Write Reviews For Restaurants And How To Reply?

How To Write Reviews For Restaurants And How To Reply?

13 August, 2021lens12 min read

How to write reviews for restaurants and how to reply?

Restaurant Reviews - The Art Of Writing & Responding

Did you recently visit some roadside dhaba with delectable, lipsmacking food that compelled you to sing in its praises? Or was it a plush 5 star restaurant with inadequate food portions and not so delicious food, for which you keenly yearn to get some burden off your chest?

And how did you decide on the ratings and reviews of the places you dined? 

It surely puts you in a dilemma where the restaurant owner requests you for the positive feedback.

Well, a detailed and insightful restaurant review is what you need to pen down.

We say so because arestaurant review is indeed the ultimate way via which you can effortlessly target a larger audience. 

When you share your experience at a restaurant, you apprise the general public at large. 

Fact figure regarding reviews here Writing a compelling restaurant review is a great way to share about your restaurant experience with others. Be it the restaurant staff or the common audience. 

A detailed restaurant review is a wonderful way to share about your pleasant experience at your favourite restaurant. 

And well you could even caution the potential diners about a particularly upsetting, distasteful experience that you may have faced through a review.  

Herein it is important to note that individuals in today's epoch like making informed choices. They primarily scout for all relevant information prior to making a decision. Even with regard to selecting a restaurant for a simple meal or a quick lunch date. 

Online reviews are therefore an important deciding factor. These reviews play a crucial role and influence the choice of a potential diner. Also, online reviews aredirectly proportional to a restaurant's success, and hence the better the reviews, the higher the chances that a customer would book a seat at a restaurant.  

However, writing an insightful and detailed restaurant review is an art in itself. Even though there are a plethora of restaurant reviews out there, not all catch the eye of a potential diner. 

It is so because some reviews are extremely vague.

Those reviews are not at all informative whereas other reviews that contain helpful information are usually not written well. This makes the audiences unfortunately turn a blind eye to such otherwise great reviews. Also, there are users who unnecessarily indulge in a personal rant instead of furnishing a positive or anegative restaurant review.

The art of writing eloquent and compelling restaurant reviews is a little baffling. But fret not as we have clearly mentioned some tips for you to draft a detailed restaurant review. Make sure to read it thoroughly so that you can benefit other users. And they could make an informed choice.   

The tips are as follows -

1. Do a thorough background research

Do thorough background research and see how the restaurant markets itself to its potential audience. This would give you a clear picture of the brand image of the restaurant. Also, you could easily decipher the success of your review by doing background research.

2. Construct a detailed, chronological narrative

When writing a restaurant review, make sure to describe your entire experience with all the minuscule nitty-gritty details. Your narrative should however be in a chronological structure. 

Start your review right from when you entered the restaurant and meticulously cover all the labyrinth details. Let your review proceed through and cover each stage until when you finally depart. 

PRO TIP -Write short, but extremely detailed sentences with descriptive phrases that furnish all the specific details.

Example 1:So I recently went to ( restaurant name) and I had a terrific experience. It was my anniversary and I decided to go there with my family and also called my friends. The place had a great vibe and I loved the antique walls, doors etc. (build your narrative)

Example 2:Last week I went with my friends to (restaurant name) and I just loved everything about the place. It was my friend's birthday and the restaurant was just apt ... (build your narrative)

Example 3:I recently had the opportunity to go to (restaurant name) and I had a mind-blowing experience. It's a cosy albeit uber cool place and everything is just so perfect about it .. (build your narrative)

3. Write a little brief about yourself 

Talk a little about yourself. What was your purpose in visiting that particular restaurant? Was it for a business meeting, for catching up with your long-time school buddy, or for a special occasion with your loved one?

Sharing these insights would undoubtedly be extremely helpful for other users. This would help audiences get a clear picture with regards to the restaurant. 

Example 1:So I went to this place called (restaurant name) in (location) and I had an amazing experience. It was my birthday and I decided to go along with my friends, and I am really happy with my choice .. (Build your narrative)

Example 2:Recently I decided to catch up with a school friend of mine with whom I had spent my early years. We went to (restaurant name) and it was a supremely great experience... (Build your narrative)

Example 3:Negative Review: Lately I have been quite busy at work, but last week I decided to take my parents for a quick lunch at (restaurant name) however I feel that I made a wrong choice as the crowd there was too loud, it's sure quite an upbeat place, but not an ideal restaurant to go with your elderly parents .. (Build your narrative)

4. Make sure to mention everything to a tee about the restaurant

Yes, you heard that right! You need to meticulously furnish all the information about the restaurant to a tee. Vx 

Your review must cover all the crucial aspects such as the following -

• The range of cuisine that the restaurant offers

• The pricing range for the various dishes

• Exact location of the restaurant

• Operating hours of the restaurant

• Contact details of the restaurant

Also, don't forget to mention if the restaurant serves alcohol. Does it allow smoking inside the restaurant?

