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Tips To Boost Your Sales And Conversions With Online Reviews

17 June, 2020 2 min read

Tips to boost your sales and conversions with Online Reviews

It's no longer a secret that customers and not the company primarily control brand reputation. People think that high-quality product images with detailed, lucrative, and sufficient descriptions help in fostering sales. But everything doesn't revolve around these aspects. It's the customer feedback system that comes into the picture and plays a vital role in boosting sales conversion. Sometimes reviews might have every information that the buyer is looking for than going through the description box.

Over 70% of people read online reviews before proceeding to purchase a product. So do you still think that only high quality visual and written content is the key to sales? Keep reading to know more about how to boost your sales conversion using online reviews in your business.

Yes! your business can scale up in a very short duration if you have mind-boggling reviews for your business.

1. Show off your reviews

Displaying your positive Online reviews on your homepage or landing pages can boost conversion rates by 270%. It's even better if the reports are highlighted with some bright, solid fonts along with the photo, name, and small details about the customers. Including testimonials or social media posts can add a cherry to the cake! A report also suggested that "The purchase likelihood of a product with 5-star ratings is 270% higher than purchase likelihood of a product that doesn't have any reviews".

2. Negative reviews are a must

Nobody prefers bad reviews. It's quite tempting also to post a full set of 100% positive reviews. But halt! These rosy reviews can work against your business. Research states that 82% of people have a habit of keeping scrolling all the reports until they find a negative comment. It's just that buyers are too skeptical of the reviews that are also positive. They don't find the reviews credible and genuine unless there is a negative remark. No one believes the legitimacy of any business with 5-star ratings on all the products.

So, one needs to understand that the absence of a negative review can raise a red flag. Nothing in the World is ideal with a perfect 100 percent efficiency. A few imperfect reviews can signal to your customers that your business maintains transparency and is open to hearing from happy as well as unhappy customers. At the same time, ensure that the percentage of negative reviews don't override the rate of positive ones. So yes, sometimes having a black sheep in the family does matter! And it can play a vital role in boosting up the sales.

3. Use negative reviews as an opportunity

Handling negative reviews tactfully and professionally can improve your brand's online reputation. Though negative reviews are a must on your products, and a rating of 4.4 to 4.6 serves as the optimum range, managing them at different platforms and sites can be troublesome.

Rannkly helps you tackle and keep track of all the poor feedback from your customer. From there, you can come out with solutions and plans to make improvements to your services, thus garnering sales and conversions.

4. Improve Search Engine rankings

Work towards improving your rankings in Search Engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The more the positive reviews, the more is the activity on your website, which elevates your business's search engine visibility apart from others.

Rannkly, an online review management tool, provides a comprehensive plan towards enhancing sales by boosting rankings of all your social media platforms, websites, and review sites having more positive reviews about your company. The more people discuss your business, the more it will affect the SEO rankings. And it's not unknown that people tend to browse only the first page of the search engine. So the more is the ranking, the more is the sales.

In this eCommerce World, gaining trust is extremely important. Positive or negative, both help in boosting conversion rates and sales by bringing the necessary healthy changes shareware vital.

Rannkly understands that in this customer-centric era, keeping clients at the heart of your business strategies is the Golden rule to be followed.



Sales Head at Coder Value Pvt. Ltd.

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