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What Is Instagram Automation All About?

24 March, 2021lens4 min read

What is Instagram Automation all about?

Are you looking for Instagram Automation? But how to do that? And, why Should I Automate my Instagram? 

All these questions can be answered aptly in this blog. 

Instagram is a visually engaging social platform and it has around 1 billion users across the globe. Isn’t it jaw-dropping? More and more businesses are switching to Instagram for promoting their products and services. To strengthen the brand’s presence, they create several engaging posts and upload videos that attract the audience and increase conversions. But, managing several Instagram accounts became tedious, for this Instagram automation came into existence. 

Instagram automation involves the use of third-party software orautomation softwareto manage your account, perform tasks and interact with users without any human intervention. 

Instagram automation tools can save a lot of time and enhance your engagement on social media platforms.

5 Instagram Automation Tools You Can’t Ignore

Instagram automation tools manage your account and reduce your workload to a great extent. These tools completely transform the way you work on Instagram. Let’s get started.

1.GrowthoidTool for Instagram Growth:  The objective is to take care of the follower’s growth and how to ensure that, let’s find out.


Growthoid provides you an account manager; after your sign up, they quickly set up your preferences and asks you to contact your contact manager. It is not going to target any of the old Instagram accounts. They follow your targets that are real and then targeted followers get connected with your content.

Because of the targeted account growth, you’ll notice a boost in engagement, which is crucial for the success of the platform. Moreover, the accounts with more engagements and content that got more likes, shares, and comments will perform better on Instagram.

2.Tool for Post Scheduling, Later:Later is an exceptional automation tool that schedules your posts, automates postings and tailored analytics that helps your posts perform excellently. 


It is a user-friendly tool that gives you a chance to view all your posts in one place before you post them. This encourages you to create visually appealing posts for all your content before going live. 

It also automates postings for single photo posts and videos; you can schedule your carousel posts and Instagram stories in advance.  

With the help of Later, you can pre-program your hashtags and captions, and also schedule your first comment hashtags.

3.Runner-Up: Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an exemplaryInstagram automation toolthat schedules posts and interactive content. Sprout Social provides various features as that of Later, but in a more accessible manner.

4.Automation Tool for Analytics: Union Metrics


Union metrics offer you designed graphs that can help you to visualize your Instagram performance. You will get a clear picture of how your content is performing that helps you to develop your Instagram marketing strategy. It gives you a complete idea about the performance of your posts like how they are going to perform on the platform, whether they will create any impact or not.

Runner-Up: Iconosquare: Union Metrics can be too expensive sometimes, Iconosquare is an excellent analytics service provider with a user-friendly platform that helps you to navigate your information and metrics. 

5.Automation Tool for Content Templates: Canva 


Canva is one of thebest instagram automation toolsthat make things easier for you as it offers pre-created Instagram content templates, so you don't need to worry about creating the content by yourself. Canva offers you aesthetic design options and you can customize accordingly and get as much as you want. 

They also offer templates for your Instagram story album covers - To give your professional page a professional look.  

6.Rannkly brings all your social media platforms to one dashboard so you can manage reviews, schedule your posts, and more from a single place. Through it, you can send automated and quick replies and also generate QR codes for reviews. 


Rannkly is an online reputation management tool that helps you to shape, redefine and improve your brand’s reputation through appealing features. It connects various review websites to one dashboard through which you can easily monitor, reply & analyse your customers’ reviews. It generates new reviews and engages potential customers to take your business to the next level.

Instagram automation tools to find and analyze hashtags

The keyhole automation tool refines your business account while helping in exploring proper hashtags according to your niche. There are several hashtags that just don't work for you, so keyhole helps you to discover the most related and effective hashtags to attract more traffic.

Every business wants some trending hashtags to promote their brand. Keyhole can be used for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The other Keyhole uses are:
Providing data analytics about engagement rate
Give you information about the related trending topics

Pros of Instagram Automation 

Save Time:Growing presence on Instagram requires a lot of time and an effective strategy. Automation tools take off a considerable load from your shoulders while helping you to perform various tedious tasks.

Grow your followers:Automation increases the count of your followers on Instagram. Spending time on platforms and interacting with different account holders boosts engagements.

Know deeper what your audience wants:Through automation tools, you get to know more about your target audience. What hashtags they are using, which accounts to follow, bots take you deeper into your audience’s preferences.

Automate your Instagram to experience the mind-boggling benefits of it. Research more about effective automation tools, tips and tactics to enhance your presence on Instagram. If you want to strengthen your business presence on the platform, find out the tools that can take your interaction with the audience to a whole new level. 

If you have any queries related to Instagram automation, write to us, we will put all our efforts to resolve them.

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