Generate Customer Reviews: 10 Simple Methods

How To Generate Customer Reviews: 10 Simple Methods

24 November, 2023lens9 min read

How to generate Customer Reviews: 10 Simple Methods

“ What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters: abcdef? Answer: feedback. Don’t forget that feedback is one of the essential elements of good communication.”



Businesses need to understand what people think about them, and feedback and reviews are essential for this. People's opinions help businesses know how they are perceived. Review is the best source of getting information about what improvements should be needed and what are the things that people or customers think about our businesses. To knowHow to get reviews for your businessfrom the customers is very beneficial for your business.


Reviews are helpful when businesses pay attention and respond thoughtfully. The Review must be genuine. Only then can businesses build a good reputation and a clear image.


What is Review?


Review is information or opinions about something, such as a product, service, or performance, provided by people who have experienced it. It helps others understand what they did well and what they can improve.


Advantages of Reviews:-




1. It is a medium to overlook the areas that need some improvements.

2. By addressing the customer review will enhance customer satisfaction.

3. It helps inspire new ideas which leads to innovation.

4. Review also enhances customer loyalty as listening to the reviews builds trust and creates a good relationship with the customer.


Disadvantages of Reviews:-




1. Reviews can be subjective as they are personal opinions of the customer which are very difficult to generalize.

2. A review can create a negative impact on a business's reputation if the review contains some negative points for the business.

3. Reviews can be biased as they are all influenced by individual experiences. 


Importance of Review:-


1. Review helps businesses to improve the quality of the Review suggests that they make improvements.

2. It helps in customer engagement if the Review is listened to and responded to carefully, a good relationship can be built between customers and businesses.

3. Review is crucial for businesses as it guides them in making decisions and shaping effective strategies to meet customer needs.

4. Review provides insights about the market preferences and trends that make the business stay competitive.


Types of Reviews:-


1.Positive Review- A positive review will tell you in what areas the business is performing well and making your customers satisfied. Positive review always motivates and encourages you to perform exceptionally great.


2.Negative Review- A negative review will tell you what the areas that the business should focus more on and what needs some improvements. This review points out the mistakes that you should make focusing on.


3.Constructive Review- This type of review helps you by pointing out what you can do better and suggesting ways to improve. It's like helpful advice that guides you to work better.


4.Destructive Review- Destructive review is mean and doesn't offer any solutions. It only talks about what's wrong without helping you fix it. Its purpose is to make your business look bad to others and harm your reputation.


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of gathering valuable reviews? review is like gold for your business—it helps you grow, improve, and cater to your customers better.


But how do you get a review that truly stands out? Fear not, we've got you covered! In the following points, we'll let you know how you as a business can generate reviews.


How to generate Customer Reviews from Customers


1. Customer Surveys


Customer surveys are a classic way for businesses to get reviews. They make simple questionnaires asking customers what products they like and their experiences with the products or services. 


It helps businesses understand what customers enjoy and what they need to improve.


2. Online Reviews


In this, the business encourages satisfied customers to leave reviews on online review platforms like - Google, Facebook, Zomato, Swiggy, Trip Advisor, and Dine Out. This can enhance their online reputation. 


Responding to your customer reviews builds trust and shows that your customer’s opinions matter to you.


3. Feedback Forms


In this, business provides the feedback forms to the customers to get feedback from the customers. It consists of a set of questions about the experiences, and star ratings and also asks for suggestions about the improvements.

It is of two types-


(A)Physical Feedback form

The business provides the hard copy of the form which consists of questions that are meant to be answered by the customer at that particular time.


(B)Online Feedback Form

The business provides a link to the guest either on their phone no. or email so that the customer can directly open the link and fill out the feedback form.


4. QR Codes


This tool is super easy for both businesses and customers. Customers just need to scan a QR Code, which takes them to a webpage where they can leave reviews or fill out feedback forms. 


It's convenient and adaptable, especially because businesses can easily showcase these reviews on their websites.


5. Email requests


In this, The business requests the customers to put reviews on their website through emails. Businesses send personalized emails to customers requesting reviews after any interactions and purchases. 


The email should be short and simple and the correct link should be added to your email which directly takes the customer to your website/feedback form or review page.


6. In-person Interactions


In this, the business should train its staff to ask for review from the customer after delivering the product or service to the customer. This personalized touch can encourage and motivate the quest to share their thoughts and opinions.


7. Website Review Tools


The business should utilize the review tools that are available on the website so that the customer can leave their comments and thoughts while browsing your website. 


These tools are very useful and beneficial for the business as it helps to get more opinions and suggestions that are provided by the customer to create strategies to stay competitive in the market.


8. Analyzing Social Media Comments


The business should monitor and analyze the comments that are left by the customers on their social media accounts so that the business will get to know what people or customers think about their business.


Responding to the comments in the right way will show that the business always values your review.


9. Monitoring Customer Support Interactions


Monitoring and analyzing all the Customer support interactions is a very effective way to generate reviews and it works as a medium to get to know about what the customer thinks about our brand. 


It helps in identifying common issues and with the help of these reviews, a business can improve their products and services if there is any need for improvements.


