7 Essential Social Media Goals To Bring Your Business To Great Heights!!

06 July, 2022lens8 min read

7 Essential Social Media Goals To Bring Your Business To Great Heights!!

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

(Amy Martin)

Social media is metaphoric to a large ocean where it needs the right strategy and planning to target the right fish for a perfect catch!! Such planning is a long but very prudent process when it takes to engage potential viewers with the brand but also at the same time, fulfilling the needs of the existing customers at par. The right plan to enhance the brand presence on social media is very calculative, hence today, we will discuss some of the essential goals that must be set by the organization to establish a good social media visibility of the brand. 


We will be discussing here the most important 7 social media goals that will provide a fruitful thrust to the business and satisfy its broader aspect of achieving a big target. These 7 strategies will equate tosocial media optimization planning that will not only improve the working of social media but also establish a better platform for the organization to interact with the audience on an improved note. So, let us now first clarify the meaning of what is a social media goal and why it is important forsocial media optimizationand the business.



The simple but creative tactics that are involved insocial media marketingto amplify the brand presence of the organization and encourage its social media activities for more than expected results in the future are designated as social media goals. These are some of the simple ideas that contribute to a bigger goal of the business to fulfill its objective. 


Some of the common examples of benefits from social media goals can be lead generation, more traffic on the website, and more followers on the social media pages. Rannkly is also one of the social media management platforms that offer an option to its users to schedule their social media posts along withmulti-publishing them on various platforms. So, this platform also helps in achieving some of the social media goals that we are going to discuss further in this blog. 



There are many businesses that choose highly effectivesocial media management toolsto bring creativity and efficiency to their work but if they forget to set goals for their social media presence, they will lack to achieve better profits compared to their investment in using a particularsocial media tool. So, Rannkly can state 4 major reasons for setting social media goals before playing a completely unpredictable game of social media.


1. BUDGET MANAGEMENT:-Once the goals are set, the company can also define the budget that they need to invest for a particular social media target achievement. They can streamline their activities in such a way that they can assure their target to be fully accomplished by the end of the time set by the team or the organization.


2. STRATEGIZE YOUR WORKFLOW:-In order to propagate the goals defined, the business can choose different strategies or enormous social media tools to simplify their planning. They can set small goals first and then move to the bigger objective to achieve. The organization can also filter out the specific activities that will help to achieve the social media goals in an easier way. 


3. RETURN ON INVESTMENT:-Once you streamline your activities and investment in your activities with a precise decision then it will surely give you fruitful results. Once the goals are set and the target audience is defined then it can assure a good output of the hard work done on the social media optimization activities. 

Now let us go through the 7 essential social media goals that are necessary for every organization to set and participate in different activities that will promote these goals and bring brand awareness. 


1.Increase brand awareness

2.Amplify the traffic on the website

3.Boost conversions and sales

4.Improve customer engagement in the community

5.Manage brand reputation

6.Generate leads

7.Focus on social listening



Working on the amplification of brand awareness is directly related to the increase in the number of people on the website of the organization as well as social media platforms. Brand awareness can be increased by engaging more and more people with the organization in different ways like through social media platforms, connecting with them after product delivery, and asking them for reviews and ratings on review platforms, and so on. Working on brand awareness is not just limited to DOING, but it also requires measuring the pace of growth through different metrics:-


  • Post reach:-The number of people who visited the posts on social media is the count of post reach.
  • Audience growth rate:-The growth rate of the audience by calculating the audience reach on the social media platforms and the increase or decrease in the number will define the audience growth rate. 
  • Potential reach:-This refers to the probability of audience reach on the different organization’s platforms. 
  • Social share of voice:-This refers to person-to-person marketing where the customers will share the details about the product with other people. This also comes under brand awareness. This data gives a better picture of how much people talk about the product. 


Normally, the best form of bringing brand awareness to the audience is visual graphics, mainly through videos or motion graphics. So an organization must try to explain the details of their product from videos or live streams as much as possible.



This is the most basic form of enhancing the brand image in front of the viewers by improving the page views of the website. This is also considered an important aspect ofsocial media marketing.So, the organization has to adopt such strategies that will bring traffic on the website from multiple sources. There are many methods of doing this but there are 3 such ideas that will help in doing this in a better way:-

  • Network referrals:-The organization has to create such networks with other sources that can bring more viewers to the main platform of the website. And this can be done through paid methods or organic strategies also. 
  • Website design:-The website must be very creative as well as informative for new visitors also. It must brief the product very efficiently through easy navigation and interactive visualson the website. 
  •  Email sign-ups:-Connecting with the customers regularly through emails creates a positive impact on the brand as a responsible organization. This method is also called email marketing 


The number of people visiting your website and other platforms may not equate to the number of conversions or sales you can do. This is because all the people visiting your platform do not come with the intent of purchasing your product. Yes, but signing up for the newsletter, and registering for any webinar can be considered a good shot to convert it into the sale of the product. 

This conversion must also be measured through certain criteria to understand the growth scale:- 


1. CONVERSION RATE:-This is equal to the number of visitors who take some action after clicking on the page and moving on the link to buy the product.


2. CLICK THROUGH RATES:-This refers to how many times the people have clicked on the CTA button.


3. SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSION RATE:-This refers to the sale of the product or service through social media links. People who visit the main platform of the website through the directing links on social media, contribute to the social media conversion rate.


4. BOUNCE RATE:-This refers to the population of the viewers who visit the page for the action but do not take any action on it.


Many of thesocial media management toolsopt for this method of engagement in which the customers interact and this can be seen by the public also. This is a visible form of interaction like comments, shares, reviews, and all other forms of public interaction. 

This social media goal has to be measured by some of the important metrics:-

  • Social media engagement rate:-This is the rate of interaction on social media that leads to better conversion possibilities.
  • Engagement rate by reach:-This is considered for those people who interact with the organization after viewing the content. 
  • Engagement rate by post:-This refers to the followers who engage with your content/ social media posts. 
  • Daily engagement rate:-It refers to the engagement done by the people daily on different social media platforms.


Social media optimizationis not just limited to growth but also to managing that reputation built with hard work and investment. Once the organization has applied all its tactics to engage with the audience, now it has to work on monitoring its performance. The brand has to listen to the opinion of the people and realize how they are reacting to the services. 

The company can go for various social media management platforms that can help keep a check on all the brand mentions done by the social media users. From here, the organization can also see what is the opinion of the people about their competitors. 


Generating leads is also one great social media goal that ultimately improves the sale of the business. And the best platform for this is- Facebook. There are certain key points that need to be taken care of to generate a good amount of leads:-

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT CHANNEL-Once the product is delivered, the customer must be kept engaged with the organization so that he/she could build trust in the service provider. 
  • REDUCE WAITING TIME:-The waiting time must not be stretched for more than 30 minutes in any delivery because a normal person cannot wait more than this average time to receive an on-time delivery.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:-The product formed must fulfill all the needs of the customer otherwise there is no motive for creating such a product. It must be designed in such a way that customers feel satisfied with the services of the product.


The user must keep up to date about what people are discussing about their brand on social media. People will talk about the brand through means of brand mentions, hashtags, or even competitor mentions. So, the organization has to stay aware of it by mapping the trending talk by the people of their as well as competitor’s social media handles. 

For a detailed understanding, do refer to the log hyperlinked on social listening. 

These were the 7 most important social media goals that helped the organization to achieve a better version of engagement by being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. 

For more understanding of the social media optimization techniques, read this blog:-https://blog.rannkly.com/amazing-tricks-for-optimising-social-media-in-2022

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