Chatbots- The Future Of Advanced Customer Support!

06 July, 2022lens7 min read

Chatbots- The Future Of Advanced Customer Support!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

( Arthur Clarke)

Do you find repetitive questions boring or are you abnormal?? Just kidding.

When a human is in a responsible position of solving the queries and delivering customer support services, then he/she too, finds it hectic to answer the same and improperly formed questions of the customers. And this situation may also result in a bad or arrogant reaction to the action of the customer. So, today we will be emphasizing the best technical alternative of customer support which is automated as well as a good machine learning system through this blog. So, GET, SET, AUTOMATE!!


Here, you will find a detailed introduction to CHATBOT, a highly advanced and futuristic substitute of customer support. A feature introduced and used by 85% of the online business in the year 2021. Rannkly will help you to discover the capabilities and benefits of using this technical support instead of a human support system for the viewers or clients.


A chatbot is a self-equipped machine learning feature that helps the customers by answering the common questions raised by them regarding the product or service of the organization. This feature has been built mainly for the websites to answer the customized queries of the customers that may not be present in the FAQ section of the website.


Humans are very creative beings but also dubious most of the time. To answer their crazy questions they do need a source that can immediately respond with an adequate answer to their query. If they involve another human being in this question-answer format, then they may get more confused due to insufficient answers. If this situation is supplemented with such an automated response system that can tackle unlimited questions then it can beautifully supplement the client service system.


But why only Chatbot, when a big organization can hire thousands of customer support employees and answer even the smallest question of their customers?

This process is very time-consuming as well as requires a huge monetary expense on the salaries and incentives of the employees. Introducing Chatbot in the conversational platforms of the organization will not only save their money and time but also increase sales, produce better response rates, and make the customer support staff happy. Those organizations who believed in Chatbot functionality have created roughly 83 million dollar business only in 2021. 


Bots have been created to turn the human-intensive task into a technically supported system that can deal with the data installed in it along with playing with the new data by answering the questions not originally programmed. And the best part is, that they can perform their task without human interference once a basic command is given. 


With the passage of time, developers are putting all of their efforts to remove all the implications and limitations of Chatbot and build such a technique that can make them highly proficient to answer every question of the customer. Their level of understandability has to be improvised for a professional way of working and comprehending even the broken language of the customer. Once a query is put up in front of the Chatbot, it simply scans the data received and analyzes it on the basis of certain keywords and phrases instructed to it. This is because the Chatbot works on a strict system of rules that helps it to answer the questions raised by humans. 


If we go point-by-point then there are 5 such valid reasons that support the presence of a Chatbot in all of the interactive platforms as it reduces human efforts without reducing the human intellect while resolving the issues of the customers. In the bigger picture, Chatbots help to elevate the overall productivity of the business because when it is answering the question, the employee, who used to spend his precious time on explaining repetitively, can now be involved in other creative tasks of the office. Now let us ponder over those important keys that define the usability of Chatbot:-


  • TIME AND MONEY:-It saves the time of customer support employees and makes them available for other important activities in the business structure. It also brings down the cost of recruiting so many people in the office to answer repetitive questions of the customers. (what a waste of money!)
  • HUMANLY MISTAKES:-While answering the question, there is a possibility of any miscommunication by the end of the employee. But fortunately, there is no such case with technology! Technology can never make any error on the basis of the data saved in it. But to make it accessible for any sudden new data, its version has to be kept updated.
  • SUPPORTED BY MULTIPLE LANGUAGES:-Chatbots can be easily developed to function according to multiple languages. For the businesses who work abroad or have clients from different countries then they do create such a system of answering their queries that can establish good customer relations.
  • INCREASE SALES:-Chatbots cannot make decisions for the people to either buy or not buy that product but yes, they can help in the process of making that decision. This is because when a person is in the phase of making the buying decision, it will help him/her by responding to each of their queries with a perfect solution.
  • INCREASE RESPONSE RATE:-Would you like to ask a question from a person who may take time to answer and may not provide you the right answer or through a technical customer interaction system with very less response time and give you an exact answer to your question? You will probably choose the latter one.



Every organization uses a different form of the client service method. They can connect with their customers through calls, messages, email, or social media. But when it comes to Chatbot, they do follow the structure of communication through messages but in a completely human-free environment. This means that while on one side, the question is asked by a confused customer, on the other side, the solution is provided by the technology that has a machine learning capability as well as a Natural language processing(NLP) system. 


Chatbots also differ based on their capability to understand and resolve the issue raised by the viewer. There are 3 types of Chatbots majorly used by the website holders:-



This Chatbot follows a completely strict system of rules. Once a question is addressed by the customer it leads him/her to the path already paved by the developer. It is not independent to answer the query as it is fixed in its very own structure. If complex questions are put in front of the Chatbot support system, it will get confused very easily.



This can be considered an improved and better version of Rule-based Chatbots. It has a good and advanced ability of machine learning as it can provide a suitable answer to the question of the viewer. It fetches the data from certain keywords and analyzes them. Once it gets the meaning of the question, it delivers an adequate answer to it.



This is the best form of Chatbot technical support management that works on an advanced level of customer interactionwith the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing). NLP helps the Chatbot to read the natural language of the humans and understand their sentiment in the question whereas AI helps to deliver the most suitable suggestions as a response to the questions. 


This form of Bot has the capability to understand the slang and nuances used by humans during the interaction with thetechnical supportsystem. It helps in building a better customer experienceon the website while navigating through various options. 




Though Rannkly has been providing automated responses in the reviews andsocial media automation tools for efficient social media management., it has now introduced an automated customer support system and that too, on a commonly used platform- WhatsApp. It has created WhatsApp Chatbot where the customer can land through a QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, it will show WhatsApp as a customer support icon and if clicked, will ultimately lead to the Chatbot of WhatsApp. 


Here the customer can communicate and ask different questions to solve their issues with the product or service. Here is one more benefit but it is for the business end. When the customer scans the QR code from WhatsApp, the mobile number of the person will get automatically stored in the database of the organization. 




“A good service does take time for its unbiased recognition.”


When a human is given many choices, it becomes his responsibility to make the right choice. And being business owners, they have to make the best choice which is more cost-effective and efficient than the older working system. 


So, to make the right choice of the Chatbot, there are 3 main points to keep in mind. They will surely help a dedicated business owner to stay one step ahead of its competitors in thecustomer servicesection:-



According to the business requirements, the Chatbot must be capable of answering the tricky questions on its own level of understanding. Such a level of inference must be present in the Chatbot. Only such technology can actually reduce the efforts of humans where it can handle the customers' problems completely on its own after upgrading its version.


The chatbot must not be limited to a single page to solve customer issues. It must help the website visitor on every page where he/she raises some issue. It must track the navigation of the visitor and try to solve all of their issues on multiple pages. This will ultimately help the company to increase the conversion rate through their website. 



This heading actually means the same as a combination of points 1 and 2. Chatbot has to become capable of answering humans in a very natural way without throwing jargon on the person. But to make the Chatbot conversational, there have to be regular updates in the system to make it capable of understanding the slang and phrases used by the people.


Chatbot has been proved to be the most intelligent round-the-clock  digital support. Even 68% of the online users say that they feel more comfortable communicating with Chatbot than with any human helpline system. 

To learn about why customer interaction is important for business, do visit this amazing blog:-

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