Online Review Management Strategy

Online Review Management Strategy

20 April, 2021lens3 min read

Online Review Management Strategy

If you’re looking to strengthen your brand’s online presence, it is crucial to design an effective online review management strategy. When a brand wants to improve its online reviews and ratings, the right strategy will help you achieve all your marketing goals. 


According to the study conducted by BrightLocal, 77% of online consumers read online reviews, and 71% of consumers depend on them as the “most crucial” information. However, online review management is still a big challenge for many businesses, as only 7% of businesses are paying attention to their online reviews and creating strategies to improve them, and 19% of consumers saying that they’ve been negatively impacted by a bad review. 

This blog will explain aboutonline review management strategyat length and how you can take control of your online reviews.

Online Review Management Strategies

Online reviews have become the latest trend in the world of social media, if your services are praiseworthy then your customers will glorify your account with positive comments/ reviews. and if not they criticize your business online. So, it is normal to be concerned about what people are saying about you on social media channels

To manage these reviews or your brand’s online reputation, it is imperative to seek strategies for online review management. Let’s look deeper into a comprehensivereview management strategy, which includes the following points:

  • Positive reviews on review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, Merchant Circle through focussed customer outreach
  • Removing negative reviews if possible
  • Encouraging satisfied customers to promote your business through word-of-mouth online
  • Monitoring and responding to online reviews immediately

Why are Fake Reviews a problem? 

It is not wise to pay for fake reviews; do you know, why?Because it will severely tarnish your brand’s reputation if you are seeking to gain paid reviews from untrusted sources. At present time, consumers trustonline reviewsmore than the opinions of their friends and family. Think! If your brand’s reviews are mostly fake, you’ll lose the credibility of your customers. Even if these reviews might work well, they’ll do temporarily. Because positive reviews set high hopes for consumers, and you have to better deliver it at any cost. 

There is a simple way to avoid this situation, and guess, what? Ask for reviews yourself. Instead of waiting for customers to post reviews, you can go out and encourage them to do so. 

Negative reviews are the biggest spot on your brand’s reputation and you don't know how to address them, refer to the next section.

What should I do if I receive negative reviews?

While replying to negative reviews, try to remain calm and empathetically address the complaints. Always try to work on resolving the issue with your words & actions, and win the trust of your customers again. Do Not respond to negative feedback publicly, always address the concerns in a private message or through email.

There is a platform called Rannkly through which you can craft an effectiveonline reputation management strategy and build a strong online presence. With its fascinating features like QR code reviews, you can request your customers to leave a good review about you. Even for your social media channels, you can create interactive posts and schedule them to engage the audience and see more conversions. 

What is Online Reputation Management Marketing?

In today’s era of the internet, to get information about any product or service, you just Google it. Right? If you’re planning to purchase a new mobile phone, you’re going to check its online reviews on various online review platforms.

So, it becomes ultra-important to note that if you sell any product or service, people are going to look for reviews before they make a purchase.

Most people search for a product, service, company or a brand on various social media portals and closely look at what people are saying about it. Reviews play a significant role in decision making whether they purchase it or not. 

What is ORM in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has a prominent role in determining your online reputation. If negative posts about your brand rank higher in the search engine, there will be a corresponding decline in sales. 

You can control this by bringing some major changes in your SEO techniques. Optimize your website for search engines. There is improvement needed in technical SEO, on-page optimization, and content on your website. Get backlinks and also reach out to different sites for guest post opportunities to distribute your content all over with specific keywords.

Regularly post meaningful content on your website and share it on your social media sites to gain traffic. These improvements force search engine bots to boost your website links and push down the link of web pages that contain negative reviews about you. 

Taking the help of experts, you can devise a practical and innovative approach to manage your online reviews. It is highly recommended to see how your competitors are doing it to get an effective analysis.Rannkly can give you the best results in the management of your online reviews at cost-effective prices. 

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