Furthermore, your audience might be interested in knowing some crucial information regarding the following questions -   

• Does the restaurant accept reservations? If not, then how long is the typical waiting time?

• Does the restaurant offers any form of entertainment such as live music?

• Is the restaurant suitable for families? Or for children and large group gatherings? Or is it a cosy, intimate and romantic place suitable for couples? 

• And is the food inclusive or exclusive of taxes?

Example 1:Last week I went to (restaurant name) and I had quite a pleasant experience. I ordered (dishes/cuisines) and it all tasted heavenly good. The food cost me about (price) but it was really worth it.

Example 2:I recently visited (restaurant name) and I had a wonderful experience. I went with my family and we ordered (dishes/cuisines). I would like to mention that the restaurant is perfect for family gatherings and the food, which is quite delicious and authentic, doesn't cost a bomb. The place is surely worth a try! 

Example 3:I recently had the privilege of having a fine 5-star buffet at (restaurant name) and well the experience was just heavenly. I had (dishes/cuisines) and it was all really delectable. The restaurant also offers alcoholic beverages such as (names) and well the food is quite expensive, and also exclusive of taxes, but it is really worth It!

5. Talk of only what you tasted

Well, we can't stress enough on how important it is for a review to sound genuine. The audiences nowadays are pretty smart. They can easily distinguish and filter through reviews.

You must therefore only talk about what you ordered and tasted at the restaurant. 

Cover everything in your review to a tee. Talk of all the intricate details but make sure to limit yourself only to the food and drinks that you actually tried. 

You may mention the various other cuisines that the restaurant offers. However, don't attempt to render an exhaustive bird's eye view of every dish that you didn't taste and don't have the slightest idea of. Your review might even get scorned or condemned by the other reviewers and the general public, in case you attempt to do so.

6. Your review must be succinct, clear, honest and fair

This goes without saying, but your review must be succinct, clear, honest and fair. Users usually quickly scroll down through their screens. Your review should not be extremely long but should rather be short, crisp and concise. Make sure that the reader must read your review till the very end. 

Furthermore, your review should be clear, fair and honest. Refrain from beating around the bush. Please don't give obscure reviews. Your reviews have the power to persuade others. 

Your review would be the deciding factor for others to choose or not choose a specific restaurant. Hence your review must be very clear, fair and honest. 

Even if you choose to furnish a negative review, please maintain a high level of professionalism. Substantiate your claim with evidence, in case required. Do not indulge in any form of mudslinging. Your review must not ever sound ranty. 

If you feel that the restaurant overlooked certain aspects such as hospitality or food etc, then highlight it as a word of caution. But don’t demean or indulge in any degrading calumny against the restaurant.

Example : 

1. Positive Review 

Hey there! So I recently went to (restaurant name), and I would like to mention that the food there was absolutely amazing. It was just rightly piquant and savoury to a tee, and I tried (dishes/cuisines). I would definitely recommend the place, and well the best time/ occasion to go would ideally be (______)

2. Positive Review 

I recently visited (restaurant name) with my wife and children. I had a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this place. They offer the best of food that is absolutely clean and hygienic and also their staff is really polite and soft-spoken. I appreciate their warm hospitality and well is undoubtedly quite delicious.

3. Negative Review

Well, I recently went to (restaurant name), and even though I don't like being mean, honestly speaking, I didn't have a great experience there. Right from the (food/hospitality/place/crowd), everything seemed rather bizarre and the (dishes/cuisines) that I ordered (didn't taste good/ didn't taste fresh/ were too spicy/ too bland). I would ideally not recommend the restaurant.

And well you should be able to draft commendable reviews that would definitely be worth a read, in case you follow and implement all these points mentioned above. 

Rannkly has helped customers write reviews. We now feel that we should also lend a little helping hand to businesses. Raankly wants businesses to know how to respond to various audience reviews. 

So let's get going

Well, primarily it is really important for businesses to understand that while positive restaurant reviews can bring in customers, negative reviews can keep potential customers away from your restaurant. Negative restaurant reviews would diminish your business operations. Please always remember that each review whether good or bad has repercussions on your business and your finances.

