What Is Social Media Automation And Why You Need It?

01 April, 2022lens8 min read

What Is Social Media Automation And Why You Need It?

“Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially… just be yourself!! Because social media is a community effort.”


Enjoying these technical and brand building information my readers!! Rannkly is back here again to enlighten you on such tools that are the essential ones to mark your brand presence on social media while saving your time as well as efforts.Today we will be discussing SOCIAL MEDIA AUTOMATION and how it is an excellent tool to leverage your brand services and ratings online. Online Brand awareness has become an important aspect for every business to grow but this is possible only with the right strategic tool that can enhance the cumulative performance of the organisation. There are certain elements that are needed to be considered while promoting your services online. Living in such a fast and responsive world, any form of DELAY can act as a deadly virus for your organisation. But along with this, if the efficiency of the work is not up to the mark then all the efforts on marketing will come to zero.

So, they are the preconditions to mention in any field of marketing so that they don’t act as any barrier in the growth of the brand.before going into the deep understanding of what Social media automation is, let’s underline those attributes that are required before starting the automation process:-

  • Be personable-While posting any content, that should be in such a  form that it can connect to every kind of person. The content must be legible to everyone and easily comprehensive. If it is a very high class language that can be known to a small group of people, then it will ultimately affect your business only. It is the simplest way to expand your reach to every level of customer.
  • Be targeting-One cannot target everyone in this world and make them their customer. One should know how to reach that audience that is in search of the same kind of services that you are offering. This can be done through Facebook Ad Targeting. It offers different options to target specific users of particular location, utilisation of that platform, age, gender, interest, connections etc.
  • Scraping-This can be easily done if the marketers know to use the insights option available at different platforms. Bringing out the required information is a tedious task because it needs lots of research and analysis, but if it is done thoroughly then it can also help to derive brilliant results. So, before formulating the ideas, going into the depth of what is actually required is the essential one.


According to a report in 2021, there is about 48% of the population on this planet that is actively using social media for different purposes. They use either to grow their personal profiles, do digital marketing for businesses, communicate with different people or earn their livelihood from it. But what if the task of marketing becomes so simple that it can be done in a few clicks? Yes, this is possible with the Social Media Automation system. This is a process by which a business owner can optimise the social interactions with its audience through automated tools like management of followers and their interests, scheduling the post and engagement of their viewers in different activities.

The major benefit of using such platforms is that it saves plenty of time for the user and provides it with efficient tools to make the work more impressive. It basically builds the bridge between the content, channel and the user. All the platforms can be handled without anymismanagement as its tools will integrate the platforms and can perform all the functions together. It works in three critical domains to automate your activities and sapre your time for some other creative inputs in the marketing of the brand:

  • TIME-The marketers can connect to the audience at any time. Other than this, they can pre plan their work for tomorrow by scheduling the post.
  • AVAILABILITY-The user is available to the reviewers to reply to their reviews all time. But how? This is because they can automate their responses beforehand. They just have to click on the particular reply and it will post immediately.
  • BRAND AWARENESS-If your actions are automated to a great extent then it will give you ample time to build your brand with more creative options. It creates brand awareness by giving the creatives for the post, scheduling them on the comfortable timelines, providing insights to measure the growth, stay in tune with the customers 24/7 and work on all the platforms together.


These three attributes were brief about the automation tools but it will bring more clarity if they are deeply studied individually. Let's discuss its 6 important functions and how they are executed:-



Creating the posts is an innovative task and needs full engagement of the creator. But how is it possible for the user if he/she is involved in some other task one day and may have a lot of free time the other day? Here Automation tools come with a solution. They provide the feature to schedule the posts according to the user's comfortable timeline. You can create the post at any time and schedule its time of posting. This scheduling time duration can be extended upto the month. So this task can be done in whichever way is suitable either creating and scheduling the posts daily( for a particular time) or creating a good amount of posts together and scheduling them for different days.

There is an option of calendar in the scheduling post option in the automation tools platform. One can create a post through a calendar also. They just have to go to the calendar and select a specific date for the scheduling. Then the user has to opt for the same options to create posts as done without a calendar. After forming the post, one just has to mention the exact time for the scheduling of the post. And your post is scheduled!



What if you don’t have to post your content separately on each platform and this job is done together within seconds? This is possible with the Social Media Automation option. It gives a single platform to manage all the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. One can look at its daily performance through insights and posts their content together by just selecting the platforms. Not only this, they can manage their reviews and responses together,can receive payments from it and curate the important information from it. Rannkly is one such platform that connects all the platforms at a single place and provides various options to work together on them. It can connect    platforms and makes the task easy by executing the posts together on all the platforms.



With an effect of automation tools provided by Rannkly, a user can create specific kind of responses for emotions like praising the effort, gratitude, showing the scope of improvement, accepting the mistake etc. such responses are used commonly and hence, their responses can be formed beforehand and can be posted as a response immediately when a reviewer write his opinion about the product or any service.


Rannkly has this tool as it understands the needs of businesses today. A business cannot ignore the responses of its loyal customers but they cannot spend their large amount of time on writing the responses and then posting them individually. This is simply an effortless way to manage your activity by saving time on one hand and preparing the content of response properly on the other hand. And this too, in a very cost effective way.



As it is discussed above, Social Media Automation reduces your time spent on posting and creating the content, this should also be mentioned that it also makes your job of publishing much easier. This is because the posts, content, videos and even Ads can be displayed at multiple platforms at one time. So, you don’t have to spend your time on publishing the post separately on each platform.


Rannkly also benefits its users with this option and decreases their labour in publishing one by one! The user just has to connect the platforms together at a single dashboard and the software will automatically collaborate them together and manage their functions cohesively. This is why a social media automation tool is used by around 64% of the marketers in their businesses.



A business can only grow if they know their mistakes of the past and strategize their new ideas without repeating the mistakes. This is only possible if they analyse their performance and understand the level of engagement they have made. Rannkly do contain the analytical features that present the growth in the form of graphs and pie charts. It collects all the information and analyses it with reference to past activities.


It also provides you with self generated reports about the performance of the organisation with whichever timeline the marketer wants to know. It also keeps up with the social listening activities to understand what the customers are talking about the brand. It will highlight those domains and keywords that people are talking about like food, price, cleanliness, rooms etc.



Advertising on thissocial media tools can scale up the brand because it not only reaches your target audience but also generates leads for the business. It analyses the Ads and their performances and presents the reach of your campaign. This is an important task it calcul;ates the productivity of your efforts. And it will automatically suggest some new changes in the advertisement.


It also suggests various options to create an attractive Ad that is easy to comprehend and deliver the ideas of the brand. The Ad can also run on different platforms together and build an audience on all selected platforms simultaneously.



This is so because it provides the organisation manager with 6 brahmastra benefits that they won’t get while doing it manually:-

  • It opens up the space for more creativity as it reduces the endeavours of the user.
  • It stays ahead of time by helping in scheduling the post and providing creative templates to design the posts.
  • It makes the organisation selective by targeting the audience and presenting their brand only in front of those who are interested
  • It definitely reduces human efforts by automizing many of the tasks that were initially handled by the user.
  • One can analyse the performance by going through the insights of their activity. This will help them to make a better plan of action.
  • It delivers regular engagement without a break by publishing and republishing the content.]

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