10. Social Media Polls


As Everyone is on social media, social media is an effective way to reach many people based on your content. If you keep yourself updated with theLatest Social media Updates.


These Social Media Polls also help in generating reviews from the customers as it is an interactive way to collect opinions. Engaging your audience with social media polls related to your products and services.




Rannkly provides a helpful tool for managing your online reputation. It helps you collect reviews from customers. Plus, it can automatically reply to reviews using templates and AI.


And the best part is that It lets you generate reviews too! This means you can easily ask customers for their opinions. It's a great all-in-one solution for businesses!


Rannkly generates reviews through:


1. QR codes




Rannkly is a tool that helps businesses get reviews. They use QR codes, which are like special barcodes. Customers scan these codes with their phones. When they do that, they direct to the review page.


There, they can leave a review or fill out a review form if the business has one. It's a simple way for businesses to know what customers think!


2. Feedback Forms




Rannkly provides a way to collect feedback using forms. These forms have different types of questions like multiple choice, short answers, ratings, and more. 


Businesses can customize these forms according to their needs. People can easily give their opinions using these forms, making it simple for both businesses and customers.


Rannklyoffers a centralizedCustomerFeedback Formsmanagement system that empowers brands to enhance customer interaction. By providing options for engaging customers through feedback and surveys, organizations can tailor questions to extract relevant insights. Whether it’s rating scales, Yes/No questions, multiple-choice, or descriptive answers, Rannkly supports both public and private form types for gathering feedback.


With Rannkly’s Form feature, organizations can leverage various question formats and advanced functionalities to enhance their business reputation.


Ready to create your feedback form? Follow these steps:


Step 1:Sign in to theRannklydashboard.

Step 2:Navigate to the "Form" section on the dashboard.

Step 3:Click on "Create Form."

Step 4:Fill in the form details such as name, description, location, category, desired slug, and privacy settings (public or private).

Step 5:Choose question formats like short text, single choice, image uploads, or email fields.

Step 6:Customize question requirements and visibility options.

Step 7:Optionally, assign departments like development, marketing, operations, or finance.

Step 8:Design the layout of your form using settings. Add a watermark of your business logo if desired.

Step 9:Save your form.


Find your form in the"My Forms"section. Click on the three dots next to your form to access sharing options. Share your form easily via link through various platforms such as email, WhatsApp, and others.


3. Email Templates




With Rannkly, businesses can make their email templates. They can add text, pictures, colors, links, and more to make them unique. Customers can use these templates to send emails to their customers, based on their customer information and the credits they have. 


It's a flexible and easy way for businesses to communicate with their customers.They can also redirect the link to the review page.


4. SMS templates




Rannkly lets businesses send text messages to customers asking for reviews. Customers can pick from different message templates provided. These templates have to be at least 10 characters long. 


Businesses can easily collect reviews from customers using SMS messages. It's a simple way for businesses to know what their customers think.


Businesses can design their templates by choosing to create a new SMS template, and then it needs to be approved.


5. Whatsapp template




With Rannkly, businesses can collect reviews through WhatsApp easily. First, they pick a WhatsApp template. Next, they select the location and their business account. Then, they choose a campaign template and add an image.


They can personalize the message by adding variables like the customer's name for a friendly greeting and a contact number for queries. Finally, they send this message to their customers.


Businesses have the option to create their own WhatsApp template in the "Create a WhatsApp Template" section. Once created, the template goes through a verification process with Meta.


It's a straightforward way for businesses to gather reviews using WhatsApp!


Wrapping up!


In the online world, it's crucial to hear from your customers to understand what they think about your business. Getting a review is like having a chat with your customers to know what they like and how you can make things better.How to get reviews for your business onlineby the customers helps to make good strategies by the business owners if it is analyzed carefully which leads to making any advancements and improvements.


Rannkly is a fantasticCustomer Review Software. It offers ready-to-use templates, so businesses can pick the one they like. Whether it's through email, WhatsApp, SMS, or even QR codes, Rannkly makes it easy for customers to share their thoughts. 


You can even create customized review forms with different types of questions, making it super flexible.


Now, let's talk about effectiveness. Review templates are handy because they're structured and easy for customers to respond to.


However, businesses need to be careful. If they send too many review requests, it might annoy people, and they could ignore or mark them as spam.


So, the key is to find a balance. Using templates is great, but businesses should use them wisely. It's important to respect customers' time and not overwhelm them with too many requests.


When done right, review templates can be a powerful tool for business growth, helping companies improve and build a positive online reputation. and don't forget to make strategies based on the latest Social media trendsso you will stand out from your competitors also helps you to build a good online presence. 


What do you believe is the most effective method for gathering reviews? Do you think review templates are helpful for business growth, or do they risk being perceived as spam and ignored by users?


Your thoughts matter to us! We appreciate your ideas on how to generate reviews.Feel free to ask more questions or share your thoughts with us.Your input enriches our discussion and professionalism. Your input enriches our discussion and professionalism. Don't hesitate to leave your comments below. Thank you for interacting with us!

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