However, at Rannkly we help businesses address their reviews. Rannkly is your loyal business friend. We keep an eagle's eye on each of your reviews. We meticulously filter the sublime reviews. Also we address the other reviews with our uber-cool and well-defined response templates.

Anyway coming to the point, the rule of thumb, in this case, is that you should never ignore a review, no matter how distasteful or negative it is. Potential customers do read previous reviews from past customers. You would not them to base their future dining experience on that handful of negative reviews. You should make sure to promptly answer all your reviews, irrespective of how demeaning it might be.

Also, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your restaurant reviews.

1. Consider your bad reviews as a stepping stone to success. 

Yes, you read that right! Take all negative reviews in stride. And work on ameliorating your business. Please understand that your customers are your most valuable asset. You wouldn't want to lose your customers. Consider your negative restaurant reviews as opportunities to learn from. Make sure to closely work on the drawbacks so as to let your restaurant grow.

For example - in case your customers are complaining about the dishes being too spicy or salty, or about the food portions, you must acknowledge their feedback. Try and remodel your recipes. 

Example 1:Dear (name)

We sincerely apologize for your experience at (restaurant name). We would like you to know that our customers are supremely important to us and we would therefore like to offer ... (Build your narrative)

Example 2:Dear (name)

We sincerely apologize for what you went through at (restaurant name). While we always make sure to cater to all our customers in the best possible manner, at times we do stumble and would like to thank you for highlighting this issue. We regret the inconvenience caused and as a resolution, we would like to offer (Build your narrative)

2. Make sure to thank each of the reviewers for visiting your restaurant. Also, urge them to visit again.

While there are a plethora of restaurants in the city, a specific customer decided to visit your restaurant. You must therefore be grateful to him for investing his time and money at your restaurant. Make sure to show your gratitude towards your customer. Thank him for choosing your restaurant, even if he gave a negative review. Also, use the reviewer's name instead of the stereotypical 'dear customer' to add a personal touch to your response. 

Example 1:Dear (name)

Primarily we would like to thank you for visiting our restaurant and giving us an opportunity to serve you.. (Build your narrative)

Example 2:Dear (name)

We at (restaurant name) would primarily like to thank you for visiting our restaurant. While we regret the inconvenience caused... (Build your narrative)

Example 3:Dear (name)

We wholeheartedly apologize for the inconvenience that you, unfortunately, faced at our (restaurant name) 

While we are really grateful to you for visiting our restaurant and giving us an opportunity to serve you... (Build your narrative)

3. Promptly respond to all your restaurant reviews. 

Make sure to regularly scout through various reviews and travel sites. Check yourFacebook,Instagramand other social media handles along with your online business profiles. Keep an eagle's eye on all your new reviews, and in case you do find any, make sure to reply back at the earliest. You should timely respond back to your reviews. Your customers should know and acknowledge your virtual presence. Also, you must pacify the negative reviewers at the earliest. Your negative reviewers should not discourage other potential diners from visiting your place.

Furthermore, the art of handling negative reviews is sure not a cakewalk. It can be a Herculean task for some. But the below-mentioned points are your key to excelling with the negative reviewers and their harsh reviews.

So do give this a read.

• How to respond to negative restaurant reviews 

You must cover the following six points in each of your responses when addressing your negative reviews - 

1. Address your customer with their name. Also, make sure to earnestly render your thanks and gratitude as they chose your restaurant over several others. 

2. Emphasize something good that they have mentioned in your restaurant review. Even if it's just the ambience, hospitality or like. 

3. Make sure to sincerely apologize for what went wrong, even though you might not be at fault. 

4. Render a brief explanation for why the problem or the issue occurred. Explain to them what you are doing/ have done to fix it so that it doesn't happen again.

5. Try to take the entire situation offline

This would not only preventnegative reviews and hindrances for your business but would also pacify the disgruntled customer. Your customer would be pleased with a personalized resolution instead of virtual chatting. 

6. Invite back your customers

Make sure to invite back those customers. Offer them the best possible experience upon their next visit. You can also opt for some commercial tactics. Offer them some discount on their next visit. This would retain your aggrieved customers. Also, you would be able to expand your business outreach. Other customers shall also pour in, seeing your pleasant hospitality.

And well if you find all of this baffling, or if you are still not well versed with these online reviews, and how to respond to such reviews, then we have your back. Rannkly offers an eclectic array of automatically generated response templates. You may just choose to sit back, andRannklywould do everything for you. From automatically responding to your restaurant reviews, to filtering the best of reviews -  Rannkly is an incredibly powerful tool. It effortlessly caters to all your restaurant reviews and elevates restaurants to unattainable heights.

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