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Know About Online Reputation Management And Its Importance

22 April, 2021lens4 min read

Know About Online Reputation Management And Its Importance

Concerned about what people are saying about your brand online?

Whether you are running a successful business or starting a new one, one negative review on the internet can turn everything upside down. You ought to be conscious of youronline reputation and take appropriate steps to build a fascinating image of your brand. Reviews on differentsocial media channels become the prominent factor to decide whether to buy that particular product or not. Right? 5-star ratings and good reviews create a positive impact on customers and the chances of purchase increase. 

As per the report of  BrightLocal, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as compared to personal recommendations”? 

Moreover, “49% of consumers require a minimum four-star rating before they make a purchase.”

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the process of crafting strategies to address any negative or false comments about your business on social media. It involves building your brand in the online community by making your website rank higher on search engine results through creating informative content, using attractive images and social media campaigns, etc. 

More than 90% of the time, you can make your own website rank at the top of the search results, so it’s imperative  to set up several websites with carefully chosen domain names.

ORM also encourages happy customers to say positive things about you on different customer review platforms,which strengthens your online presence and brings more customers to your business, thus increasing sales.

The ability to build a strong brand reputation depends on the following factors:

Brand transparency: How honest are you with your consumers and how well are you addressing the issues of them. 

Social GoodIs your business giving back to the community and helping the world in its own way? 

Integrity:Can your customers trust your company, both in the quality of products & services and your brand communications?

Inspirational branding:Does your company’ branding motivate your customers todo something better?

Staff Treatment and HappinessAre you treating your staff with respect and taking steps to create a happy environment?

How is Reputation Management different from PR?

Both public relations (PR) and Online Reputation Management work towards portraying the company in the best light. Let’s see how and where they contrast.

PR firms work externally; they advertise with the help of media promotional teams. They mostly promote the brand instead of minimizing attacks on companies. 

However,Online Reputation Management involves addressing the negative issues of the customers and taking measures to rectify the damaging content. 

Mostly the work of ORM is handled internally by brands rather than by external agencies.

Let’s see how Rannkly helps you with your brand’s reputation management.

Rannkly is an online reputation management tool that helps you to shape, redefine and improve your brand’s reputation through appealing features. It connects various review websites to one dashboard through which you can easily monitor, reply & analyse your customers’ reviews. It generates new reviews and engages potential customers to take your business to the next level. Create new posts through amazing filters, schedule them and get them published on social media channels. 

4 Online Reputation Management Strategies You Can Use

It is not easy to manage your brand’s reputation online. You ought to take care of a lot of things and strategize accordingly. Don’t worry when we’re here because in this section, we’re going to discuss 5 Online Reputation Management Strategies that can help you in many ways.

Let’s dive in!

Respond Quickly and with Empathy


When a customer posted a negative comment onsocial media out of anger, you don't have to lose temper and publicly get involved in an argument. But, you need to promptly address the issue and direct all your energies in solving it. More importantly, try to be empathetic and kind with your customers as it creates a positive impression on them. 

According to a Clutch survey, 83% of people expect responses to their social media comments within a day or less, so avoid any delay. 

Address Negative issues

Don't ignore your unhappy customers and try to find out why they have left negative feedback. Address their issues and offer them a solution, which will build trust and confidence in the company. 

So, whenever customers leave negative reviews, always address them with patience and determination. 

Lack of response will ignite their anger more and they will say and do things that will bring more damage to your brand’s reputation. 

Stay on Top of Your Search Results

It is essential to be at the top of Search engine’s results as it makes your brand visible online. Moreover, it is the best tool to suppress the negative content about your brand. 

You can use an incognito window to monitor your brand’s search results and know what your customers see. Use keywords that help your website rank higher and bring more traffic. 

Request your happy clients to submit positive feedback on differentcustomer review platformswhich will improve your overall rating and customers are more likely to consider your brand.

Automate Online Reputation Management

You can automate the process of Online Reputation and save a humongous time. 

Rannkly is an ORM tool that supports a feature ofAutomated Response. For instance: If you’re busy or on a holiday, your customers are leaving reviews on social media, how are you going to respond to them? Use this amazing feature and automate your responses. Judging the sentiment of the customer's review, an automatic response will be sent with the help of the pre-designed templates. 

Use OnlineReputation Management to catalyze the positive image of your brand. Respond to your customers’ questions and negative comments as this will build the credibility of your business, and your customers can lean on your back at the times of severity. By implementing ORM strategies, you’ll get some control over your brand’s reputation. 

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