Magical Social Media Tools, Calendars And Templates To Plan Your Online Content

Magical Social Media Tools, Calendars And Templates To Plan Your Online Content

10 January, 2022lens8 min read

Magical Social Media Tools, Calendars and Templates to Plan Your Online Content

The eclectic, wide ranging and heterogeneous term of social media management alludes to the smart use of different websites and several social media platforms in order to mushroom and proselytize a particular business product or service. Today we are all living in the twenty-first century that is the age of science and technology, and the internet has successfully conquered all crucial domains of our lives.

Social media management is hence a puissant sceptre that companies have been rigorously making use of, for addressing their stakeholders such as their current and potential clientele, employees, general public, journalists, bloggers and the government agencies etc.

Social media management and marketing on a strategic level comprises of the astute, albeit time saving and seamless management of a business marketing campaign that in turn helps govern, establish and successfully enable an organization to expand its business outreach in today's virtual epoch.

Also it is appurtenant to note that social media management and optimization includes different activities such as posting compelling and eye catching text and image updates with captivating videos, and similar other content that must be synonymous with one's distinct business requirements, and this thereby assists brands and businesses with greater engagements.

Social media management is thus a supremely robust, powerful and an exceptionally wonderful sceptre that acts as a brilliant catalysts and helps businesses attain tremendous success, but having that said, social media management is not a cakewalk as such, and it is definitely quite baffling and overwhelming for newbies. One needs to assiduously take into consideration a lot of nitty-gritty and minuscule factors prior to implementing the right social media optimization strategies, and well to make your work a little easy, there are some incredibly wonderful social media tools that act as your ultimate knight in shining armour and help your business steer through the labyrinth virtual path with a stellar social media optimization strategy in place. We have succinctly mentioned some of these social media tools that can indeed revolutionize your business with their sublime features.

So do give this blog a read in case you too wish to accelerate your online social media game.

1. Downloadable Template by HubSpot 

For Excel Content Calendar

Price : Free

You may already be using Excel for various kinds of reports and data analysis, but however this stellar multifaceted tool is absolutely perfect for social media content calendar organization. It helps automatically customize excel as per the distinct priorities and metrics that your team is focused on and it is thus a great tool for advanced. social media planning. Marketers can efficiently plan out individual social media posts on monthly and annual basis and can draft and plan out all social media posts well in advance.  This intuitive template is especially great for small teams that have heavy workloads. This template is absolutely brilliant for social media content planning, tracking and management. 

2. Google Drive Content Calendar and Asset 


Price : Free for personal use. 

Google Workspace plans for businesses start at $6 (Rs.446) per month.

Google drive comes with a plethora of features that make it easy for social media marketers to create an effective social media content calendar. Such calendars can be easily shared with different team members to evade any unsolicited scheduling conflicts and to ensure that all campaigns are strategically aligned. Marketers can also use Google Sheets to create and schedule advanced posts on social media, to track the status of content shared and to assign different tasks to their team members, and this all happens simultaneously on the same platform as their social media calendar. Google drive thus streamlines work operations and helps publish myriads of posts across varied platforms, albeit without any hassles. 

3. Loomly

For Excellent Content Planning, Creation and Publishing. 

Price : 15-day free trial. 

The Base plan is $25 (Rs.1857) per month for 2 users and 10 accounts, in case you select the annual  agreement.

Loomly is a stellar and all-in-one content planning and publishing platform that delivers assured value and excellence. Loomly provides brilliant in-built tools that not only help with excellent content scheduling and management but also render content inspiration and direction in order to help create the right content. It enables marketers to effortlessly manage their content assets, schedule advance posts and view that as a list or a calendar, thereby analysing each post to a tee. 

Loomly's most powerful feature set comprises of a strategic collaboration and approval environment so that teams can seamlessly furnish mockups, offer comments, see prior version logs and flags for approval. 

Marketers may use Loomly for both organic and paid social media marketing as it is indeed a puissant and an excellent result-oriented tool. 

4. Trello

For Task Management and Content Calendar

Price : Free for individual use. 

The standard plan however starts at $5 (Rs.372) per user on a monthly basis.

Trello is an exceptionally remarkable organisational tool that is supremely effective for team collaboration. It furnishes a complete calendar view that makes it easier to visualise the content that is going out. Social media managers can also use Trello's completely customizable “boards” and “lists” and flexible assignment “cards” and to strategically map out their entire to-do lists and thereby manage the content calendar, plan their business campaign and to also brainstorm varied ideas. 

Trello cards can be efficiently assigned to various team members, marked with advanced due dates. Users can also customize labels with various publication statuses so that the entire team can easily view the progress of each of their social media posts, keeping a tab on the due date in the calendar. The labels also exhibit the different social networks whereupon the content is being shared. 

5. SproutSocial

For Social Publishing and Content Calendar

Price : The Standard plan starts at $89 (Rs.6610) per month for five social profiles. 

