform can also be integrated with Rannkly’s dashboard so the responses can be sent through a single place only. Play store is present in all android mobile phones in the form of an app and therefore it is highly used by a larger population. Users can easily manage the customer's reviews and analyze the growth of their app on the Play store.



This is also an app similar to the Play store but it is only present in IOS mobile phones. Its functions are also the same as the Play store. Since most of the apps are downloaded from the iOS App store, people leave their reviews there. They also give their ratings over there. So, Rannkly can also manage reviews and ratings of that platform.



This platform also includes the reviewing section where the customer can review their experience with any organization which is added on Justdial. So the reviews received on Justdial can also be managed and responded to through the dashboard of Rannkly. 



10. INSTAGRAM (and Facebook also)

This is one of the highly used (after Facebook) social media platforms where several users post pictures, videos, and reels daily. Hence, managing such daily posts for business purposes becomes tiring if the same task is repeated daily. The user needs to be created every time and find lots of pictures to create engaging posts. Here Rannkly plays a godly role. It helps the designer/ user with unlimited free images to create posts and attractive templates to design the post.

Once the Instagram of the business account is connected with the dashboard, it also helps the user with brief information on its follower count, the reach of posts, and the number of likes on them. The user can also check the date of posts through its calendar and analyze the reach and engagement through them.


This is also another social media platform where posts have to be created daily and posted on it. There is one special feature included in Rannkly that is calledScheduling Posts.By using this feature, users can schedule a post for any date or time. For example- if someone wishes to publish any post on New Year but has created it today only, then he/she can schedule it for 1 January 2023. That post will get automatically published on the set date and time. The user can create such unlimited posts and schedule them accordingly. This feature can be used for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.



This is a professional social media platform that connects people to different organizations and people within the organization. Users can create and schedule posts on LinkedIn also. They can also createLabelsto check the social media posts and their reach of different locations in the calendar. This will help them to filter out the posts of a particular location/outlet of the business.



Whatsapp works as a customer support system for the customers who are using any of the products or services of an organization. Rannkly has a brand new product calledUniversal QR codethat can display various features on a single scan! Any organization can integrate its WhatsApp number as the customer support feature on the QR code. Once the customer scans the QR code, the WhatsApp support option will appear on the main screen. Customers can click on the WhatsApp icon and will be directed to the Whatsapp number of the organization. There he/she can ask about their issues and problems.

There is one more feature in the Whatsapp integration with Rannkly in which the user will get regular and daily notifications on Whatsapp regarding the number of positive and negative reviews received. This can help the user to keep a daily track of review counts and plan new strategies for better engagement.



This is another traveling app that collects reviews from people and can be easily managed by the user on the Rannkly’s dashboard.



This platform also collects reviews from customers who visit different hotels etc. Their reviews can be analyzed and responded to through Rannkly.

These are the top platforms integrated with Rannkly and users are using them in a very efficient manner &Social media tools. What are your opinions on platform integrations? Comment your views in the comment box. For more blogs visit:

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