How To Create A WhatsApp Chatbot For Your Business?

20 February, 2024lens8 min read

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot for Your Business?

According toWhatsApp, there are over 2 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messaging platforms globally. Businesses using WhatsApp Business API have reported a significant increase in customer engagement, with an average open rate of over 70% for chatbot messages.


Chatbots with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming even more helpful for businesses. Whether it's answering customer questions, tracking orders, or calculating shipping rates. Chatbots are a great tool for providing quick solutions for all businesses.


Creating your chatbot is easier nowadays, and you don't need to know how to code. There are different types of chatbots out there, but we're focusing on ones designed for small and medium-sized businesses. These chatbots can do more than just collect email addresses from Customer Service to Engagement they can handle various tasks without breaking the bank.

Research shows that AI-powered Chatbots can handle up to 80% of routine customer inquiries, reducing response times and improving overall customer satisfaction.


Outstanding customer service is essential for setting yourself apart in the current competitive environment. Chatbots go beyond live chat tools by instantly addressing customer queries across multiple channels without needing a support agent. They've become essential for businesses looking to provide top-notch service.


What is WhatsApp Chatbot and how does it works?


What is WhatsApp Chatbot and how does it works.


AChatbotis a software program created to imitate conversation with people, particularly online. It works by using predefined rules or artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to interpret and respond to user inputs.

WhileWhatsApphas introduced features resembling Chatbots in the past, it's essential to clarify what exactly you're referring to. WhatsApp itself doesn't provide a built-in platform for creating chatbots. Instead, it offers functionalities that enable third-party developers to build chatbots for the platform. 


Here's a breakdown based on different interpretations:


Official WhatsApp Business API for Chatbots:


Limited functionality: Introduced in2018, this API allows businesses to engage with customers through automated messages, though it has limited chatbot capabilities.


Getting started with chatbots can be very overwhelming. There are multiple aspects of how to build a WhatsAppchatbot, such as strategy, conversational flow, technology, tools, process, reporting, and more.


Before you get to building a chatbot, you need to identify –


  • What problem are you trying to solve? This becomes your use case.


  • How much time are you or your team currently spending on this problem? This helps you define your ROI later.


  • Could you automate 100% of the process with a bot, or do you need human intervention?


  • This helps you see if you want the platform to let a human take over from the chatbot.


  • Do you need the chatbot to get information from another system? This helps you find platforms that can connect easily with other tools.


By looking carefully at how you do things, knowing what you want to achieve in your business, and planning how the chatbot talks to people and handles information, you'll make building a bot easier.

What are the purposes of using WhatsApp chatbots:


Customer Service:They help users with inquiries, complaints, and order-related issues. These bots troubleshoot problems, provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and transfer to human agents when necessary.


Marketing & Sales:These chatbots promote products, gather leads, and qualify potential customers. They send targeted messages, give personalized recommendations, and address product queries.


Internal Communication:Chatbots streamline internal processes and facilitate information sharing within organizations. They assist in onboarding new employees, answer HR queries, and automate tasks.


Entertainment & Engagement:These bots offer fun and interactive experiences for users. They engage users with games, quizzes, and personalized content.


Make sure the words your chatbot uses match who's talking to it. How well your chatbot talks to people and understands what they want mostly comes from the situation and what the user wants

WhatsApp Business AI Chatbots are not only efficient but also cost-effective, with businesses saving up to 30% on customer service costs compared to traditional methods.


WhatsApp chatbot for Customer Service


WhatsApp chatbot for Customer Service


Here's how a WhatsApp chatbot typically works forCustomer Service:


Integration:The chatbot is integrated with the WhatsApp Business API, allowing it to communicate with users through the WhatsApp messaging platform.


User Interaction:Customers initiate a conversation with the chatbot by sending a message to a designated WhatsApp number or initiating contact through a WhatsApp Business account.


Automated Responses:The chatbot uses predefined rules, scripts, or artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret user messages and provide relevant responses. These responses may include answers to frequently asked questions, assistance with product inquiries, troubleshooting guidance, or directing users to specific resources.


Task Execution:In addition to providing information, the chatbot can perform various tasks on behalf of the user, such as placing orders, booking appointments, providing order updates, or processing transactions.


Escalation:If the chatbot is unable to resolve a customer query or if human intervention is required, it can escalate the conversation to a human customer Service agent. This ensures that complex issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.


Data Collection:The chatbot can collect relevant customer data during interactions, such as contact details, preferences, and feedback. This information can be used to personalize future interactions and improve the overall customer experience.


Overall, a WhatsApp chatbot streamlines customer Service processes by providing instant, personalized assistance to users, reducing response times, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Select the Right Chatbot Builder Software.


When it comes to developing a chatbot, you have two paths: either use a chatbot builder or seek assistance from a chatbot development team for consultation and prototype creation. Your decision depends on factors like the type of chatbot you want, your business requirements, budget, and timeline.


Opting forChatbot Builder Softwarecan offer a more comprehensive solution, covering consultation, design, development, deployment, and maintenance. These companies may also provide specialized expertise in specific industries or use cases. Overall, a chatbot development company can deliver a more tailored and extensive range of services compared to a standalone chatbot platform.


