Amplify Your Website Traffic With Creative Snippets- Website Widgets

27 June, 2022lens6 min read

Amplify Your Website Traffic With Creative Snippets- Website Widgets

“The information on widgets sustains for more than 75% because they create a demarcating effect on our mind to persist that information on our consciousness for a longer time.”  

( Yashu Raghav)

Have you ever seen small snippets or little boxes of the information displayed on the website? Did you ever find them irresistible to check on or click on them to know what they contain? Website widgets have been created with the sole purpose only that people who visit the website can get the real-time information at that too, in a creative way. 

Today, Rannkly is going to share some of its most genuine arguments about why including widgets in your website can lead to amplified traffic on your platform and how you can create one with Rannkly in quick and simple steps!! 

But before dealing with WHYs and HOWs, it's important for the reader to be very assertive about what exactly is a website widget. Let us stream through its genuine and meaningful information and what impact it can create on the audience strength of the website. 


To understand it in a very practical way, just try to go through your website and analyze whether you find it attractive as well as meaningful in the very first instance? Have you added any informative popups or snippets on your website that can get the attention of your viewers and lead him/her to click on them to get a detailed version of the information? Such small, compact, and dedicated information presented in the most creative format is none other than website widgets.

A website widget is nothing but a software application with a limited functional personality that displays particular information to its viewer. It acts as an auxiliary feature that may not directly impact the website but gives the website an authentic look with its multi-dimensional and informative tabulate. It can be understood with some simplest examples like- badges, clocks,sliding reviews, popup information, weather forecast, etc. They are created as a code in the HTML document or the code can be created separately and pasted into the HTML code of the website. 

Widgets are like standalone applications that display unique information but are always related to the products and services offered by the organization. They not only display the information on the main screen but also offer an opportunity to learn more about the displayed information by clicking on it. Once the viewer clicks on the widget, he/she will be directed to the detailed category of the concept shown on the previous page.

But do you know that these widgets do come in different categories also? A website designer can add 4 different types of widgets to its website. Let’s see each one of them in detail:-










Information widgets are compact information modules that display a particular kind of information that directly or indirectly connects with the website or its organization. But the biggest idea behind using information widgets is that they are not static. These widgets do display a bunch of information but that is also dynamic. That information keeps on changing according to the content change in the main source. 


It can be understood better with the examples:-

  • Weather forecast
  • Sports score tracker
  • Real-time reviews

This is important to note that information displayed under the widget must not be in a very detailed format. It must showcase very crisp but quirky information that leads to detailed information through a single click. 



This widget displays a collection of similar entities that must be very similar in one of the aspects. Such a collection widget can be created for many technical items like emails, reviews, ratings, pictures, etc. This collection gives the user a collective view of certain items that may create chaos if seen separately. 

The biggest advantage of using a collection widget is that even though it displays the collection of certain entities, the viewers can still check each of its items separately by simply clicking on them. Once clicked, it will display detailed information about the item. 



There are some widgets that display the minimalized version of some of the important links of the website. Some pages or links that need to be regularly visited may create hurdles for the regular visitor of the website. Hence, such widgets are created so that the regular visitor can directly go to the desired platform immediately without going through a series of steps. Such widgets are called Control Widgets. 

As clearly stated above, important links or pages are brought onto the homepage of the website in the form of a widget so that the link can be easily controlled without facing any issue of going through multiple steps. Such a control widget can be created for different purposes like a direct link for the pricing section, a call now button, etc. 


A hybrid widget is nothing but an amalgamation of all 3 widgets stated above. It will be focused on a particular type of widget but include the essence of the other 2 widgets also. A good example to understand this is- Sliding Reviews. It will show the real-time reviews of the organization displayed on a particular platform. Since it is showing a collection of reviews, it will be considered a collection widget. Due to the information displayed in the widget, it will also be considered as the Information widget. And the user can showcase the reviews on the home page so that they do not need to go to the review platform to check the latest reviews.


Rannkly is an online reputation management platform that elevates the ranking of the business by enhancing the count and quality of the reviews and ratings. Every business is working on this factor today so that it can represent its products to its potential customers in a positive and clean picture. 

Hence, Rannkly gives businesses an opportunity to display the reviews on their main website, so that if any new visitor visits the website then he/she can get a better understanding of the brand reputation from a single visit only. But what if the organization receives any negative reviews from any customer? This situation can also be easily handled because Rannkly gives the complete right to the user to manage all the reviews they are receiving. The user can control the reviews that should be displayed or not be displayed on the website in the form of widgets. 

Rannkly has a feature to create the website widget of the reviews that display on the platform of Google. Users can display that widget on their website after creating one on Rannkly’s dashboard. Users can not only display the real-time reviews received but also the reviews of particular star-rating and the location of the organization. 

Now let us go through the simple and easy steps to add a widget to your website:-

1. The user can create the website widgets that will display on the user’s website. To create one, go through these steps.

2. Write the name of the widget, location, review platform, ratings, and hiding reviews with no comments.

3. Now copy the code and paste it into your HTML format to display the widget on your website.

4. Now the widget has been created for your website. 

NOTE- The widget which is created as an HTML code has to be added to the code structure of the website so that the widget can display on the homepage of the website. The user has to be aware while copying the code of HTML otherwise, the widget may not display on the website. 

After the widget is created, the review widget will display on the dashboard screen of Rannkly. This will assure that the widget has been created and will display on the website. 

Rannkly offers this creative opportunity to its user users so that they can attract a maximum audience by showing them what they do in a much more creative way. Such widgets will help the organization to:-

  • Influence the audience to bring brand awareness of their product.
  • Make the website dynamic with regularly updated information
  • Make the regular audience aware of your regular updates and new launches
  • Drive more leads by offering them updated information.

So, Rannkly opted for this feature and helped its various customers to enhance the functionality of the website by making it active and up-to-date. What are your opinions regarding the website widgets? Can you think of other methods to display information in the website widget to make it more attractive for the viewers? Give your views in the comment box below and read other creative ideas to bring attention to your website

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