Increase Instagram Real Followers In 2021?

How To Increase Instagram Real Followers In 2021?

14 June, 2021lens7 min read

How to Increase instagram real followers in 2021?

Social Media helps you connect with millions of people around the world and you can share your vision, ideas, and viewpoints with them. Amongst the top-leading social media platforms, Instagram has become the foremost choice to reach the target audience and drive more engagements. Usingsocial media tools, you can publish engrossing content on Instagram. 

Instagram has more than 300 million users and enhanced user engagement levels. 

For social media marketing, you create  visually attractive and informative content to post on Instagram, but is it sufficient to increase your followers?

Grow your followers on Instagram faster with the bot.

You’ve to invest your efforts and time in growing your personal account or a company’s brand on Instagram.

Check out steps, which will help you maximize your followers on the platform.

How to Increase my Instagram followers or Instagram par followers kaise bhadaye?

1. Post Frequently:Post content on Instagram consistently at least once a day. Brands that maintain a flow of posting see amazing results. As per the Tailwind study, businesses that post daily gain Instagram followers faster than those that don’t. 

Social media analytics toolQuintly analyzed more than 5000 profiles and found these Instagram account posts once per day. 

If your posts are shared regularly and get more engagements, Instagram’s algorithm will reflect your posts in the follower’s feeds.

You don't need to compromise quality over quantity. Focus on posting content that will resonate with your target audience.

You can usefree Social media tools to post content consistently on your Instagram without opening the app every day. 

Rannkly is one of the leadingsocial media tools, which allows you to schedule engaging posts on your Instagram using an in-built calendar.

2. Make your bio interactive:Your Instagram bio introduces you to your followers--- Who you are, what you do, and what you want people to do after visiting your profile.

  • Your Instagram bio should include:
  • A clear and concise description of your work
  • Highlights your personality
  • A call to action (contact us, shop from here, get a discount, etc.)
  • A link

Your in-bio link is the only clickable link on Instagram, so use it correctly. Some brands put the link of their website there, while others change it to display recent posts. 

Use a branded hashtag to advertise your products or services. Adding the branded hashtag to your bio informs which hashtag to include while talking about your product.

3.Use Instagram Reels:If you’re not making and sharing Instagram Reels, you’re missing out an opportunity to multiply your followers.

Reels, the newly added video feature on Instagram, allows you to record 30-second video clips with music.

Instagram has put the option of Reels at the forefront of its platform because of which there is a significant increase in the usage of Reels in 2021.

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels can go viral and attract an audience with catchy content. Users can see Reels from all accounts, not only from the account they follow.

So, use Instagram Reels to create engaging videos for promoting your brand or doingsocial media marketing

4.Recognize Your Brand’s Motto and Create Immersive Content:People want to see unique content that resonates with your brand’s purpose. 

What kind of tone you want your content to reflect, you have to decide---- It can be funny, informative, playful, etc. Your content should reflect your personality and your brand’s beliefs. What topics do you want to highlight on your Instagram profile or page? Give your attention to building your brand through amazing content and create branding guidelines to stay consistent. Branding guidelines cover your values, tone, style, and your brand’s colors & fonts.

5. Write Great Captions:When you read a Catchy caption, be it in a newspaper, magazine, or website, you want to know more about what that caption highlights. 

People use attractive captions to give details about a photo or video on Instagram. Use keywords in captions to make you appear in search results on the app.

Instagram captions can be somewhere around up to 2,200 characters. So, write your captions by thinking out-of-the-box and use the characters wisely. 

Some photos require short and quirky captions with emojis, while others demand longer and reflective. You ought to decide the length according to your need.

So, there is no fixed rule when you need to go long and when you have to keep it short.

6. Use the right filters:All those filters on Instagram which you use to give your pictures a different touch are not for fun only. Choosing the right filters can lead to more views and engagements.

According to Researchers from Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs, filtered photos are 21% more likely to be seen and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered ones.

The top filters that can increase the chances of views and comments are those that create high exposure, warm temperatures and high contrast. 

