Unlocking Verification On WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook

Unlocking The Green And Blue Verification Tick On WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook

16 October, 2023lens8 min read

Unlocking the Green and Blue Verification Tick on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

“Verification is not about being famous, it's about being credible.”

Yoel Roth


WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are three of the most prominent and widely used social media platforms, each with its unique features and purposes. These Platforms play a significant role in shaping the way people communicate, share content, and connect with others in the digital age.


All these three platforms owned by Meta Platforms Inc. are influential social media platforms, each serving distinct purposes. WhatsApp is a privacy-focused messaging app with encrypted communication.


Instagram is renowned for visual content sharing, influencer culture, and discovery and Facebook offers a comprehensive social networking experience, connecting friends, sharing news, and supporting businesses.


Together, they have changed the way we talk and connect online, even though there are still problems with keeping things private and managing what gets shared.WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook serve as indispensable tools for businesses in today's era of technology.


WhatsAppfacilitates direct customer communication, transactional messaging, and product catalogue display.


Instagramoffers a visually engaging platform for brand promotion, influencer collaboration, and e-commerce through features like Shopping Tags.


Facebookhelps businesses be online, advertise to specific people, and create communities in Groups. Businesses can grow, talk to customers, and sell things better using Facebook. They also learn from data to improve how they sell and grow.






WhatsApp is primarily a messaging app that allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share multimedia content such as photos, videos, and documents. For business nowadays it plays a very important role because lots of people use WhatsApp and it is a good tool to connect and communicate with customers.


End-to-End Encryption


WhatsApp has established a reputation for its strong commitment to privacy and security. It uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the sender and receiver can read the messages, making it a preferred choice for confidential communication.


Global Reach


WhatsApp has a massive user base with over 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it a vital communication tool for people across cultures and borders.


Business Integration


WhatsApp also offers business features, enabling companies to connect with their customers, provide customer support, and even facilitate transactions through WhatsApp Business.






Instagram is a visual-centric platform designed for sharing photos and short videos. It also features Stories, and Reels for short video content. It's a very important tool for businesses to connect with customers, show them their products and services and engage customers with business.


Photo and video content


Instagram is known for its focus on Visual content, with a wide range of filters and editing tools that allow users to enhance and personalise their content. Creating high-quality videos and photos can help your business grow faster. High-quality content attracts more people and can quickly reach a larger audience. When your videos and photos are excellent, more people will engage with them, boosting your business's popularity in a short amount of time.


Influencer Culture


Instagram has given rise to influencer culture, where individuals and brands leverage the platform to build and monetize their brands, often collaborating with businesses for promotions.


collaborating with popular influencers can greatly boost your brand's visibility. If these influencers have lots of followers, they can introduce your brand to new audiences. This exposure can drive a lot of traffic to your online platforms. Working with influencers is a quick and effective way to reach a large audience in less time.


Explore and Discover


The Explore tab on Instagram helps users discover new content and accounts based on their interests, making it an engaging platform for exploration. The Explore page doesn't just show things you like, it also shows what's popular and unique. You might find interesting content there even if you didn't know you were looking for it.






Facebook is a comprehensive social networking platform that offers a wide range of features, including personal profiles, news feeds, groups, events, marketplace, and more.


Connecting with Friends and Family


Facebook started as a platform to connect with friends and family and remains a primary means for people to stay in touch, share life updates, and reminisce about memories.


Advertising and Business Pages


Businesses utilise Facebook for advertising and creating official pages to interact with customers, share updates, and promote products or services.


Certainly, let's discuss the verification processes for these three Meta platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.


Meta Verification


Indeed, for businesses, getting verified on Meta platforms like WhatsApp, online Instagram, and Facebook is crucial for building trust and credibility with their customers. Each platform follows its verification method.




To get verified on WhatsApp, businesses need a business account and can apply for the green tick verification, which signifies that they are a legitimate business.The process might necessitate a few days to reach its conclusion.


Instagram and Facebook


Having the verification badge not only adds a level of trust but also helps users easily identify and connect with legitimate businesses and public figures. These blue ticks symbolise authenticity and can help businesses and individuals stand out as credible and notable accounts on these platforms.


Businesses need to consider these verification options as part of their social media strategy to enhance theironline Reputationand credibility.


Meta has introduced a new feature where users can purchase the blue tick verification badge for a fee. All you have to pay and get your account verified from Meta which in turn enhances your visibility towards the online platforms.


