Social Media Marketing

23 July, 2021lens8 min read

Social Media Marketing

Having the right social media marketing for your business isn't a Herculean task any more because here we'll take you through an easy-breezy, albeit detailed insight on creating the most successful social media marketing strategy for your very own business.

So do give this blog a read, and it'll sure help you!

What is Social Media Marketing?

The eclectic term of social media marketing refers to the use of various different websites and social media platforms in order to balloon and promote a business product or service.

Social media marketing as a crucial business practice has particularly augmented and scaled immensely great heights in the past few years by implementing certain extremely calculator and long-headed strategies.

Top social media strategies of all time

The Obama Campaign

This taught us the importance of investing in powerful tools for tracking our success, that thereby leads us to even bigger successes. Also one must not hesitate in tweaking and changing their business strategies, as and when required.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

This powerful campaign garnered 114 million views in just about a month, and was the third most shared ad of its  time, and was circulated in 25 languages over 110 countries. Isn't that just amazing! Well the secret to Dove's social media campaign success was to simply connect with your audience’s emotions.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This viral social media campaign was primarily started with the intent of raising money and awareness regarding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but the campaign however spread quickly over social media, raising more than $100 million. And so what businesses must learn from this powerful campaign is smart work integration with social media. 


Coca Cola Move to the Beat

This campaign helped Coca Cola garner a whopping 25 million video views, 1.5 million new Facebook fans and 242 million social media impressions, but what really caught the eye of the audiences was campaign relevance. 


PRO TIP- Be Relevant & Be Timely to Connect With Your Audiences! Also companies have been making sharp use of social media marketing for addressing their stakeholders including the current and potential customers, employees, general public, bloggers, journalists and even the government at large. 

Social media strategies during covid 19

Social media marketing on a strategic level inculcates the smart, albeit time saving and effortless management of a marketing campaign, thereby governing, establishing and successfully permitting a firm to expand its business outreach in today's virtual epoch 

• How does Social Media Marketing help businesses?

Social media marketing helps businesses in innumerable ways, and in today's world, a business without social media marketing is like a ship without a rudder. 

Social media marketing primarily helps businesses by 

• Augmenting their brand awareness

• Making Engaged Communities 

• Amplifying the overall business by increased sale of products and services 

• Gauging the brand goodwill via its social repute

Furnishing satisfied customerservice via different social media platforms

• Helping businesses advertise their products or services via different social media platforms

Marketers are therefore successfully able to use social media as an incredibly powerful tool that effortlessly let's themmarket their goods or service, thereby furnishing them with a great opportunity to amplify their overall market share figures. 

- Did You Know - (Put In A Box) 

• 43.34% of businesses have successfully generated potential leads using Twitter

• Social media is responsible for almost one-third of the total web traffic in Malaysia

• 16.43% of all online consumers are social media fans or followers, and this indeed is a great number that is on constant rise!

• According to a survey by Mashable, that is an extremely popular online web blog,56% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend post following it on a social media platform.

We are sure that these figures startle you, and who wouldn't want to grow their business outreach! But however, are you following the right social media strategy?

Well fret not, as we have for you the A to Z of an insightful and apt social media strategy that would sure help ace your business, making you the next business honcho!

• Steps To Compile A Social Marketing Strategy :

• Step 1 - Carefully align your social media marketing goals with your business objective

The first step to winning online customers is establishing your goals and objectives. Make short term, albeit very clear goals to gauge your return on investment (ROI) 

PRO TIP - Make sure to always keep an eagle's eye on your engagements, click-through, and customer conversion rates.

• Step 2 - Know & Understand Your Audience 

Knowing and understanding your social media audience is your golden key to success. You must make sure to create content that pleases the eye of your audience, and this indeed would turn your social media followers into loyal customers for your business. 

PRO TIP - Consider your fans, followers, and customers as real people with real wants and needs as that would help you rightly target and engage with them by way of social media. 

PRO TIP 2 - Gather Data! Yes you heard that right. Make sure to collect and gather data regarding your customers such as their age, location, interests, average income and profession etc.

Social media monitoring toolscan also help furnish a plethora of valuable information about who your followers are, where they reside, and how they interact with your brand on social media. These insights would indeed help you to refine your business strategies, and thereby better target your audience.

3. Gauge Your Competitors 

Your competitors are already acing their social media game, whilst you being a newbie are lacking behind! However fret not as all you need to do is to simply keep a close tab on your competitors. 