To grow Instagram likes,use the right filters to attract the right audience.

With Social Media Management tools, you can create engrossing content using filters and publish it on various social media platforms.

UseRannkly if you are looking to Automate Your Social Media and Craft immersive posts on Instagram using a built-in photo editor. You can refine your photos with amazing filters and stickers.

7.Add emojis:Emojis express your thoughts and feelings more engagingly and are the simplest method to convey your message. As per the Instagram reports, around 50 percent of captions and comments have one emoji or two. 

8. Go Live on Instagram:You must have seen your favorite movie/pop stars on Instagram Live. Why do they go Live on Instagram? 

Instagram Live is one of the best ways to use video and drive followers in 2021.

Instagram Live is an unedited video stream for your audience, where your followers can comment and ask questions in real-time.

During the pandemic, brands and influencers have shifted their focus to Instagram Live for Social Media Marketing. 

Create your content and decide what you want to target in your video when you go Live on Instagram. You can host games, tournaments, online webinars, tutorials, and you can promote your products & services too.

Moreover, Instagram released Instagram Live Shopping, which helps brands to advertise their products or services during an Instagram Live broadcast.

9. Invite Micro-influencers:If you are thinking of multiplying your followers in 2021, work with micro-influencers.

According to a recent study conducted by Marley, micro-influencers who have 10k and 100k followers enhance more engagements and reach. 

Working with micro-influencers has the potential to establish a strong connection with your engaged audience without struggling to grab their attention.

Find micro-influencers who resonate with your brand's personality and create something impressive together for selling your brand.


10.Use Hashtags:The trend of hashtag is very common on Instagram as it helps people to bring more engagements. The right hashtags display your content or image to a targeted audience, and enhance visibility.

You can’t use any hashtag, so start finding hashtags that have the potential to connect with your target audience. Free Instagram tools likeDiplayPurposes and AutoHash enable you to discover appropriate hashtags for your Instagram posts.

11. Conduct a photo-contest: 

Instagram hashtags allow you to collect photos related to a particular theme/topic. Some brands take the benefit of this and hold photo contests to advertise their products or services.

For example: Ask users to collect old photos from their library and share it with the hashtag#OldisGold


12. Create Memes that Match with your Audience

Brands have started using catchy Instagram memes to create a brand identity and drive more followers. 

A meme is any piece of content that circulates on social media in a fraction of minutes. Memes are often funny or clever, which is a combination of text and imagery. 

13. Cross-promote

Let your audience know you’re on Instagram through cross-promotion. With Instagram, you can share your posts and images to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., which provides you a great exposure on other platforms. You can also include Instagram photos in your blog posts or adding an Instagram feed to your Facebook page for more visibility. 

Buzzsumo conducted a study over 1 billion Facebook posts and from 3 million brand images, it found that images posted to Facebook via Instagram gain more engagement than natively published images. 

14.Tie up with leading brands for promotion

Forsocial media marketing on Instagram, it is imperative to collaborate with one of the popular brands in the market for the expansion of your business. 

Collaboration with like-minded businesses will introduce your profile to new and upcoming customers.

When an Instagram user finds your brand through a co-marketing effort, they’re more likely to follow you if they have similar interests.

Co-marketing campaigns should not be complicated and expensive. Make sure that you have a mutually beneficial partnership that will benefit both of your followers. 


15. Request users to tag a friend:There is a new-local restaurant in my area. Few days back I visited with my friend there to eat my favorite Italian food. After completing the lunch, the manager of the restaurant came and asked for our feedback. I said,“The food was awesome.”

He then requested us to tag our friends and family on their social media post for recommending the restaurant to them. 

If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, you need to create quality content for targeting the desired audience. All the pointers we mentioned above will help you gain more followers on the platform. You ought to craft an effective social media content strategy for implementing all your marketing plans on Instagram. 

Crafting and Scheduling posts requires time. You find it hard to manage your engagements as well. With Rannkly, you can manage everything of your Instagram marketing strategy, from scheduling to analytics from a single platform.

If you want toincrease real instagram followers, refer to this blog. 

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