Word-Of-Mouth Marketing:- What, Why, And How?

22 April, 2022lens8 min read

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing:- What, Why, And How?

“The key to selling a product is having something people love and will talk about it. If you love it, you are going to talk and that   generates word of mouth.”



Is your product so convenient and efficient that your customers spread the word about it? Or do you spend tons of money on inorganic marketing? If you go with the former one, then you surely promote your product through word-of-mouth marketing. This marketing is a method by which the organization can take care of the customers as well as make them so confident about the product that they tell others about the products and services.

Many companies and organizations try to grow their business through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but there are very few who understand the power and influence of word of mouth marketing. So, let’s first grab the full details of exactly what Word-of-Mouth Marketing is.



When a happy and satisfied customer talks about the product or service of a company to promote it organically among his friends and family, then such form of marketing is called Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

According to an online report, 92% of the people believe in their family and friends for any new product or service. This is so because it combines product marketing, content creation, and social media marketing. And this creates a huge impact on the psychology of the human mind. Another benefit of promoting through this method is that it spends less time and energy on marketing.So, it becomes very important to delve into detail about why such marketing is better than other forms of marketing. Let’s discuss some of those points.




1. PEOPLE TRUST PEOPLE:-People have more faith in their family and friends than in any brand or company. This is because the buyer has a better experience regarding the quality and maintenance of the product. And people value experience more than any branding or marketing.

2. IT’S FREE OF COST:- It’s a completely organic form of marketing that requires almost no money to build brand awareness. Even if no money is involved, it's still the most credible form of marketing the people get to know about the product from the people who have already purchased it.We can also call it an Amplified form of marketing as the companies do reward their buyers if theyreferthe product to their friends and family.

3. IT PROVIDES GENUINE FEEDBACK:-Once the product is liked by the customer then he/she will not only promote the product but also gives genuine feedback about the features the product offers. And genuine feedback is the backbone of marketing. Until the right response is not received about the product, no company can work on improvement and better ideas for future products.

4. AUTHENTICITY AND CREDIBILITY:-When people talk about the product or service then it builds more authenticity in the subconscious mind of the human. They can build more trust in the brand if they could find a good number of buyers of that product. So, it increases the chances of more credibility and authenticity.







 A loyal customer only can give the best feedback about the service or the product. And that feedback can be in the form of review,  ratings, or a form of feedback. That response either positive or negative forms the true picture of the organization and its product. So, the organization must invest their maximum time in the betterment of their customer experience through various loyal and truthful methods:

  • FAITHFUL SERVICE-Whatever the product or the service a company provides that must be in the accessible and the comfortable mode. It should be technologically driven and build efficient methods to fulfill the tasks. That product must assure a regular and quality service to the customer.
  • FREE OFFERS-Free offers always excite the customers. So, never miss to provide them with free conditional services like free shipping, coupons, and free orders on special days like birthdays or anniversaries.
  • SPECIAL PACK-INS-These can be articles like stickers, coupons, and special notes along with their orders. This builds a healthy connection between the company and the customers.
  • SPECIAL TEXT MESSAGES-If the customers receive special text messages through email or SMS then they do feel special and important. Such messages can be sent on special days like international days, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And every person loves when he/she receives special attention!


“95% of the customers buy the product after watching their reviews and ratings online.”


Online reviews and ratings always give credit to the quality and value of the product or services. But to obtain genuine responses, the services of the company must be up to the mark. This will generate authentic responses from the customers and build a better brand image in front of potential customers.


Here, Rannkly comes into a big role. Rannkly is an AI-driven platform that not only provides advanced services to respond to the reviews but also helps in automating the responses that will be automatically sent to the reviewer and provide a platform to generate reviews through SMS or email. By this, one can ask for feedback and also build future strategies based on the present situation of the product.

The best part about Rannkly is that it provides a single dashboard to connect all the review platforms so that one can manage all the reviews properly in one place.




The organization also needs to work on building a connective community among its customers. They must work on identifying thepeoplewho are interested in the services that they provide. And to do this, one must identify those specific channels that are used by their customers and audience. It may require some research to understand those platforms but they will build better engagement with customers. This is because knowing where your audience is spending most of the time will help the organization to find the target audience that must be reached and influenced by the products and services.


Once the audience is targeted, try to share different kinds of posts like informative, funny, communicative, etc. This will enable the marketer to know what their audience is most responsive and then they can strategize their plans regarding what kind ofcontentthey should share. The response from the audience is not less than feedback that can judge their online presence as well as performance. So they must be highly considerate and must be replied with satisfactory answers.

Some effective ways help in building a good social online community where the organization and its members can interact well with the viewers, customers, and potential groups. These methods can be:

  • Mentioning your top customers in your next products.
  • Use more hashtags to spread your product to the people who want to see it.
  • Try to spread your product on maximum platforms that customers mostly use.


Content that is created and promoted by the buyer of the product is calleduser-generated content.This content can be in any form like pictures, videos, articles, blogs, posts, etc. If any of these forms are used by the customer to promote any product or service then it will be counted under user-generated content only.

The customer can promote the product- by using the product (wearing the t-shirts, using makeup, etc.), by unboxing the product (like electronic items) on youtube channels, sharing product pictures on their Instagram stories, etc.


The organization or the company can encourage their use to promote their product on their handles and incentivize them with special discounts or offers. They can promote it either through pictures while using the product or by sharing videos telling all the details of the product. This builds faith in not only the existing customers but also in their audience who will see that product on their handles. The customers can post their pictures while using the product on the product pages also where a large audience will see the picture as acustomer review.And those pictures can also be used by the companies on their websites and social media handles.



Referral services can be the most effective way to reward your customers as well as build a new customer base. This is because once your old customer refers your product to others then it depicts a good faith in them and brings more potential customers. The company can opt for this method by giving special offers to the customers for every referral and also give some discount offers to the new customers. Some special gifts can also be given to the new customers for opting for a particular product or service.


These special offers build good relationships between both parties (customer and company). They can connect very quickly and easily for good future relations. Better incentives must be offered to the people who promote the product with high density. They must be given more discounts and gifts if they refer more to the people. Referrals are also a way to check the product quality among the customers because they will only tend to refer to that product if he/she is personally satisfied with it.


So, the company has to build engagement with their existing customers so well that they refer to it with complete faith in the product.


The people who have a good fan base can be contacted to promote their product because of many good reasons:

  • They have the targeted audience to promote the product.
  • They have a loyal audience who believe in the words of influencers.
  • They work dedicatedly not just to promote any product but to maintain the faith of their audience.

So choosing an influencer can be a good plan to promote any service or product. People not only listen to them but also believe in them.


“58% of the people buy the product because an influencer has promoted it.” 


Due to their good engagement rate and highly following they give two benefits to the organization: Promoting the product and a good customer base. But before going for any influencer, the organization must check a few things to opt for the best influencer for their niche:

  • Relevance to the product.
  • Must have an established reputation.
  • Must look authentic.

What one can do if they build more than expected customer following is that they pay some extra commission for their remarkable job.


Do you find this blog helpful for your marketing techniques withSocial media tool? Or did you learn something new today? Comment down your thoughts in the comments section and let us know! Stay tuned torannkly.comfor the next log.

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