Sprout Social is an excellent social publishing and content planning calendar tool that helps teams and individuals to strategically plan and schedule all their social media posts well in advance. This robust tools enables automatic posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and alike. Sprout Social publishing suite includes a robust tool viz Optimal Send Times which meticulously analyses your entire social media data and thereby publishes posts at a time when your audience is most engrossed in. 

Sprout Social is indeed an incredibly wonderful tool that offers a plethora of features which would undoubtedly streamline your social media marketing operations. 


6. Evernote

Tool for Content Calendar, Asset Organization and Task Management 

Price : Free basic plan

Personal plan is for $7.99 (Rs.594) per month.

As the name elucidates, Evernote is a stupendous note-taking app that marketers can make use of in order to keep a track of their social media campaign. 

The tool features robust yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly logs that thereby makes it easy to keep a close tab on when you are publishing content, producing an online blog or carrying out other such ancillary activities.

The robust Evernote mobile app also boasts of some fantastic features that assists marketers with their online content ideas, for example you may easily click a picture and save it in your Evernote files to review it later. This feature is of immense use for social content creators who wish to maintain a clean backlog of photos to publish later on Instagram and other platforms. 

7. Hootsuite

For Social Publishing and an Excellent Content Calendar

Price : Free 14-day initial trial

The Professional plan starts at $49 (Rs.3640) per month

Hootsuite provides a stunning built-in Planner tool to assist marketers create brilliant campaigns, identify all publishing gaps, and assiduously collaborate with their content creation team. Its cardinal features are in the sublime social publishing that enables users to advance plan and post content on their social networks well in advance. Hootsuite also provides excellent features for strategic collaboration and post approvals.  

Hootsuite also boasts of a built-in content library that is undoubtedly the linchpin for myriads of stellar features. 

8. Agorapulse

For Social Publishing and Content Calendar

Price : Free individual plan

Pro plan for small teams starts at $79 (Rs.5868) per month.

Agorapulse is a feature-rich tool that provides astute social publishing and content calendar management options so that marketers can efficiently juggle myriads of their client social media accounts with ease. Agorapulse offers excellent scheduling, rescheduling, queuing and bulk uploading posts features that are supremely useful for individuals and teams who opt for quarterly or monthly content creation plans. Agorapulse is able to stand apart from other social media tools by virtue of its robust social inbox feature that enables marketers to efficiently manage all their online client interactions from varied platforms at a single place. Agorapulse is thus a stupendous social media management tool that augments client outreach and provides excellent user engagement with its unparalleled features. 

9. StoryChief

For Content Planning and Distribution

Price : Team pricing starts at $90 (Rs.6685) per month 

StoryChief's smart calendar punctiliously strategizes and plans your social media content across various different channels. 

This robust tool exudes more than just the monotonous timetable as it enables you to smartly assign collaborators to meticulously tasks and filter them by campaign. StoryChief is a robust content distribution platform per se that smartly unifies analytics and seamlessly publishes across varied channels, thus furnishing a simplified approach to smooth content creation. StoryChief also meticulously bridges the gap between SEO marketing and social media marketing with its feature-rich SEO Copywriting tool. This helps write compelling and engaging content that catches the eye of the reader and works brilliantly on both social media and website. 

10. ClearVoice

For Content Creation and Management

Price : Free consultation required for price quotation 

ClearVoice provides powerful content creation tools that fit perfectly into any workflow. It's sui generis feature that sets it apart from other tools is the Talent Network Search that helps marketers connect with other content created a to work on their client projects. ClearVoice also has robust features for robust task management for both internal and external collaborators. It helps create, edit and approve projects in an interface that makes editorial management an easy-breezy task. The tool also comes with a dashboard and a dynamic editorial calendar with myriads of other interactive functions. ClearVoice is especially useful for freelance content teams who wish to stay organized whilst rendering excellent and on time social media content delivery. 


For Content Creation and Management, Content Calendar Tool and for Online Reputation Management
Price : Free 14 day initial trial.


Rannkly is an excellent social media optimisation tool that provides an array of excellent features such as stupendous content creation and management. It helps schedule content well in advance, that it then automatically posts on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 

Rannkly has an excellent content calendar feature that marketers can make use of in order to strategically plan and align their content. This feature-rich tool also boasts of an eclectic stock library and a supremely easy to use dashboard, albeit this is not all as the best feature is it's online reputation management. Rannkly acts as a strong buffer to protect businesses against all unsolicited threats, and it meticulously exudes the most quintessential brand image. Rannkly is also a robust catalyst that helps businesses attain their true potential and it is thus an excellent social media management tool that businesses must compulsorily make use of. 


• The Key Takeaway -

The social media management tools listed above have undoubtedly streamlined and accelerated the rather oneroussocial media optimizationprocess, that was an erstwhile Herculean task. Businesses must consider using one of these robust and power packed tools as social media management would sure be a rather perplexing task without these magical social media optimization tools.

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