Tips To Manage Your Online Reputation Using Rannkly.

08 August, 2022lens7 min read

Tips to manage your online reputation using Rannkly.

When we start any business, we need to maintain its reputation. But do businesses have the time to manage their reputation online? The business consists of many things from setting up meetings, attending to clients, updating data, running campaigns, and keeping a check on the inventories when the business launches a new product, they want their clients to know about that and so on and the list is never-ending. So, how can a business handle so many responsibilities along with running a business? 

The answer is simple. Use Rannkly. Rannkly helps in managing the online reputation and social media of a business. It helps you to redefine, create and redefine your business and makes it attractive and improves your business's reputation. It connects all the social media and review websites into one single dashboard which makes it easy to monitor and be in touch with your customers. Rannkly also can create and schedule posts on your social media and post them when scheduled. With the help of automated replies, no customer is left unheard.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management tool
Online reputation management is a practice that includes online marketing, social media, search engine optimization, reviews and rating, and most importantly connection with your customers. Online reputation management’s goal is to shape the reputation of the business on all social media platforms. It helps the track their reputation. It also helps you to track down your negative exposure and improve your mistakes. Reputation management platforms are mostly online for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Make my Trip, Zomato, etc. 

Why do businesses need online reputation management tool?

The online reputation management tool is essential for businesses these days as they keep tabs on your online reputation regularly. Businesses online need to know what negative reviews they are receiving and how they can improve them.  By keeping regular checks businesses can avoid losses and sales. Customers often agree to pay more if they see positive reviews on online platforms. One of the biggest advantages of online reputation management is that you get reviews by which you can improve your service and ask them what they want you to improve bout that service or product. By engaging regularly with your customers you create a healthy relationship with trust and loyalty, few risks, and higher profits. By engaging regularly with your customers you create a healthy relationship with trust and loyalty.

How will Rannkly help?

As we all know small businesses or any kind of business is busy with stalking, marketing, meetings, clients, etc, etc. So it is difficult for them to keep an eye on their business as well as their clients. And if you don't keep your clients happy eventually the internet will be flooded with negativity that can demotivate you and your business. And no one wants that.

That is why Rannkly is there for you. Rannkly is an AI tool that helps you maintain your online reputation and social media platform. It helps you to view all your reviews from different review and rating platforms and social media platforms in a single dashboard which saves your time and effort of doing every single site and reading it. It also has an online reputation strategy to collect the data and analyze it and gives you an analytic report. It even has some smart features with the help of which you can save your time and energy. Let's see what all reputation management tools Rannkly has for you.


Rannkly has a smart feature through which you can set an automated reply to the reviews you are receiving on online platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Make my Trip, Trivago, etc. Based on the rating you receive the responses will be sent to the customers. For example, If a customer gave you a five-star rating the response will be “ Thank you so much for your review. We were delighted to have you as our customer and hope to see you again.” Whereas in the case where you received one star the response can be “ We’re so sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with us. Please let us know how can we improve it and we promise you this won't happen again in the future.” And for the neutral reviews, you can just respond as “Thank you for the review we were delighted to have you as our guest.” You can even customize all these responses with the help of the reputation management tool which is available with us.


You get reviews and ratings on all online platforms but going to each and every platform to check is time-consuming and tiring and most of all boring. It has a feature in which you can see all the reviews of all the social media platforms on which you are registered in one single dashboard which saves time and effort. You can also filter out the review of the particular platform or select multiple ones (also depending on which package you have selected with us) of which reviews you want to see. 

Schedule posts
We’re at a time where social media engagement is everything and is a well-known business and not having social media accounts that are not possible at all. Even having one is a big task. Staying updated, posting stories, making reels, and interacting with your followers and customer is a huge task and this can’t be ignored. And for some people, it is not their cup of tea as it requires time, patients, creativity, the right choice of words, etc. With the help of Rannkly’s reputation management tool, you can schedule the posts you want to be posted on your account and it will automatically be done without any human effort. All you need to do is just set the date and time and Viola it is done.


Multiple social media platforms
Posting the same content on all your social media accounts with the same picture, same caption and same hashtags can be so boring. It's like eating the same dish again and again. But with Rannkly you can post one single post on multiple platforms all at once. After all the editing, caption writing, and hashtags you just need to select which platforms you want the post to be posted on. You can select multiple platforms, one single platform, and boom it is done.


We all love getting feedback as it helps us improve ourselves and helps us to improve in things at which we are not good. But how can a business get to know the goods or services they need to improve? On Rannkly's online reputation platform there is an option by which you can connect to your customers and ask for feedback with just one click. All the business needs to do is make data of the customer’s information like name, contact number, and e-mail address. You need to upload all this information to the dashboard and in just a couple of minutes, a link is sent to the customer in the form of SMS, E-mail, or Whatsapp, and clicking the link customers will give you reviews instantly.  Instead of asking the customer to go on the web search the website and then give the review which is very frustrating and no one has that much time to spare sharing a link is a better option that requires less effort and time which makes you as well as the customer is happy.


QR Code
Maintaining your social media is a very big task and we don't want our clients to get influenced by some of the negative reviews the business has received on social media platforms. To save yourself from losing customers at this reputation management platform we have introduced a QR code counter by which customers can drop a review by just scanning the QR code which will lead the customers directly to the review page. Businesses can also set what kind of reviews they want to be displayed on their website. These reviews which are given by the QR code will directly separate the positive reviews from the negative and only the ones will be displayed on your website that you want your customer to see.


Images and posts make a very big difference when it comes to your social media performance. No one would like to see a bland post. A post should be attractive and eye-catching with fun stickers in it. At Rannkly’s reputation management tool we have this feature where you can edit, customize, and add stickers and make your post more creative and eye-catching which will attract the audience and you’ll social media popularity. 


As we all know that everything is on social media and searching everything on the web consumes a lot of time and effort on Rannkly’s reputation management too we already have the trending hashtags enlisted which makes your work easy and your audience can easily see the picture and posts of that hashtags. 


Writing captions can be a very big exercise. Thinking and writing take a lot of time and effort. On Rannkly we make it easy for you. We have a tool in which captions for your posts are readily available for you to use which saves a lot of time and effort. 


Finding a perfect image for your post can be challenging. Posts grab the attention of the customers and if the post is not creative there will be zero engagement between you and your customer. With the help of our social media reputation management tool, we have creative and attractive Pictures available. It also has an option to edit and add stickers and make it more fun and eye-catching.

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