Whatsapp Verification Process


get verified on whatsapp


Before going further, You must verify your business account to get the green checkmark on WhatsApp. Verification is a necessary step to earn the green tick on your business account.


To initiate the WhatsApp Green Tick verification process through theMETA Business Manager, follow these steps:


1.Access yourMETA Business Managerand Go to Business Settings, then select WhatsApp Accounts and chooseWhatsApp Manager.


2.Within Account tools, Option for 'Phone Number'.


3.On the following page, you'll locate your WhatsApp account particulars.


4.Click on the 'Settings' icon to proceed.


5.Select'Profile', complete all the required details, and then click the 'Submit Request' button.


After submitting the request, you'll be able to track its status, which will be under review.


Typically, when applying for a green tick, it may take some days to receive a response regarding the acceptance or rejection of your application.


The rejection might occur due to incorrect documents and wrong information given by the business owners.


Note: As Meta is a vast platform handling many verification requests, businesses need to undergo a verification process to get the green tick. Once businesses are verified they cannot modify their name without re-verifying their Business. Any changes require the business to go through the verification process again it takes a long time to get a response.


InstagramPaidVerification Process


instagram paid verification process


To subscribe to paid Meta Verification for Instagram Blue Tick you can follow these steps:


1:Go to yourInstagram app.


2:Go to your profile picture in thethree-dot iconin the right corner.




4:TapAccounts Center.


5:Tap theMeta Verifiedoption.


6:After clicking on the meta verification you will get certain guidelines related to meta verification.


7:Click on thepayment button.


8:Your Request gets submitted.


Facebook PaidVerification Process

facebook paid verification process


To request verification for your Facebook account you must follow these steps:


1.Open yourFacebook account. 


2.Go to yourSettings.


3.TapAccount Center 


4.Tap theMeta Verifiedoption


5.Click on thepayment button


6.Request Verification.




Your request on Facebook will undergo review, and your account verification should be completed within a timeframe of 2 to 3 days.


Unpaid Meta Verification for Facebook and Instagram


If you are a Public Figure, Celebrity, or a Recognized Brand and meet specific account and eligibility criteria, you can also seek an unpaid verified badge for your profile or Page. To request an unpaid blue verification badge, you typically need to meet specific criteria set by Instagram and Facebook and follow their verification request process.


Keep in mind that eligibility and the verification process may change over time, so it's advisable to refer to Instagram's official guidelines for the most up-to-date information.


The benefits of verification on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram


verification on each platform also offers some specific advantages:




WhatsApp Business verification provides increased credibility, trust, and visibility for your business. With the green checkmark, customers can easily identify your legitimacy, and your business gains greater prominence in search results. Additionally, you gain access to advanced features like chatbots and API integration, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.




Verified Facebook Business Accounts are featured as Meta Verified Businesses, including appearing at or near the top of search results and as a recommended verified business to follow in the feed.




Verified Instagram Business Accounts have similar benefits to Verified Facebook Business Accounts, including increased visibility and protection from personation.


There are someadditionsto these general benefits:


Increased visibility


Verified accounts are more likely to be seen by other users, as they are displayed more prominently in search results and on feeds. Using this can help you reach more people and increase your number of followers.


Increased trust


A verified account shows other users that you are a legitimate person or business. This can help to build trust and credibility with your followers, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.


Protection from impersonation


A verified account makes it more difficult to create fake accounts that look like yours. This can help toProtect your Reputationand prevent your followers from being misled.


Overall, verification on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram can be a valuable tool for businesses and individuals who want to increase their visibility, trust, and protection from impersonation.




In Conclusion, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, all under the umbrella of Meta Platforms, are influential social media giants that have reshaped how we connect in the digital age. Each platform serves a unique purpose catering to diverse user needs.


WhatsApp, with its focus on privacy and encrypted messaging, offers a secure channel for direct communication and customer interactions. Instagram, renowned for its visual appeal and influencer culture, provides an engaging platform for brand promotion through captivating visuals. Facebook, with its extensive feature set, fosters connections, information sharing, and extensive business outreach.


Verification processes, like the green tick on WhatsApp and the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook, are crucial for establishing trust and authenticity. These badges make it easy for users to identify genuine accounts, enhancing the overall experience for individuals and businesses alike.

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