10 Marketing Challenges With 10 Solutions [for Local Businesses 2022]

10 Marketing Challenges With 10 Solutions [for Local Businesses 2022]

19 July, 2022lens7 min read

10 marketing challenges with 10 solutions [for local businesses 2022]

Setting up a business is itself a roller coaster for those people who have very little knowledge about how they can grow it with minimum cost. And on the other hand, visibility is another important factor that can impact the presence and sales of the business. In the midst of this, everylocal business faces some marketing challenges because they are unaware of the right techniques and strategies. So, today we will discuss what are the possible marketing challenges local businesses can face while setting up their business and how they can overcome them by following the strategies of the most popular local businesses.


Challenge 1: Underestimate nearby marketing


Just after completing the formalities, local businesses dive straight down into social media marketing and completely ignore those people who can actually help in marketing their business.


This is very important for every business to understand that marketing can not directly drive sales for the company. Marketing builds the trust factor that leads to sales. Most of the businesses misunderstood this concept and were not able to grow their business setup. Themost popular local businesses that reach heights also start their marketing by informing about their products and services to near and dear ones. This can include family, friends, and relatives. They can help your business in 3 ways:- 

  • Bring the very first customer for your business
  • You can get genuine feedback about your performance
  • You can grow your channel of promotion by spreading your word with people whom you can trust.


Challenge 2: Forget about Local listing


This is an important factor of marketing strategies for local businesses in which listing the business can bring traffic as well as sales for the business. But many of the local businesses become ignorant about listing their business in local directories. 


Local business listing is very important as it helps your organization to get targeted visibility from the niche audience. Such directories are Google my business, Make my trip, etc. So, every business must go for a local business listing to register their business on big platforms and get global visibility.


Challenge 3: No/ little focus on Content marketing

Content Marketing

After doing nearby marketing, there should be a close focus on the content marketing of the business. Local businesses do try to improve their online presence by making a good website but bother least about content promotion. 


Content can be in any form like social media posts, Youtube videos, blogs, articles, social media captions, etc. Hence, content marketing plays a big role insocial media marketingalso. Today, the best way of content marketing is making Reels of the products and services. So, reels can be used as the most popular way to bring influence in the market about the product.


Challenge 4: No separate budget for marketing

Marketing budget


Standing your own business completely on your own money is highly risky and costly too. And drawing a separate budget for marketing becomes a painful factor for a new startup. 


But if the organization does not focus on a separate budget then it may lack in their brand awareness. And defining a budget for marketing will create economic pressure on the businessman. There are several methods to do organic marketing but that too is highly time-consuming. So, if someone opts for organic marketing strategies for local business they have to spend their valuable time on such tasks that have no guaranteed results. So, in some or the other way the business person has to put in extra efforts to bring out favorable results either by preparing a definite budget for the marketing strategies or need to spend more time adopting various strategies of organic marketing.


Challenge 5: Doing everything onits own!!


Though, people who set up their businesses do a lot of learning on their own. They learn various primary factors required to establish a business smoothly. But the truth is that a person can bea Jack of all trades and master of none!There are certain skills that need high expertise to implement in daily practice. One such skill is marketing your brand. 


It is very obvious know that one person canleadother members but he/she cannot take up all the tasks and manage them on his own. There has to be a team that can handle various tasks and professional team members who can perform their tasks with proficiency. If someone makes a target to increase the value of its brand then he/she must learn to divide all the tasks properly and lead the members in the right direction.Specificationandspecializationare the keys to performing efficient roles and producing efficient results.


Challenge 6: Not constituting modern technology

Modern technology

People are evolving as technology is evolving. People love to stay updated and include better technologies in their day-to-day life to reduce their manual as well as repetitive efforts. So the businesses that induce better technology in their functionality then there are higher chances that customers opt for their services or products. 


Businesses can benefit their organization also if they choose better technology in their tasks as they can:-


  • Know their competitors:-They can find out their real competition and improve their brand according to the requirements in the market. 
  • Check out new trends:-Identifying trends is very laborious if it is not done with the help of segregating technology. Mapping trends help to stay ahead of competitors and provides more time for your organization to show that trend in a much better way. 
  • Listen to experts:-Listen to the masters of your industry because they can guide you in a much better way to tackle the same obstacles that they faced when they were beginners.


Challenge 7: Lack of leads

lead generation

Marketing is done to build trust in the brand and products. If trust is established then only it will result in lead generation. Being in the initial phase of business, people have to struggle to generate leads for the organization. This is the greatest marketing challenge for a local business because they do not have good connections at the beginning of their startup. This is one of the leading problems of SaaS companies that deal in B2B services.


This challenge can be overcome by adding these three details to your brand awareness campaign:-


  • Form a USP:-Hard work becomes worthwhile if it is done on a brilliant idea. Hence try to make a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your brand. It can be an idea that is unique and helps your business to drive sales.
  • Personalization:-Try to produce such products or services which are highly personalized and customers can connect to them on a very personal level. 
  • Keeping the variety:-It is always good to have more and more options for your product. Limited variety may not excite your customers as they will always want different options to choose from. Even though there can be very minor differences among the options available, people find it appreciable as they have different to select from.


Challenge 8: Lack of Marketing knowledge

Marketing Knowledge

People who try to set up their very first business may not have proper guidance or knowledge about the marketing strategies for local businesses. In such a case they have to first understand the concept of marketing completely and then delve into actualizing the learned concepts. 


One can move forward to clear their concepts through the most effective 3 methods:- 


  • Free courses:-Enroll in the free marketing courses on various channels and learn the strategies of the most popular local businesses. 
  • Watch informative videos:-If you are not free at a particular time to attend the course then you can go for Youtube videos. There are ample amounts of marketing strategies videos on Youtube. Anyone can watch them anytime and learn good strategies to grow their businesses. 
  • Register for webinar:-You can register for informative webinars that are live sessions and a great source of learning. 


Challenge 9: Inconsistent marketing efforts

Marketing efforts

An individual has to handle a lot of tasks while setting up the business. So, drawing extra time for marketing efforts becomes next to impossible. 

The organization has to manage other activities also to increase its brand awareness and manage normal functioning in the organization. 


Marketing is a very dynamic process that needs consistent awareness and vigilance. Otherwise, the organization may fall behind. They have to keep up with the new trends and stories that are becoming popular day by day. After analyzing the trends, people have to stay consistent in their marketing efforts and grow their brand’s position day by day.


Challenge 10: Grow your Email list

Grow your email

Connecting people with your new business is very tough as it takes some time to trust a new brand. This can be possible with email marketing. 


The organization has to create an email list of different people to connect them with the brand's products and services. Try to give out free resources to the people in exchange for email addresses. This will help you in two ways: First, provide you with a big number of email Ids where you can contact them and show your products, and second, connect you to the people at a personal level where you can communicate with them on a daily basis.                                           


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