Best Social Media Sites And Platforms In 2022

The Best Social Media Sites And Platforms For 2022

24 January, 2022lens9 min read

The Best Social Media Sites and Platforms for 2022

Hey there! Are you trying to pace up your social media management game? If yes, then you need to know the best social media management sites and platforms for 2022. There are innumerable social media management sites and platforms but only few of them are truly effective and impactful. 


While Facebook might be dominant but TikTok had the most rapid growth that no other social media platform would have ever witnessed. It was launched just five years back but this video based platform now stands at the fifth rank in terms of the most number of monthly active users. Instagram too has had an impressive growth and it is a place ahead of TikTok as it holds the fourth position for the number of active monthly users. 


This means that brands are now more conscious and they know the right platform and social media channel that they need to make use of to approach their target audience. Also it is interesting to note that all the Gen Z and millenials have now migrated to Instagram whereas Facebook that was earlier a great social media platform for advertising, is now used majorly by an older and a mature set of individuals. 


Brands and businesses consider all these major factors and opt for strategic social media management that aligns with their work goals, choosing social media management tools and platforms that cater to their needs. Businesses firstly consider the audience that they wish to target and decide the social media tool and channel accordingly. 


With this detailed blog, we will help businesses make an informed decision as we would walk you through some of the most popular and famous social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and WhatsApp. 

1. Facebook:

• Headquarters located at : Menlo Park, CA
• Year of Launch : 2004
• Number of Monthly Active Users : 2.7 billion
 • Founders : Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes
 • Annual Revenue Generated : $86 billion (in 2020)

2. YouTube:


• Headquarters located at : San Bruno, California
• Year of Launch : 2005
• Number of Monthly Active Users : 2 billion
• Founders : Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen
• Annual Revenue Generated : $19.8 billion (in 2020)


YouTube is the pioneer and one of the firsts social media platforms that is specifically used to feature videos. It holds a dominant position in the market with a wonderful second rank in terms of the number of monthly active users that stand around 2 billion. 73% of the US adults use YouTube and this makes its potential for client outreach almost unrivalled and incomparable. 


YouTube also has a very strong user base across multiple age groups including the difficult to approach 65 years+ demographic but because around 38% of US adults use YouTube, it is considered at second position as compared to Facebook. 


YouTube also covers almost all the genres be it beauty, education, tech, gaming, DIY projects to home improvement and so on. This is the ultimate social media management platform that businesses should invest in as videos catch the eye of a user and are the best medium to attain great growth in content marketing. 


3. WhatsApp:

• Headquarters located at : Menlo Park, California
• Year of Launch : 2009
• Number of Monthly Active Users : 2 billion
• Founders : Brian Acton and Jan Koum
• Annual Revenue Generated : $5 billion (in 2020)


WhatsApp is one of the best social media platforms and a great messaging app and stands way ahead of the Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp is a closed messaging app, but as convenient and user friendly as it may be, it is not that effective and helpful for brands who wish to carry out social media optimisation in order to expand their reach. SMS messages hold a 98% chance of getting checked as compared to a 20% chance of opening up an e-mail. Your client would however most likely check his WhatsApp messages and also WhatsApp messages are sent free of cost unlike SMS messages. 


Also if you make use of WhatsApp only for customer services and for increasing your retention, then you begin to understand that the potential for brands and businesses is really huge when put on am underleveraged platform such as WhatsApp, that if you crack once, then there's no better social media tool in comparison to this. 



4. Instagram:

• Headquarters located at : Menlo Park, CA
• Year of Launch : 2010
• Number of Monthly Active Users : 1.16 billion
• Founders : Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
• Annual Revenue Generated : $6.8 billion (in 2020)


Instagram is a great social media marketing platform that is used extensively product based businesses, social media influencers and online coaches. Right from its inception, Instagram launched the shoppable posts in 2018 and now the potential ROI for product centric businesses is much greater than was ever before. B2B's can especially make use of this social media platform to reach out to a huge audience. They can smartly link their distinct product information and sales directly from Instagram. Also in case your target demographic is under the 35 year age bracket then Instagram is like a golden mine as an enormous 75% of 18 to 24 year olds use Instagram and 67% of the Gen Z and millennials use Insta on an everyday basis. 


5. TikTok:

• Headquarters located at : Culver City, California
• Year of Launch : 2016
• Number of Monthly Active Users: 689 million
• Founders: ByteDance Ltd, Toutiao and Zhang Yiming, 
• Annual Revenue Generated : $35 billion (in 2020)


TikTok addresses itself as “the leading destination for short form of mobile videos”. This excellent social media platform envisions to inspire creativity and to bring joy to the lives of people.TikTok has struck a fine chord with the audience as it is the youngest social media platform in the market but it has already witnessed a huge growth within a very short span of time. 


