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What Is Rannkly

05 March, 2021lens6 min read

What is Rannkly

Why is Online Reputation Management so important?

Your presence in the digital world matters a lot today. You can’t turn your eyes away from what people write about you on Facebook, Instagram, orother social media platformsbecause their opinions affect your business in a great way.

Online reviews and comments are the ways through which buyers choose whether they should buy it or visit that particular restaurant or not.  

For an instance, if you are looking for a good cafe in your budget at someplace in Noida, then you will search on google and go through the reviews of cafe houses in the city. 

Online reputation management - something to do with stars, comments and reputation.

5-star reviewsand positive comments will leave an impression on you                       

Now, you ought to think about how you can manage youronline reviews. Thus, online reputation management plays an indispensable role in shaping your brand’s image on digital media. 

What is Online Reputation Management?

Your Online Reputation shows how others see your business online. Therefore, Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps to rectify the image of your brand online and takes control of the online conversation about your business, and managing all the misleading information or negative comments. 

This allows you to put your best version outside. With the help of cutting-edge techniques and strategies, it manages negative customer reviews and encourages more positive comments, which are going to amplify your digital presence. 

Rannkly is one such tool that helps you manage your reputation online. 

What features does it support?

What is Rannkly?

Rannkly is a software designed by ace developers through cutting-edge technology to manage and elevate your brand’s online reputation.

Rannklyconnects all your social media platforms to one dashboard letting you manage your customer reviews, comments, scheduling your social media posts, and more from one single platform. Dealing in dual categories:Reputation Management and Social Media Management, we offer a multitude of benefits that you will experience whilst using Rannkly. One of them is the automated response, which is a fascinating feature of Rannkly.

How should you manage your reviews, if you are away on vacation?

Addressing your reviews and comments is the foremost task in any business be it weekends, short stays or a family vacation. When your customers are leaving reviews or comments, and you don't have time to respond,  an automatic reply will be sent to your customer’s reviews or comments on the basis of Rannkly’s sentiment analysis. If they leave a negative comment, a suitable response accordingly will be sent to them. 

How will it help the business in improving its reputation?

When you own such a large empire, it becomes hectic to look beyond the core work of your business. In this scenario, it is imperative to use Rannkly because business owners find it difficult to manage their reviews on all platforms. To eradicate this problem, Rannkly came into existence. Rannkly enables its clients to connect with more than 30 social media platforms at the same time. With this tool, you can view the ratings for your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc with a single click. You can also see the top comments and the people’s complaints about your product or service. In short, Rannkly brings you closer to your customers and keeps an eye on their views about you. 

What features does it support?

Let’s dig deeper into the exciting features of Rannkly. It offers a plethora of fascinating attributes that enhance your presence. For reputation management, it provides:

Generate reviews:For knowing what your customers have to say about your business, you can ask your customers to leave their reviews on review platforms via email, SMS, or QR code.

QR codes for reviews:You can collect valuable feedback from your customers through QR codes and customizable review forms. This feedback is quintessential in shaping the business experience for your customers.

Smart replies:You can compose contextual and personalized responses to all kinds of customer reviews.
Automated responses: Set up automated responses on your company’s Facebook and other social media pages.

Review monitoring:It is a special feature that notifies you about every customer feedback and gives a response to them from Rannkly.

Multiple locations:Through this attribute, you connect your multiple locations to one dashboard and invite your team to manage them.

The world has become too small with the advent of social media in our lives. People connect and share their happy moments and all sorts of experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Digital marketing becomes the new norm as social media has occupied a major part of our day-to-day activity. What people are saying about your business can spread in a fraction of a second to a large section of the audience through social media. Negative reviews can deteriorate your brand’s image. Hence, it becomes essential  to know how your customers feel about your product or service on various platforms. For this, Rannkly has a crucial role to play. Rannkly enables you to take deeper insights into your customers’ experiences and what they are writing about you on various social media portals. It helps you to manage a multitude of social media accounts through one dashboard. 

For Social Media Management, it has the following features

Image- social media image fb,insta, Multi-Channel publishing: You can schedule posts for a multitude of social media channels with a live post purview.

Campaigns Calendar:You can also plan, schedule, and overview your all social media campaigns from one place.

Photo editor:You can easily edit your photos and enhance your photos with filters, stickers and more.

Campaign insights:You can easily track the performance of your campaigns with real-time reaction statistics.

Unsplash photos:You may also add photos to your posts from the biggest free stock image library. 

Direct replies:You can engage with your customers directly from Rannkly’s dashboard.
The Clientele
Rannkly has customers from all segments of the industry. Some of itspotent customers are Nazeer,Cover 360,Bikaner 360,Pind Baluchi,The French Over,the yellow Chilli,Spize Barbeque,The Ancient Barbeque Tab, etc.

What problem is Rannkly solving in the long and short-run?

Managing customers’ reviews and helping business owners or executives to connect with different social media platforms through a common dashboard. In the short run, Rannkly is helping to improve your brand reputation in the virtual world and also let you know where you are standing in the market. It acts as a mirror for you.

If your customers are giving you positive reviews, then there is no reason to worry about it. But, every time you can’t get good reviews, there can be chances of getting not-so-good reviews. In this case, you must be disheartened, but think like this you are getting an opportunity to know what your customers feel. Taking their negative comments into a positive light and working on them to rectify what went wrong, so that in the future, you will no longer get those kinds of reviews that are going to tarnish your brand’s image. 

Rannkly encourages you to interact with your clients more and redefine your brand in better ways.

Who can hire the services of Rannkly?

Everyone out there in the market who wants to know about his or herbrand’s reputationcan hire services of Rannkly. It serves a wide range of industries like food, clothing, event management, hospitality, medicines, Tours and Travels, etc. Those who are concerned about the image of their business on digital platforms can contact Rannkly at any time.

How safe is my data with Rannkly?

We have a team of highly proficient developers who ensure that no privacy can be breached or there should not be any concerns related to the security of your data. We have a transparent process by which we develop an unbreakable faith in our customers.

So, Hurry Up! Get a plan to use Rannkly monthly or yearly. There are three plans available:Basic, Premium and Enterprise.

You need to understand the importance of online reputation management and its benefits that can catalyze the growth of your business and can make you distinguished from your competitors. Rannkly will help you showcase the best picture of your business in the market. 
So, what are you waiting for? 
You are here in the market just because of your customers. So, value them and give your time to understand their reviews and comments. Choose Rannkly to help you in this process

If you have any further questions about Rannkly, write to us We are here to help you in every possible way.

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