Automate your social media and online reputation

Conduct a thorough competitive analysis as that would help you get a close insight on the modus operandi of your competitor. Furthermore you'll be able to gauge the virtual industry, and the social media audiences that you need to target upon. 

And also it'll help you spot better business opportunities.

Solution - Conquer the platform that your competitor has yet not explored. 

It is highly possible that your competitor is active on Facebook but is oblivious to Instagram or Twitter. So you need to play smart and make your mark using Insta and Twitter. Focus on the networks that are not yet explored, and build your successful virtual empire by winning fans and followers. 

PRO TIP 2 - Make use ofsocial media listeningas that would help you keep a close tab on your competitors.

PRO TIP 3 - We can't stress enough on how important it is for you to use a social media management tool such as Rankly to help you make and expand your online presence by way of various different social media handles, that you can easily access via one easy to use dashboard. 

Planning, Scheduling & Making Regular Timely Posts is whatRannkly- Your Loyal Online Friend does for you!

4. Make Sure To Implement A Social Media Audit

Take out some time from your busy schedule and indulge in a meticulous social media audit. Your audit would help you get a clear picture of the actual purpose that each of your social media accounts serves. 

Also make sure to thoroughly understand what's working and what's not working for your brand. 

Collect as much information as you can, and then work hard in order to improve. 

5. Decide the Platform To Use & Make Account

Decide which social network you would want to use, and plan your strategy accordingly. 

It is interesting to note that Facebook and Instagram even outshine the personally sent emails to potential customers. 

PRO TIP - Have a very well defined mission statement for each of your networks. A succinct, one sentence bio is what you need, and that is exactly what your audience primarily reads. 

PRO TIP 2 - Make Well Detailed Profiles. 

Make sure you fill all the fields, and include keywords so that your potential audience could find your social media handle easily. Also consistently your brand logo so that you are easily recognizable in the eclectic virtual world 

PRO TIP 3 - Always remember that it's better to use one platform in the most apt way instead of juggling and faltering whilst using multiple platforms, however in case you still wish to mark your presence across all these networking sites, then Rannkly is here to your aid!

Rannkly - Your Loyal Online Friend would help you post on multiple platforms via a single and supremely easy to use dashboard, and your virtual presence is sure to scale new heights!

How to make a facebook account

How to make instagram account

6. Find Your Motivation 

While it's important for your brand to be unique, you can however always look for motivation from other great brands on social media. 

See their success story, and let that be your driving force to social media success!

7. Have A Well Planned Social Media Calendar

It is extremely crucial for any business to have a well defined social media calendar that they need to assiduously follow and implement in order to make the maximum impact.

Schedule your

Your social media content calendar must properly list all the dates and times at which you would publish your content on each channel. Also your calendar must include both your day to day posting and other content that is to be used for social media campaigns. 

PRO TIP 1 - 80% of your posts must inform, educate and entertain your audience whereas 20% posts can be ideally that of direct brand promotion. 

PRO TIP 2 - Once you have your calendar in place, use a scheduling tool that'll help you draft and prepare your social media posts well in advance. 

And voila! You just found yourself the most incrediblesocial media scheduler, that Rannkly is! You can use Rannkly for scheduling posts on all your social media handles, and we assure you that your business too would scale great heights, with just a little assistance from our side.

Find out other essential tips  on social media marketing

8. Evaluate, Tweak & Refine Your Strategy 

Well this is the last crucial step for implementing a successful social marketing strategy, and herein we would like to tell you that nobody can hit the nail on the head in the very first attempt. 

So as you start to implement your plan and track your social media results, you might have to tweak, or even completely change and replace your existing strategies with better ones for generating better results. 

Also make sure to keep a close tab on all your social media posts and see which ones drive the most traffic to your website. 

PRO TIP 1 - Test random posts, business campaigns and strategies against one another, and keep altering, adjusting and refining your social media strategies because social media alone is a fast moving world, and so your business needs to adjust and adapt to all the various changes on a regular basis. 

PRO TIP 2 - Launch Surveys

Yes you heard that right! Surveys can be a great way to help you find out what works best for your business. Make sure to ask your followers and website visitors if they're happy with your online performance, and if you're fulfilling their needs and expectations. Also ask them what would they like to see and get from your brand, and then all you need to do is to implement that and be efficient in overall your output. 

And Voila! You are finally done, and by now you must have been able to build up a robust social media strategy for your acing your online presence. However if you are still baffled, and in case you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate in reaching out to us.

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