In the year 2017, that is only post an year of it's launch, the app evolved as the fastest growing app all over the world. Even though there were innumerable attempts to ban the app in the US, and also in 2020, TikTok was banned in India but it had been already downloaded by around 2 billion individuals globally. 


If you want to connect with the young generation and create a fan base for your product amongst them, then TikTok is the social media platform that you need to consider. United States has around 25% of teenagers as their online audience and these users spend a lot more time on TikTok as compared to Facebook. This was concluded by a study undertaken in January,2021 where it was observed that the time that each user spent on TikTok exceeded that of Facebook.


6. Snapchat:

• Headquarters located at : Los Angeles, CA
• Year of Launch : 2011
• Number of Monthly Active Users: 433 million
• Founders: Evan Spiegel, Daniel Smith, Bobby Murphy, David Kravitz and Leo Noah Katz
• Annual Revenue Generated : $911 million (in 2020)


In case you wish to target a younger audience then Snapchat is the golden key that you must access. Snapchat is an excellent social media platform that is especially used by the younger generation and the most active users on Snapchat are usually 13 year old and upwards teenagers who spend atleast 30 minutes everyday on this great social media marketing platform. 


Snapchat is truly a haven for user generated content, for behind the scenes videos, exclusive brand offers and for other influencer talks and takeovers. Snapchat is one of the most widely used social media platform and it can help your business scale heights, if made correct and strategic use of. 


7. Reddit:

• Headquarters located at : San Francisco, CA
• Year of Launch: 2005
• Number of Monthly Active Users: 430 million
• Founders: Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman and Aaron Swartz
• Annual Revenue Generated : $212.5 million (in 2020)


Reddit proudly heralds itself as " the ultimate front page of internet," and also as per the Alex's rankings, Reddit is one of the 20 most visited websites all across the vast internet. Reddit exhibits a distinct blend of content with community and there are around 1,50,000 communities that are specifically dedicated to almost each and every topic that we could think of.With uncountable niches, Reddit holds a place for almost every brand and business. You just need to explore the niches where your target audience is most active in. 


However be careful as Reddit is a bit risky because it doesn't tolerate any kind of self promotion. Ypu need to start off a little slow because as you stroll through this social media platform, you would observe that if you catch the wrong train then commentators are really quick to criticize and pull down a particular brand or a business. 


8. Pinterest:

• Headquarters located at : San Francisco, CA
• Year of Launch : 2010
• Number of Monthly Active Users : 416 million
• Founders : Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp
• Annual Revenue Generated : $1,693 million (in 2020)


Some of the most famous content on Pinterest includes food, fashion, decor, workout, wedding and other DIY related pins. However in addition to all this, Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for rich visuals that instantly catch the eye of a user. Also 81% of Pinterest users are women and if you happen to have a predominantly female brand audience then Pinterest is the most useful social media platform that you need to invest time at, but having said so, Pinterest also has around 40% of new signups that are from men around the globe and Pinterest is thus another wonderful social media marketing platform that businesses should definitely give a try. 


• Headquarters located at : San Francisco, CA
• Year of Launch : 2006
• Number of Monthly Active Users: 353 million
• Founders : Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Noah Glass
• Annual Revenue Generated : $3.72 billion (in 2020)


If your business deals with sports, entertainment, politics, marketing or is tech centric then you can get tremendous engagement solely from Twitter that is one of the most powerful social media platform with a very wide outreach. Businesses and brands get innumerable opportunities to carefully build and hone their voice with a distinct brand image that they can create on Twitter, that is the virtual home to millions of users all across the globe. You can use this magnificent social media platform where you may use informative threads, offer some value and information regarding your brand, share your distinct content and also indulge in regular virtual engagements and conversations with your followers.




• Headquarters located at : Sunnyvale, CA
• Year of Launch : 2003
• Number of Monthly Active Users: 310 million (estimated in 2019)
• Founders: Eric Ly, Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke and Jean-Luc Vaillant
• Annual Revenue Generated : $8.05 billion (in 2020)


LinkedIn is one of the best social media marketing platform. It boasts of a massive network of working professionals and more than 61 million of LinkedIn users hold senior positions in their work sphere.If you are searching for some knowledgeable decision makers who hold the power to work with your business, or who could hire your brand, stock your brand products or just simply partner with you then LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform that you must make use of. 


You would be surprised to know that more than 44% of LinkedIn users have an annual income that is much more greater than the national median. Also all the Americans who hold a college degree are there on LinkedIn as this is one of the most widely used social media platforms. LinkedIn is a very strategic social media tool that holds an unlimited potential for connecting with the finest group of elite professionals who can truly make a difference to your business. You should definitely try your luck at LinkedIn if you wish to scale your business.


We'll end here but the key takeaway is that 2022 is the year of social media and you need to mark your presence on at least some of these social media marketing platforms 2022in case you truly wish to enhance your business outreach. The social media platforms that we have mentioned above offer excellent services and can definitely help you upscale your business, so do try your luck on some of these and we wish you luck!

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