Feeling unsure about which route to take? Don't worry,Rannklyhas got you covered! Our team offers both options. With our chatbot builder, you can create a chatbot effortlessly in just a few steps, without any programming or development skills required. Moreover, our ready-made template solution makes it simple to automate customer communication.

Rannkly Whatsapp Chatbot and How it Works!


Rannkly's WhatsApp chatbot

Rannkly's WhatsApp chatbotis a powerful tool designed to streamline communication and enhance customer engagement for businesses. With Rannkly's chatbot tool, businesses can automate responses to customer inquiries, provide real-time support, and even process transactions seamlessly within the WhatsApp messaging platform.


Advanced artificial intelligence technology to understand and respond to customer messages effectively. Whether it's answering frequently asked questions, providing product recommendations, or resolving customer issues, Rannkly's WhatsApp chatbot ensures prompt and personalized interactions.


Moreover, Rannkly's chatbot is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the bot's responses and functionalities to meet their specific needs. From retail and e-commerce to healthcare and banking,Rannkly's WhatsApp chatbot can be adapted to various industries and use cases.

Benefits of using Rannkly WhatsApp Chatbot:


1.affordable options can greatly reduce costs.


2.Available for everyone, no matter where or what time it is.


3.Quick answers to customer questions make them happier.


4.Asking the right questions and getting important information from possible 5. customers. This helps with marketing and sales.


7.Helping customers the same way on different websites or apps. chatbot builder.

How to Create WhatsApp Chatbot:


To create a WhatsApp chatbot using Rannkly, you'll first need a verified WhatsApp Business Account throughMeta. Once your setup is done, follow these steps:


1.Log in to yourRannklyDashboard.


2.Click on the "Messaging" section.


3.Navigate to "Chatbots."


4.Click on "Create Chatbot."


5.Enter the Chatbot's name, and description, and link it to your Business Account.


6.You can enhance your Chatbot's appearance by adding images, texts, lists, and forms at the beginning.


7.Define a greeting line (e.g., "Hi" or "Hello") for when customers initiate contact.


Now, you'll need to create a chatbot flow tailored to your specific information and objectives.


8.Input all the necessary information about your chatbot's function and responses.


Once you've finished setting up your chatbot, click "Save."


Your chatbot is now ready to use. To share it, click on thethree dotsand select"Share."You'll receive a link to your chatbot, which you can then embed on your website or share on social media platforms. This link will direct users to interact with your WhatsApp chatbot seamlessly.


The evolution and integration of WhatsApp chatbots have revolutionized customer engagement and support for businesses worldwide. With over2 billion users, WhatsApp provides a vast platform for businesses to interact with their customers efficiently and effectively.


From streamlining customer support processes to enhancing marketing and sales efforts, WhatsApp chatbots offer myriad benefits. They provide quick responses to customer inquiries, gather valuable data for marketing and sales strategies, and ensure consistent assistance across various channels.


With advancements in artificial intelligence and d machine learning, building and deploying WhatsApp chatbots has become more accessible than ever. Whether businesses opt for rule-based bots, AI-powered chatbots, or hybrid solutions, the key lies in understanding their specific needs and objectives.


Platforms likeRannklyoffer intuitive chatbot builder software, empowering businesses to create customized chatbots tailored to their unique requirements without the need for coding skills. These chatbots are not only cost-effective but also highly scalable, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes.





What is a WhatsApp chatbot?


A WhatsApp chatbot is a program made to mimic chatting with users on WhatsApp. It understands and replies to what users say using set rules or AI.


How do WhatsApp chatbots work?


WhatsApp chatbots work by integrating with the WhatsApp Business API, allowing businesses to engage with customers through automated messages. These chatbots can provide information, assist with inquiries, execute tasks, and escalate to human agents when necessary.


What are the benefits of using WhatsApp chatbots?


WhatsApp chatbots offer numerous benefits, including increased customer engagement, reduced response times, improved customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, and cost-effectiveness. They also provide personalized interactions and gather valuable data for marketing and sales efforts.


How can businesses create WhatsApp chatbots with Rannkly?


To create a WhatsApp chatbot with Rannkly, businesses need a verified WhatsApp Business Account. They can then log in to the Rannkly Dashboard, navigate to the Messaging section, and click on Chatbots. From there, they can follow the steps to create and customize their chatbot.


What are some tips for designing a WhatsApp chatbot flow?


When designing a WhatsApp chatbot flow, businesses should understand their target audience, define clear goals, and consider common questions or inquiries. They should also ensure a friendly and conversational tone, provide options for users to navigate the conversation, and include features for error handling and feedback collection.


What are the advantages of using Rannkly for creating WhatsApp chatbots?


Rannkly offers an intuitive chatbot builder software that requires no programming or development skills. It provides ready-made templates, customization options, and seamless integration with WhatsApp Business API. Additionally, Rannkly offers consultation, design, development, deployment, and maintenance services for comprehensive chatbot solutions.

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