9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Online Reviews

9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Online Reviews

07 June, 2020lens3 min read

9 Reasons Why your Business needs Online Reviews

Since time immemorial, the word-of-mouth marketing system has been prevalent among every other person. People loved recommending companies they enjoyed working with, and at the same time, they would warn others against ordeals. But guess what? The system has entirely vanished with the evolution of Digital Media, Social media, apps, and online directories. Now sharing experience is just a click away!

Many business owners, realizing the importance of Online Reputation and Online Reviews, take all necessary steps that can serve as fuel to manage and establish their reputation online. But there are still some of them (especially the ones who have just established startups), treat reviews like just another thing. They scoff at the opinion of virtual reviews having the power to affect their business, while there exists a handful of those who are entirely ignorant about Online Reviews.

If you are one of them, who takes reviews lightly with a negligent attitude,  then keep reading to understand why your Business needs more reviews.

1) Reviews Increase conversion and Sales

The research revealed that customer ratings enhance sales by a whopping 18%. This has been proven since reviews provide customers with sufficient and credible information about products and services. If there are enough positive reviews on your product, most likely, customers will show interest in your product rather than proceeding with any other company or your competitor.

2) Your customers prefer reviews before anything else

Let us dive into the World of some Statistical Information to give you a concrete analysis regarding your customers. Research and surveys have unearthed the fact that 70% of the people leave reviews, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, 90% of them get influenced by reviews before deciding to make a purchase, and 85% of them prefer reading reviews before deciding to make any purchases. The figures aren't that surprising, isn't it?

3) Reviews Enhance SEO Rank

There are hundreds of factors that affect SEO rankings. You will be surprised to know that reviews are ranked 5th among them. Generating fresh and unique content can be favored by Google Algorithms, which will give you a higher rank in Search engines. This will make your page more visible than other websites.

4) Reviews Build your Brand's credibility

Not only sales are vital for the growth of Business. To sustain your customers along with the long term growth of your business amidst all ups and downs, and challenges your business needs credibility and integrity. In the long run, the first thing that new potential customers will see regarding your brand is how much positive reviews you have generated. This is how your Brand's credibility can come into the picture to hit the jackpot.

5) Drives Traffic to your Website

If a reader reads a couple of positive reviews regarding your company, the very recent search in his Search Engine would be your company's name. Don't be surprised to hear this! Ensure that your potential customers don't have limited access to read your online reviews. Build your presence among all the platforms that your potential customers use daily. In this manner, your clients can drive more engagement in most of your platforms via online feedback.

6) Help you find your strengths and weaknesses

Who says Online reviews are just made for your prospective customers? They are as crucial to your business as much as your buyers. While positive reviews are essential for enhancing your sales, driving more traffic, boosting up your SEO ranking, negative reviews are of great importance as well. There will always be some loopholes that you might overlook, but your customers won't. A ‘Negative remark’ can help you know which aspect of your business needs to be worked upon and what measures you can take to fix them.

7) Feedbacks build a High Marketing Value

You might be unaware of the fact that millions of consumers conduct local searches and read reviews regarding what people( might be strangers, friends on any individual on this planet) have to say about your Business services. In simple words, reviews can help you spread your brand's identity. If you have been able to manage your  Reviews online in an organized and well-defined way, then this is an excellent opportunity for you if those consumers spread them across the World Wide Web.

8) Establish Relationship beyond Business

Once you are successfully able to generate reviews from your buyers, responding to them can further strengthen your relationship with them. They will find your company a credible and authentic place to get their services done even in the future and the long run.

9) Gain insights into Customer Satisfaction

Reviews are an opportunity to provide customers, objective feedback regarding your Business. Take time to figure out how well your business has been able to satisfy customers with your services, experiences, products. Understanding their expectations can push you an inch towards fulfilling their needs and objectives. After all, the very foundation of every business lies in its customers. All that you need to do is to match the results with the standards set initially.

By now, you must have realized why reviews are essential and how they can play a pivotal role in building your business. You may or may not opt for the latest, trending, and advanced marketing strategy for your business, but taking care of reviews must be the essential ongoing process amidst all the services.

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