Boost Your Business Buzz: Elevate Ratings On Google

Boost Business: Elevate Ratings On Google, Zomato And Swiggy!

28 September, 2023lens5 min read

Boost Business: Elevate Ratings on Google, Zomato and Swiggy!

Every day is a chance to improve your business's rating; it starts with delivering exceptional experiences.

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As everything is going digital, what people write online about your restaurant or business can have a big impact on your brand reputation. Good reviews can bring in more customers, while bad ones can scare them away.


In this blog, we'll share some easy tips to help you get better ratings onReview Platformslike Google, Zomato, and Swiggy. We'll also explain how this rating system works.


If you have a business, you probably want to improve your ratings on Review Platforms. You might have heard various tips for boosting your ratings, but they won't be effective unless your customers are happy with your service.


So, the key is to focus on making your customers satisfied when they visit your place. When they have a good experience, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, which will naturally attract more people to your restaurant or business later on.


Understanding Rating Systems


Before diving into strategies to enhance your ratings, let's understand the rating systems used by these popular platforms:




Google's rating system


Google's rating system is based on a5-starscale, with 5 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest rating. Users can leave detailed reviews along with their ratings, sharing their experiences and opinions. Google also provides an average rating based on all reviews, which is prominently displayed in Search results in Google, Google Maps, and Google My Business profiles.




Zomato review and rating systemZomato has a two-tiered review and rating system, with separate ratings for delivery and dining. Zomato utilizes a 5-point rating system, with 5 being 'Loved It' and 1 being 'Hated It. Users can also provide detailed written reviews, making the platform valuable for both numeric and qualitative feedback. Zomato allows customers to rate both the food and the delivery service review separately. This means you can give different reviews for the food and the delivery.




Swiggy rating


Swiggy's rating system is also on a 5-star scale, with 5 indicating 'Loved It' and 1 representing 'Not Good.' Customers can rate their orders and provide comments on specific items, packaging, and overall service. You can also provide a thorough rating for the delivery experience by specifying what impressed you the most, such as their professionalism, Delivery Time, or if they provided exceptional service.


Strategies to Get Better Ratings


Now, let's talk about some simple ways to improve your ratings on these Review Platforms:


1. Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience


The foundation of a Positive Online Reputation is providing exceptional customer experiences. If customers are happy and satisfied with the services they receive, then there might be a chance of making them potential and loyal customers who recommend your business to others, which can help improve your business's reputation through positive word-of-mouth. Focus on ensuring that your service, food quality, staff behavior, and ambiance consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. satisfied customers are more likely to leave Positive Reviews for your business on online platforms.


2. Respond to Reviews


Respond to customer reviews


Respond to the Customer Reviews, both positive and negative, in a timely and professional manner. Address concerns and suggest suitable solutions so that the customer can know that their problems are being resolved and taken into consideration Thank customers for their positive feedback by giving a personal touch (Sentiment Analysis) so that the customer will be more satisfied. When you pay attention to your Customer's Reviews, it means you are serious about making things better and making sure your customers are happy and satisfied.


3. Request Reviews


Rannkly QR code picture


Politely ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on review platforms. DisplayQR codesfor review through whatsapp or share links via email and social media.. Good reviews can make a business grow faster, especially when there are more positive reviews than negative ones.


4. Be Consistent


As Consistency is the key to the business for the rapid growth, Maintaining the quality of the food and service will likely build a good impression on the customer which in turn can make the customer leave nice reviews of your business. When people have a good time, they're more likely to give you good ratings.


5. Manage negative reviews


For all businesses to grow fast it is very important to deal with negative reviews because if the business doesn't pay attention to what unhappy customers say about their businesses in terms of quality or service or any needed improvements, it can hurt our business.


6. Rewarding customers for their Positive Feedback


Rewarding customers is a nice way to say thank you when they write a review for your business. You can give them coupons or vouchers or complimentary drinks or food as a way of showing your appreciation towards guests. Their valuable positive feedback can affect the business in the right way and attract more customers to your business.


7. Visibility


Enhanc your online visibility with rannkly


Boost your ratings by enhancing online visibility! Optimize your Google My Business, improve website ranking through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and engage with customers onSocial Mediawith the help of engaging posts. Encourage reviews and maintain a consistent online presence. Being Consistent on online media helps to grow more visibility of the business and can reach wider audiences.


8. Follow up with your customer through emails and feedback forms


rannkly feedback forms


Send friendly follow-up emails to customers asking for reviews. Creating easy, short, and less descriptive feedback forms can encourage customers to fill out the forms and provide valuable feedback. Engage and thank them for their valuable input.


9. Managing Fake Reviews for Your Business


Many businesses and restaurants are dealing with fake and spam reviews that can harm their Online Reputation. So, what can businesses do? They can take action by reporting these fake reviews as ‘Spam Reviews’ on the websites where they show up. This helps in getting an accurate image of the business. Hence, a business can achieve positive online growth byManaging Fake Reviews.


Improve your Business Online Reputation with Rannkly!


Improve your business online reputation with rannkly


Rannkly is the bestOnline Reputation Management softwaretool for businesses. It can boost a Business's Online Reputation by keeping an eye on what people are saying about the business in reviews on different websites. It also helps by monitoring, analyzing, and responding to customer reviews.


Rannkly offers a tool to help businesses manage their customer reviews from different places all in one spot. Businesses can enhance their online presence with Rannkly's Social MediaMulti-channel PublishingTool where businesses can post or schedule their social media post on/for different channels. Due to this Business Online Visibility will increase.


Reviews help businesses know what customers think and if they're satisfied with the services or not, so the businesses can do better.


Rannkly's"Respond to Reviews"feature offers two response options. First, there's theAI Response, which automatically detects the sentiments expressed in the review (for example, good food or a bad experience) and responds accordingly to the customer's feedback.


Secondly, there's theTemplate Response, where a business can pre-create response templates. These templates can be used based on the star ratings received in the review. This feature allows businesses to respond quickly, especially when the AI-based response works best with descriptive reviews.


Rannkly also makes it easy for customers to leave reviews by using theQR code featurein which they can give their valuable feedback by scanning the barcode. which is a good medium to increase business rating.




Navigating the rating systems on Google, Zomato, and Swiggy requires different approaches. By providing excellent experiences, engaging with customer ratings and reviews, and implementing the strategies outlined in this blog, you can elevate your ratings and establish a strong online presence. Remember, maintaining a Positive Online Reputation is an ongoing effort that can significantly impact your Business's Growth in a digital era. WithRannkly, businesses can improve their marketing game and provide a better customer experience.


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